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The Allen wrench sets or a hex key is a simple yet indispensable tool for every homeowner. It is an L-shaped tool with a hexagonal head that is commonly used to drive screws on vehicles, furniture, and machines. Since the screws and bolts come in different sizes, these wrenches also usually come in sets that consist of various sizes too.

In this article, our editor team will guide you through a list of top ten best Allen wrench sets that have been carefully selected based on its superior and technical quality. At the end of the article, we will also provide a buying guide where you can find further useful information regarding how to choose an ideal Allen wrench set.

List Of Our Best Allen Wrench Sets Reviews On Amazon.Com

#10. MulWark Allen wrench sets – 17 Pieces

#10. MulWark Allen wrench set - 17 Pieces

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To kick off the list, we would like to introduce a hex key set from MulWark, which is known for its outstanding quality and performance. This set includes two types of hex ball end key – Metric and SAE. There are 17 pieces of keys in total, in which 9 of them are SAE and combined into one handle, while the rest are Metric and combined to another handle. They are designed to be foldable so now you do not have to worry about losing your Allen keys anymore. The handle is made of soft rubber and ABS, which will safeguard your keys and help you tighten fasteners much better due to its great leverage.

MulWark’s Allen wrench set is surely durable and easy to use. Each key is coated with rust resistance. Moreover, there are size markings engraved on each key as well. Not to mention its portability, it is also less prone to stripping as well. This wrench set will come in handy when you need to assemble your furniture, repair your bikes or motorbikes, or perform any fastening and unfastening tasks. MulWark comes with a limited lifetime warranty and each product is backed up with a satisfaction guarantee.

#9. Lichamp heavy-duty Allen wrench sets

#9. Lichamp heavy-duty Allen wrench set

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Coming up next, we want to recommend Lichamp’s Allen wrench set, which is also well-known for its durability and ideal quality. There are eight pieces of heavy-duty Metric T-handle hex keys in this set. The sizes of the keys are 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm. Each hex key is made from premium-quality alloy steel. They have chamfered tips that make it easier to enter into either screws or fasteners. The surface of the key is painted with black electrophoretic resistance. Moreover, they are also anti-rust and anti-corrosive as well. It has its two-toned handle made from plastic, which helps ensure a comfortable grip. Lichamp’s Allen wrench set is an ideal set of tools that will assist you in both tight and confined spaces.

#8. HORUSDY Allen wrench sets with advanced heat treatment

#8. HORUSDY Allen wrench set with advanced heat treatment

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Now, let us take a look at a hex key Allen wrench set from HORUSDY. This set includes four types of tools, determined by four different colours – red, blue, orange, and green. The blue ones are ball end hex key Metric, while the red ones are ball end hex key SAE. The orange ones are hex end Metric, and the green ones are Torx star wrench sets. Each colour has 9 pieces, so in total there are 36 pieces of them in this set. This differentiation of colour makes it quite handy and convenient to use.

They are all made from great-quality chrome vanadium steel which can resist rust and corrosion. They are also specially designed with advanced heat treatment. You may notice that it has a ball end feature. In fact, this feature will assist you in tight or hard-to-reach places. Furthermore, each Allen key comes with a textured surface that will prevent any accidental slipper while using. It provides a comfortable and easy grip even though your hands are dirty or oily.

#7. HORUSDY Allen wrench sets – 27 pieces

#7. HORUSDY Allen wrench set - 27 pieces

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HORUSDY also offers another high-quality Allen wrench set as well. This one consists of 13 pieces of SAE size hex key and 13 pieces of Metric size hex key. It also comes with a star key as well. So, there are 27 pieces of them in total. Similar to the previous one, these also come in colour-coded storage, which makes it very convenient to use and organize after use. The Metric ones are stored in the red case, while the SAE ones go with the orange case. Plus, the Metric wrenches are treated with a bright surface, whereas the SAE wrenches are treated with a matte surface.

Each key has gone through heat treatment to test for their reliable and durable performance. They are made of chrome vanadium steel. Also, they come with a torque handle which helps you in loading and unloading any fasteners. They have long arms that are innovatively designed to reach more extensively and offer extra leverage and torque.

#6. Klein Tools durable Allen wrench sets

#6. Klein Tools durable Allen wrench set

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Moving on, we also want to highly recommend Klein Tools, which offers 11 pieces of hex keys in a set. These keys are heat-treated and made from alloy steel, which ensures the durability and strength of the product. This Allen wrench set is ergonomically and strategically designed for easy control. Having this set at home or at your garage will help lessen your time and effort in getting the job done. These 11 hex keys are folded into a handle that is made of reinforced nylon. This handle will ensure that your grip is comfortable.

The ends of these hex keys are square cut and they are full depth fit which prevents chances of getting slipped while working. There are great-leverage blades that could independently open up to 270 degrees. The overall set weighs just approximately one pound. Klein Tools will offer you a one-year warranty when you buy this wrench set.

