Top 10 Best Cork Yoga Mats in 2024

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Whenever you are buying a mat for yoga and workout purposes, it has to be of the most premium quality. Both of these routines require a high degree of precision and good quality materials to perform upon for the best results. So, it’s better to switch to cork yoga mats that will comfort you and is highly organic.

You can do all sorts of exercises on it and this will certainly not slip. It is even very lightweight that will enhance the portability of the product. Include any of the high-end mats in your routine and start your day fresh. You are certainly not going to feel pain or any discomfort.

10 Best Cork Yoga Mats A Complete Guide:

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10. Repose Yoga Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Repose yoga Cork Yoga Mats

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Cork mats are a great way to conduct your morning yoga routine. This is soft, comfortable and durable and loaded with such characteristics that make them resistant against microbial attack. Repose Yoga creates some of the best yoga mats out there. It is completely eco-friendly and has no trace of PVC, TPE and other such toxic chemicals or recycled rubber in them.

The method of creating these mats is also extremely eco-friendly as trees are not cut down for them. Both cork and rubber are lightweight materials bringing the weight of this amazing cork mat down to just 6 pounds.

Key Features:

  • It measures 72-inches x 24-inches on the surface which is great for all kinds of exercises and yoga postures.
  • Since the 4 mm thick surface is from rubber and cork, therefore, is harmful.
  • It is completely non-slip and does not pose any problem in your endeavors.

9. Gurus Natural Cork Yoga Mat


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The Gurus Natural Cork Yoga Mat is one of the best yoga mats that you can ever opt for. This yoga mat features a broad surface area of 72-inches x 25-inches. As a result, makes it a handy artifact to practice your daily routine. The broad surface area is suitable enough to practice all your yoga postures.

The mat is 4 mm thick with the top surface is from cork and the back surface constructed from TPE material. This gives the mattress a comfortable edge making it safe for use for your yoga practices. Finally, even after extreme exercises, the product will not stink. As it has a construction from natural elements, it is odor-free.

Key Features:

  • At just 2 pounds, it is easily carried with you anywhere such that you never miss a day of yoga.
  • Cork is resistant to water and thus does not allow the sweat to stay ultimately preventing bacterial growth.
  • You will certainly not slip and fall as it is slip-resistant.

8. Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat

Gaiam Cork Yoga Mats

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Cork mats are a great thing to do your yoga practices upon. The Gaiam Cork Yoga Mat is even better as it offers you two amazing surfaces to do your yoga. On one side, you will get an amazing cork surface. Whereas, on the other side you will get a comfortable TPE rubber surface to do all your yoga.

All the materials used in the manufacture of this amazing cork mat are from naturally obtained substances- cork and rubber. This ensures that you never get any irritation or skin effects from repeatedly using this mat. The surface of this mat is 5 mm thick. As a result, it makes way for a really comfortable surface to practice your yoga.

Key Features:

  • The surface extends over 68-inches x 24-inches which is great for all your routines.
  • Indeed a reversible design that will come to use every time.
  • Both the surfaces in this are of non-slip such that you never have any difficulty with your daily practice.

7. 333 Yoga and Fitness Luxury Cork Mat

333 Yoga & Fitness

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The 333 Yoga and Fitness Luxury Cork Mat is an amazing mat to practice all your yoga sessions. You can get rid of the cheap bamboo mats and go for this comfortable, safe, non-toxic and durable mat instead. Every inch of this mat is construction from naturally obtained substances- cork, the bark of Portuguese oak and natural rubber.

This gives it the non-toxic edge, so, you will not feel any risk of health. It also makes the mat waterproof and hence resistant to the deposition of sweat. Thus, it is also an effective means to keep dangerous microbes at bay. Plus, now you get rid of the smell and keep the mat free of obnoxious odor.

Key Features:

  • You will get a gigantic surface of 72-inches x 26-inches if you purchase this mat.
  • The thick and comfortable mat has construction from recyclable materials that make it efficiently eco-friendly.
  • This will certainly not absorb sweat and contaminate it in any way.



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You will get the best yoga mats from the house of BASICALLY PERFECT. The most fundamental thing that makes this such a brilliant mattress is the fact that it is composed of completely natural materials. Next, cork has a tendency to not absorb moisture and sweat.

Therefore, it is able to naturally remain clean for a long period. No toxic substances or harmful substances were used to prepare this mattress. The natural rubber and cork are also high in friction and thus provides a unanimously non-slip surface to perform all your activities.

