Top 10 Best Baby Doll Cribs in 2024

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Kids like to copy their elders. The playful instinct in kids makes them imitate elders in a playful manner. Therefore, it reflects that in all the games that they play. In this way, kids love to play the mom and care for their baby dolls. The little girl in your home can easily caress her baby doll.

Now, take care of it in a baby doll crib and lay it down to sleep for the night just like the mother does. Imitating the actual cribs, these are playful and your child will love it. So what are the options that you can consider? Well, our list of best-reviewed baby doll crib that will be the ideal choice for your baby.

The Best Baby Doll Cribs to Buy in 2024

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10. Litti Pritti Take Along Travel Crib

Litti Pritti Baby Doll Cribs

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A baby doll crib is a great toy piece that helps little girls to imitate their mothers. It is small and handy and constructed in such a way that the girl can have fun with this. You stay sure that this is a safe toy unit as it is tested according to the US toy standards. In fact, it has surpassed the tests.

The toy crib rests on a strong metallic base for a long-lasting effect. The crib is ideally crafted like a normal crib with mesh netting. So, the little girl can lovingly keep an eye on her baby doll. Be it a birthday ceremony or any such celebration, this unit is going to make an excellent gift. Moreover, one can easily fit in 18-inches dolls without any problem in it/.

Key Features:

  • When you purchase this, it comes prepared and assembled such that your little girl can play with it immediately.
  • The fabric is from materials that are easily washable to always keep it clean and hygienic.
  • It netting on the sides are fully see-through. Therefore, provides a real feeling.

9. White Rose Doll Crib

Badger Basket

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There are many toy articles that give the dolls lifelike feel such as a dollhouse. Another excellent plaything that makes playing with dolls a very fun affair is the doll crib. Talking of doll cribs, the White Rose Doll Crib surely deserves a mention. This is an amazing toy unit particularly crafted for children. If your child has a tall within 20-inches in length, then this is the ideal crib to lay that doll.

The dimensions span over 22-inches length x 11.25-inches width x 18-inches height. All the materials included in this doll crib are easily cleaned by just wiping over it. As a matter of fact, there is a padded lining of white color inside it and it even comes with a pillow set.

Key Features:

  • This is a desirable gift pack that comes with a lot of exciting and playful paraphernalia. It includes 2 baskets, bedding material and a personalization kit.
  • Any child who is older than 3 years of age can happily use this toy to have a wonderful time.
  • The baskets that come with this are removable whenever you feel like storing items.

8. Melisa & Doug White Wooden Doll Crib

Melissa & Doug Baby Doll Cribs

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A major unit that will help them in playing the mom is the Melisa & Doug White Wooden Doll Crib. This amazing toy unit has construction in such a way that assembly becomes a very easy ordeal. One should note that this crib is set up using small parts that may cause choking in young kids if swallowed.

Thus this toy should not be given to kids below the age of 3 years. The entire setup is from durable and strong wooden material. So, it will not fumble or break down so easily. Weighing just 13.1-pounds, your kid will break it even if they put all the pressure.

Key Features:

  • All the necessities are provided in this unique toy pack. It includes a crib, a mattress to put within, pillows and also a blanket.
  • You can fit any doll that comes within a length of 20-inches into this crib.
  • Beautiful love cut-outs that add to the overall beauty.

7. Badger Basket Canopy Doll Crib

Badger Basket

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Dolls are a lovely unit of toys to play with. They may be put in o lots of different games by the kids. You can also look for dollhouses and baby doll cribs to complete the doll playing set. A great example of a baby doll crib is the Badger Basket Canopy Doll Crib. It is fabricated from sturdy materials and in such a way that it resembles any other ordinary crib. The doll crib is also loaded with a pretty canopy to mimic the charm of a cute real crib.

Al the parts in this crib are so made such that it is very easy to clean. You can just wipe the spots or put it through a washing cycle to get clean components for your doll crib. Finally, it certainly has a rotating wind-up mobile in which you do not require a battery to operate it. Now, you can store all the items related to your doll in the storage baskets.

Key Features:

  • 24-inches x 12-inches doll crib are sufficiently spacious to hold dolls up to 22-inches in length.
  • Blanket, pillow, bumper liner, etc. are all provided with this baby doll crib once you have purchased it.
  • Even the canopy is of luxurious fabric and the beautiful designs are done on it seem decorative.

6. Badger Basket Doll Crib

Badger Basket Baby Doll Cribs

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Badger Basket makes excellent doll cribs for your little kids to play with. This exclusive crib from their house is designed in the form of a cabinet. Next, the double storage unit has enough space to house the doll-related paraphernalia or to keep other toys belonging to the child safely and securely.

