Top 10 Best Battery Organizer Cases In 2022 Reviews

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Losing your batteries has become a common thing in a household. People spent a lot of time finding their batteries to replace old batteries in their house. Sometimes batteries can pose danger towards people during fire or explosion. However, with a battery organizer case, you can easily store over 200+ batteries safely while staying organized and saving storage space. Subsequently, it can save you both time and trouble by keeping everything in its place. Moreover, it can also save space in storage areas while keeping your space looking for organized. Check out the following list of top 10 batteries organizer case in the market right now.



10 EngPow Battery Organizer Case Holder


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The battery organizer case is made with premium quality plastic that is both durable and sturdy. The organizer can hold more than 100 batteries with various sizes, including 48AA, 24 AAA, 8 D Cell, 10 C Cell, 8 9V, and several button cell batteries. Most importantly, it keeps the batteries neat and tidy so you can find them easily with their own designated space. Also, with the unique design, you can either store the case in a drawer or mount it to a wall. Meanwhile, this makes it convenient for the organization in all areas of your house.

Furthermore, it comes with a battery tester that can test whether or not your batteries are working. To conclude, the tester is both high quality and durable to test every variety of sizes of battery. Moreover, it is also compact and pocket-sized.

Reasons to Buy-

  • Holds more than 100 batteries
  • It comes with a removable battery tester
  • Practical Storage

9 Range Kleen Battery Organizer Case Storage


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This Battery organizer provides space for every battery size like AAA, AA, C, D & 9V and other small batteries. It holds up to 82 spaces total, organized specifically for each of these sizes. Furthermore, the case also comes with a drawer to hold small hearing aid and watch size batteries.

Moreover, with the included mounting hardware, you can easily mount the case to a wall or store it in a drawer. Also, the case comes with a detachable battery tester that could test batteries and rechargeable batteries. Lastly, the organizer case keeps the batteries organized in one spot, rather than rattling around in a drawer.

Reasons to Buy-

  • Compact Design
  • It comes with a small drawer to hold other items
  • It comes with a detachable battery tester

8 Reeyox Battery Organizer Case


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The battery organizer case is a pure combination of convenience and user-oriented design. It is both simple and unique providing a minimalistic look to your space. Additionally, it comes with a special removable energy tester that quickly and easily tests your battery’s power charge. Moreover, you can know which batteries to throw away and which ones to keep and use.

In addition, the case comes with the ability to hold 93 packs batteries. This makes it a perfect fit for all your AA, AAA, D, C, 9 volts and button (watch or hearing aid) battery storage needs. Above all, it comes with an after-sale guarantee, where you can consult customer service, where they would solve your problems immediately. So, it is suitable for us to use.

Reasons to Buy-

  • Easy to Organize
  • Simple Design
  • Drawer for Mini Batteries

7 Garage Gadget Battery Organizer Holder Case


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This household battery organizer can hold up to 200+ batteries with thick and soft padding in the interior that fully protect batteries. Moreover, the compact interior space ensures the batteries are stored safely and separately. Following this, the design is made to recycle batteries and prevent corrosion of the battery. It is non- conductive and will not collide. Not to mention the case is made with high-quality material that is water resistance, dust resistance, scratch resistance, and drop resistance.

In addition, the case comes with a BT168 battery tester checker. However, but the battery organizer case can hold a lot compared to its compact design. So, it can hold 8D, 8C, 7CR1632, 7CR2032, 8AAAA, 48AA, 51AAA, 21LR44, 8 9V.

Reasons to Buy-

  • Drop and Scratch Resistance
  • Compact design with a lot of space
  • Non-conductive and will not collide

6 COMECASE Hard Battery Organizer Case

COMECASE Hard Battery Organizer Storage Box, Carrying Case Bag Holder - Holds 148 Batteries AA AAA C D 9V - with Battery Tester BT-168 (Batteries are Not Included)

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This battery case neatly holds the batteries snugly in place within the foam pre-cut slots and keeps the ends of batteries from contacting each other. This makes it extremely easy to organize your batteries and quickly find it. Furthermore, the case holds 148 Batteries AA AAA C D 9V including a mesh pocket.

Besides, the battery organizer case comes with a Battery Tester BT-168. With the tester, you can easily distinguish which batteries need to be recycled. So, the interior design of this battery organizer case is lined with a cut-out form that gives the battery extra protection.

Reasons to Buy-

  • Waterproof and Shockproof
  • Includes cut out the form on the Inside
  • Comes with a battery tester

5 The Battery Organizer Case with Hinged Clear Cover


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Featuring a hinged clear cover, that makes it easier for you to see through and look for your desired batteries, this battery organizer case can store up to 93 different sized batteries. These include 45 AA, 25 AAA, 4 9 volts, 8 C, 6 D, and 5 flat batteries. Therefore, this set includes a removable battery tester that doesn’t require a battery. You can test out the battery that needs to be recycled and those that you could keep.