#5. HORUSDY Allen Wrench Sets


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HORUSDY has another alternative Allen wrench set to the previous two sets above. As for this one, there are 30 pieces of Allen keys in total, in which half of them are metric measurement and the other half are inch measurement. The metric series have short arms, while the inch series has long arms that allow you to reach further extend. Each piece is constructed from heat-treated chrome vanadium steel and they all come with a black-oxide finish, which acts as a corrosion resistance as well as minimizes the light reflection. The size marking can be clearly seen on each wrench key.

The whole set comes in a sturdy carrying storage box. Furthermore, inside the case, there is also a size indication which helps you select the one you need faster and organize it better after use. Its overall weight is less than one kilogram. HORUSDY surely makes a perfect gift for every man.

#4. Eklind Tool Allen Wrench Sets

4. Eklind Tool

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This list would not be complete without an Allen wrench set from Eklind Tool, which is a product from the U.S.A. This one is made from industrial-grade materials which ensure top quality and highest performance. It is made from alloy steel that has gone through heat treatment. They are also coated with the rust-resistant finish after being tempered for optimum strength and durability. There are 11 pieces of Allen wrenches in total in a set. You may preferably buy two sets – an inch set and a metric size set. This set comes with a compact plastic holder that firmly keeps these wrenches in place. You will find size markings on this holder. The holder for inch-sized wrenches is red, while the holder for metric-sized ones is blue.

This makes it easier to identify and organize as well. Eklind Tools Allen wrenches are designed to provide a 360-degree rotation, with an angle of up to 35 degrees. With all of these amazing features, there is no doubt that Eklind Tool meets ASME and ANSI standards.

#3. Owl Tools Allen Wrench Sets

#3. Owl Tools

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Next, we also strongly recommend a hex key wrench set from Owl Tools. Owl Tools offer a set of 36 wrenches, including both metric and inch sizes in both short and long arm. Among these 36 wrenches, there are 18 metric sizes and 18-inch sizes (SAE). Each wrench is made from heavy-duty carbon steel. They come with color-coded cases. The red case is for inch-sized wrenches, while the grey one is for metric-sized wrenches.

Besides having size markings on each hex key, you can also find size markings on the case as well, which is indeed convenient for selection and organization. Owl Tools is a must-have Allen wrench set for every homeowner. You will be provided with a lifetime guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product or if there are any problems, you should contact the company which is based in the U.S for a replacement or a full refund.

#2. REXBETI Allen Wrench Sets


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Here comes another top-quality wrench set, which is from REXBETI. This set includes 26 pieces of SAE and Metric sizes and an additional piece of T-handle. Each wrench key is heat-treated and made from durable chrome vanadium steel. They come in colour-coded cases – blue for SAE and red for metric. The T-handle provided is there to ease your work since you will be able to work more quickly and comfortably. It is quite simple to use as you just need to insert the hex key you want to use into the hole.

These Allen wrenches feature a long arm which gives you an extended reach. This Allen wrench set works perfectly great on almost every project.

#1. REXBETI Allen Wrench Sets


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Last but not least, let us check another Allen wrench set from REXBETI. This one has 35 pieces in total. There are 13 pieces of SAE, 13 pieces of MM, and 9 pieces of Star. Furthermore, it also comes with a T-handle too which helps you tighten and loosen the fasteners more easily. Needless to say, the quality of this set is pretty much the same as the previous one. The wrenches are also made from premium-quality material that is heat-treated and will last for longer use.

The regular ball end design of both MM and SAE sizes allows the socket cap to screw up to 25 degrees at any angle. This set also comes with a colour-coded hard plastic case as well. There are size markings on both the case and the hex keys. REXBETI is definitely excellent for homes and industrial use.

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Buying Guide

After going through the list above, we hope you find your favourite one in mind now. However, if you have not or are still not sure which one to choose, this buying guide will give you a better insight into what to look for in an ideal set of Allen wrenches. Below are some key factors you should take into consideration before buying an Allen wrench set.

Durability: Make sure the wrenches you are buying are high-quality made. Normally, an ideal wrench is made from rust-resistant and anti-corrosion material like chrome vanadium steel or alloy steel. They shall be heat-treated as well.

Quantity of hex keys in a set: As mentioned in the introduction, there are many sizes of screws and bolts. Thus, you should also find a set that has lots of Allen wrenches that are available in different sizes as well.

Length: The longer length of the hex key allows you to work on screws that are located at hard-to-reach places.


To sum up, we have walked you through a list of ten hex key wrench sets and a useful buying guide. These products introduced above are not only guaranteed with excellent quality and impressive performance, but they are also sold at reasonable prices. Moreover, although they come in different designs and sizes, they are all very practical and functional to use. They are pretty ideal for home and professionals like engineers or mechanic workers as they will help solve problems with the screws and bolts.

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