You get all the articles you need to set up the crib with this toy only. One should be careful enough to keep in mind that the setup comprises of small parts that may cause choking. As a result, this crib should not be gifted to children under 3 years.

Key features:

  • 22-inches x 12.5-inches crib has a lot of space and can house a maximum of 22-inches dolls in America.
  • Most of the dimension opens up to immense storage space.
  • It has an MDF wood construction and the polyester is of fabric that makes it an excellent product as a whole.

5. Little Rose Doll Collection Doll Crib

Little Rose Doll Collection

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You will find a lovely toy to complete your set at this crib. The heart-shaped design is fun to look at and play with. The bright, multi-colored body is energetic and is very attractive to kids. The crib stands on a very strong and resilient metallic frame, to begin with. Joints are from plastic in such a way that they are called unbreakable.

The dimensions of this crib are 20-inches x 12-inches x 12-inches and can hold any doll within 20-inches length comfortably. As a matter of fact, it has sidebars that will not break the fold and lead to displacement. Above all, the high-quality fabric will last through all the hard times.

Key Features:

  • A lovely thing about this is that you can collapse it into a compact. Therefore, makes storage or carrying it much easier.
  • Tested according to the standards and proclaimed to be safe.
  • Ideal for any children of 2-years or above.

4. Mommy & Me Doll Pack N Play Baby Doll Crib

Mommy & Me Baby Doll Cribs

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When you go for this baby doll cribs, you are making a great choice. This crib is amazingly designed with a lot of great facilities. The large storage bag is large and spacious and can hold a lot of things. You can keep your doll’s utility items or other toys in this storage area without any problem.

The crib features a space of 21-inches x 12-inches and is great for all dolls up to 18-inches in length. This crib stands at a height of 13-inches from the ground. As a result, your baby can easily access it. Having a metal base plus frame, it can certainly endure rough use when your child is busy playing

Key Features:

  • It has a construction free of any lead or toxic elements.
  • Due to its realistic approach, it will feel and look very authentic.
  • Your kid even gets a blanket to imitate the act of keeping your child warm.

3. Kookamunga Unicorn Doll Travel Crib

Kookamunga Kids Co.

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The Kookamunga crib is very appreciably designed to club together some of the best features for a toy crib. It features a playful and energetic polka dot design that attracts kids and gives them a grand time playing with it. The crib has a changing station to give a more lifelike feeling of taking care of a baby doll.

There is also a removable activation bar attached to this amazing crib unit. Moreover, it is foldable and so, be it storing or carrying during traveling, this will not be a trouble. In fact, it is a functional option where your child can lay their doll, change them and do a lot more.

 Key Features:

  • If your doll is with 18-inches or smaller in length you can snugly fit it into this crib.
  • The crib fits into a travel bag for it to be easily carried around.
  • Cute pink polka dots design gives it a unique approach and justifies its unicorn look.

2. The New York Doll Collection Dolls Mega Play Set

The New York Doll Collection Baby Doll Cribs

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This is a reputed maker of toys for kids and they specialize in making dolls and doll related toys. It is a lovely set to bring to your home as it comes with all the devices that a child needs to act as a makeshift mom to her dolls. When you bring home this set you get a doll crib along with a doll high chair and a doll bouncer.

This is the complete package to keep your little ones busy in their imaginative games. However, it has a very strong metallic construction such that the doll crib playset lasts a long time.

Key Features:

  • Fit any 18-inches doll into any of the devices that you get with this playset.
  • The chair has a pretty high dimension that replicates a child’s seating chair and it’s foldable as well.
  • It is a top-notch piece coming from the New York Doll Collection.

1. Adora Baby Doll Crib


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The Adora Baby Doll Crib is a delightful toy for your kids to play with. It features a warm blue color and zigzag patterns that make it so attractive and playful. This crib is from some of the finest materials and features a sturdy body. It is a pack-n-play system that is carried around and can be set up anywhere you want. Moreover, it features a zig-zag pattern that is further accentuated with aqua tinge. The playpen is converted to a diaper changing station for the doll. As a result, giving your kid the full effect to play the mom with her doll.

Key Features:

  • The materials used to construct this doll playset are free of toxic chemicals and are hypoallergenic.
  • It has two side pockets that ensure that you can keep all the baby essentials in this crib only.

Playing with dolls is an ideal pass time for kids. They may play with dolls all by themselves or they may play with dolls while they are with their friend. And to make it more realistic, the baby doll crib set will be playful as well as fun.

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