Most importantly, this case can be stored in a drawer or closet or it could be mount on to the wall. Therefore, this case can be placed on a workbench, office desk, garage or kitchen drawer. While saving storage space it could also serve as a decoration. So, this type of batter organizer case is very useful

Reasons to Buy-

  •  Features a clear hinged case
  • It can be wall-mounted
  • Comes with a battery tester

4 ALKOO Battery Organizer Case Storage Container



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With impressive storage space, this small case can hold up to 225 batteries. These includes 12 D, 12 C, 6 CR2, 21 CR1632, 16 CR2032, 8 AAAA, 10 23A, 48 AA, 48 AAA, 20 LR44, 12 9Vas well as 2A 3A 4A flat batteries. Along with the battery case, the set also includes a battery tester. In this case, the battery tester helps you determine which batteries to keep or throw out.

Moreover, the thick and soft padding inside the organizer case can fully protect batteries and prevents the battery from wiggling. It also keeps the batteries separate. It comes with a lightweight transparent and anti-corrosion plastic which is more resistant than acrylic. Furthermore, it also helps prevent the micro-corrosion of batteries. So, this case provides top-quality convenience for carrying and storage.

Reasons to Buy-

  • Convenience for carrying and storage
  • Made with resistance plastic which can be see-through
  • Provides anti-corrosion of the battery

3 RIGICASE Solid Hard Plastic Battery Organizer Case

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This organizer case is compatible with many battery brands and can store over 250+ batteries of different sizes. Therefore, these includes 12 C, 12 D, 60 AA, 90 AAA, 6AAAA, 12 pieces button or cell batteries, 8 9 Volts, 12 3 Volts SF123A Surefire Battery or CR123A Battery, 4 3.7v 18650 Battery, 8 6 Volts 4LR44 Battery, 8 12V A23 Battery.

Furthermore, this organizer features a solid hard plastic cover case to keep all batteries safely organized and sorted so you can easily find the right size battery. Meanwhile, the interior design is elegant and has a functional outlook so that the battery can be held separately without rolling around and touching each other.

Moreover, the case is a heavy-duty waterproof and shockproof while being portable so you can bring it anywhere with you when needed. The set also comes with a digital battery tester to quickly check the battery status. Lastly, the set also includes a sticker to record the battery numbers.

Reasons to Buy-

  • Features a Durable Exterior
  • Both Waterproof and Storage Proof
  • Stores up to 250+ Different Batteries Size

2 ZesGood Fireproof Battery Organizer Case


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Neatly store and sort your batteries in a storage box that is made of high-quality silicone coated fiberglass that is resistant to fire, explosion, and water. Undoubtedly, with this protection, your batteries are kept safe and ensure the safety of your family. It could be taken on outdoor activities with added protection and convenience, or you can safely hang the battery bag on the wall or in a drawer.

Therefore, the fireproof battery organizer case can be used to store more than 200 batteries, for easy storage of AA, AAA, C, D, 9V and button-type batteries. 6 additional AA/AAA battery cases are added to the package, also the mesh pocket design creates more room to store added accessories. So, the case interior is made with foam cutouts which prevent the batteries ends from touching.

In addition, the package includes a battery tester BT-168. So, the battery tester can help you determine which batteries need to be recycled or which to keep.

Reasons to Buy-

  • It is Fire, Explosion and Water Proof
  • Features 6 extra cases
  • Double Zipper

1 DocProof Fireproof Storage Battery Organizer Case


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This fireproof, explosion-proof and waterproof will provide your batteries with the extra protection it needs, especially in a household with a lot of children. The case is made of high-quality silicone coated fiberglass which can withstand a temperature of 2000°F. It is used to protect your batteries 100% and especially to minimize danger and loss which are caused by battery explosion.

Furthermore, this battery organizer case can hold up to 182 batteries, including 67 AA, 75 AAA, 8 C, 6 D, 8 9V and 18 button types batteries. It also comes with 2 extra zippered pockets for easy extra storage. There is also a battery tester provided along with the case to test the battery charge. Additional to being portable, this case can be mounted to the wall or stored in a drawer safely from fire. So, it is easy for us to use.

Reasons to Buy-

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Check out the following list of the parameters when you buy a Battery Organizer Case.


The quality of the exterior and interior of the organizer case is a crucial factor in choosing the right product. Hence, it has to be both durable and up-to-par to your standards.

The right Material and Design

There are many choices to choose from depending on what you prefer: a hard plastic cover, silicone-coated fiberglass, a transparent plastic case or an acrylic cover case. So, check out what design you fancy and is more beneficial for your needs.

Fire Proof/Water Proof/ Explosion Proof Protection

See if these criteria’s fit your needs and whether or not you need it. In this case, protecting your batteries from fire and exploding is very important for every household, especially for the health of every family member. Indeed, you must choose the criteria that fit you best.


A battery organizer case that provides you additional storage space for related accessories or that you could store important items will be a perfect buy. In addition, it has better advantages and flexibility.


The number of compartments for different battery sizes is completely your preference. So, you need to check and see if the battery organizer case provides a sufficient compartment for your battery’s requirements. Look at the different features each case provides and make your buy.

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In conclusion, there is no more worrying about how to properly store your batteries and re-organizing your drawers. Therefore, it can both classify various types of batteries and minimize the danger of battery explosion. From the list above many types of battery, organizer cases are available to choose from. So, you can go through the buying guide above to choose the finest product and fulfill your purchase within your budget.

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