Key features:

  • All such synthetic materials such as PVC, foam, phthalates, TPE, etc. are avoided during the construction of this mattress.
  • Extremely wide and large for accommodating all types of individuals.
  • The elegance of the product is simply soothing to the eyes.

5. Lotuscrafts Cork Yoga Mat


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The Lotusrcrafts Cork Yoga Mat is one of the best mats that you can purchase for such purposes. It features a stylish design and a comfortable body that makes it so apt for yoga purposes. The unique and impressive use of cork to produce a yoga mat gives it an exclusive property.

Moreover, the mat becomes resistant to moisture. No matter how much you sweat during your sessions, this mat will not get damp. This also enhances its non-slip properties; in fact, the presence of moisture enhances its non-slip properties further. The heightened grip makes yoga and work out a far more effective ordeal.

Key Features:

  • Natural cork and TPE material are combined together to prepare this mat.
  • Certainly, a product that is light and facilitates soft absorption.
  • Cork surface does not allow sweat to stain, is self-cleaning and does not take up any bad odor.

4. Masdery Cork Yoga Mat

Masdery Cork Yoga Mats

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The Masdery Cork Yoga Mat is easy to use and easier to store. It comes loaded with a strap that helps you to roll it to a small, compact size. The yoga mat is from sustainable and eco-friendly materials. Cork and naturally obtained rubber went into the making of this mat and gives it an edge if comfort. These materials are not only environmentally great but are also recycled to create other things. Finally, the cork and rubber combination also imparts water repellent properties into this yoga mat.

Key Features:

  • This mat spans over 72-inches length x 24-inches width which is sufficient surface area for a plethora of activities.
  • You can carry out a multiple of exercises in it namely pilates, stretching, floor exercises, etc.
  • The yoga mat has a thickness of 4 mm which increases its cushioning effect. Therefore, makes way for comfortable yoga postures.

3. Satori Concept Cork Yoga Mat

Satori Concept

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Satori is a key manufacturer of yoga mats and this exclusive cork yoga mat from their house is an amazing and dependable product. This yoga mat is purely fabricated from two materials- cork and rubber, both naturally obtained! The naturally obtained materials ensure that this yoga mat is safe for nature and also safe for you.

No hazardous material such as TPE, PVC, phthalates, etc. was used in any part of the manufacture of this mat. Finally, this is 4 mm thick which is ideal to cushion your body as your conducting a rigorous exercise session.

Key Features:

  • Both rubber and cork are lightweight materials which makes this huge yoga mat very light at only 2.5-kgs.
  • Cork and rubber are materials that have a very high degree of traction. As a result, provides a non-slip surface for you to carry out your routine.
  • Fully organic and highly toxic-free.

2. 42 Birds Cork Yoga Mat

42 Birds Cork Yoga Mats

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Yoga mats come in all shapes and sizes but nothing steals the show quite like the 42 Birds Robin Cork Yoga Mat. High precision manufacturing ensures that this durable yoga mat features a very smooth surface for you to perform yoga. The underlying layers are made from foam with no traces of such materials as PVC, TPE, and so on.

These are harmful materials and cause harm to both nature and yourself. Cork has another outstanding property- it is naturally resistant to the growth of mildew and molds. Lastly, no risks of getting irritated due to pungent smell as it is also repellent to bad odors.

Key Features:

  • Cork yoga mat shows much friction and features a non-slip surface for doing yoga. When it is dampened by sweat, the non-slip activity of the mat increases.
  • It is rolled up and put together using a cotton strap thus allowing you to easily carry it around.
  • This is a very lightweight yoga mat weighing just 2.5 lbs.

1. RELIANCER Eco-friendly Yoga Mat Set


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When you purchase this, you get an inventory of all the things that you may require for a successful yoga session. This pack comes with a wonderfully comfortable yoga mat along with a cork yoga block that ensures proper positioning. An extra-long strap is also provided with the pack that makes carrying the mat easy.

Whereas, the Oxford fabric carry bag allows you to store it safely and securely. It covers an area of 72-inches x 24-inches which is more than enough for even the most flexible yoga positions. Above all, the top surface is completely prepared from naturally obtained cork material.

Key Features:

  • The bottom surface of this love yoga mat is constructed entirely from naturally obtained rubber which enhances its non-slip properties.
  • It features a thickness of 4 mm which is ideal for providing safety.
  • This is sufficient to provide enough cushioning effect upon your body.

You can stay fit and be healthy fully. The cork yoga mat benefits are many, so, enjoy some of it and fit in a good lifestyle.

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