Best Corner TV Stands in 2022 Reviews

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Decorate your home with one of the top 10 best corner TV stands in 2022. These television stands not only are decorative but they complement your room’s decor upgrading its look. Not only that, you get a solid stand to place your tv on safely.

With their corner design, you do not have lost a lot of space in your room. Instead, you are using an empty space that is always difficult to use with normal furniture. Their special feature of these corner TV stands also give you lots of useful options.

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10. Pemberly Row

 Pemberly Row 48"

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This cherry finished tv stand will upgrade any room it is placed. Its good looks set off your decor colors and make your room look better than ever. Plus, it ups up to 52-inch television sets.

Made from solid hardwood and veneers, you get a great piece of furniture that does not do anything but make your home life a little simpler. Measuring roughly 48 by 30 by 18 inches in size, you get extra storage space underneath the flat stand top.

On top of that, the antique-looking brass hardware adds a touch of class to your home. 3 adjustable shelves make sure you can store just about what you want inside. Plus, a wire management system keeps cords out of your way and your room looking a lot neater.

9. Pemberly Row 48″ Corner TV Stand in Vintage Mahogany

Pemberly Row 48" Corner TV Stand in Vintage Mahogany

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You get 48 inches of storage space when you bring this handy corner television stand home from the store. Plus, with its 30 by 18 additional inches, you can store your movies, photos, or other small items inside with ease.

3 adjustable shelves keep you in control of how you display your treasured items. 2 glass doors, 2 wood doors, and a mahogany finish make this an outstanding piece to have in your home. Antique looking brass hardware complete the overall classy look.

The solid hardwood and veneer construction materials are strong enough to hold most 52-inch television sets with ease. Then the adjustable leg levelers make sure your television stays balanced and level. A cable management system keeps all your cables out of your way.

8. Pemberly Row 44″ Corner TV Stand in White Wash

 Pemberly Row 44" Corner TV Stand in White Wash

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Offset your darker furniture with the whitewash look that comes with this corner television stand. Not only can you highlight key pieces of furniture, but you can also make good use of that empty corner.

2 glass and wood doors protect your precious knick-knacks and display them at the same time. The tempered glass panels are made with safety glass so they should be good to use around children and pets.

Made from top quality MDF wood and laminate construction materials, you are getting a first-class corner television stand when you bring this one home. It holds up to 250 pounds and up to 48-inch television sets with ease. Its overall measurements are 23 by 44 by 16 inches and fit in small corners without hassles.

7. Leick Homes Corner TV Stand with Bookcases

 46 in. Corner TV Stand with Bookcases

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Show off your intellectual side by placing your non-fiction books in the built-in bookcases. Then when you are tired of showing off your intelligence, flip on the tv sitting on top of this great looking corner tv stand.

The stand not only holds books it also handles up to 50-inch televisions without complaint. Once you get 200 pounds of personal items on this corner tv stand, you need to stop adding more weight. That is all she will hold.

The overall measurements of 46 by 20 by 25 works with the clipped corner to sit deep into the corner and provide you with more room living space. Some assembly is required but once you get it together the tempered glass and wood doors help upgrade your room’s look.

6. Pemberly Row Oiled Oak

 Pemberly Row Corner TV Stand in Oiled Oak

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This traditionally designed corner tv stand adds a little old fashioned look to your home.IT also sends a message of stability and charm. Being able to hold 95 pounds of weight and an approx. 50-inch television set, you get old fashion looks with modern applications.

In addition to that, this corner tv stand comes with two wood doors to hide more valuable items or tv guides. The divide open shelves provide you room for a DVD or CD player as well as movies and other small objects. You may get a gaming system inside them as well.

Its 24 by 39 by 19 inch approx. Size does not take up a lot of room in your home. There should be an empty spot just waiting for it right now.

5. 4D Concepts  4D Concepts Corner TV Stand

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Corners are hard to fill sometimes. There just doesn’t seem to be enough unique pieces of furniture out there to fill that hard to fill the spot. Till now that is. After you bring this approx. 18 by 30 by 18-inch corner tv stand home, that hard to fill spot will be filled.

On top of that, you can get a 32 inch or less television on its flat top. Then the tempered glass shelf adds to the good looks of your room. Once you get this corner tv stand in the right spot, you can fill its shelves with whatever you like.

In addition to all of that, rounded corners make this corner tv stand safe around young children. There should be no sharp edges.

4. Leick Home Westwood

 46 in. Westwood Corner TV Stand with Bookcases

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The dark brown finish that comes with this corner tv stand doe snot clash with any color scheme you already have in your home. Instead, it should complement the look and make your room look better than ever.

In addition to that, you get a large tabletop surface that holds about 50-inch television with ease. The built-in bookshelves provide room for books, movies or little figurines. The wood frame tempered glass doors protect other electronic equipment without complaint.

Measuring about 20 by 46 by 25 inches in size, you should not have any trouble fitting it into a good corner. This cabinet holds about 200 pounds as well. That makes sure you can get a lot of items out of your way and tidy up your room.

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3. Home Accent Furnishings White Wash Finished Corner Television Stand

 New 44 Inch Wide White Wash Finished

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White is a good color to help decorate your home. It goes with just about any color and looks good all the time. Also, this white corner television stand uses 2 wood framed glass doors to protect any valuable items you do not want curious hands touching.

On top of that, the 44 by 16 by 24-inch dimensions give you lost of room for a 44-inch television set or smaller. Made from MDF wood and laminate materials, you are getting a solid corner tv stand that handles a lot of weight at one time.

Plus, it only weighs about 66 pounds, so you can relocate it if you need to with ease. This corner tv stand is a great addition to any home or apartment.

2. International Concepts Mission Corner TV Stand

 International Concepts Mission

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After you bring this home, you have a beautiful looking corner tv stand to hold your television set. Its good looks come from the parawood construction material and espresso finish.

Once it is in place, you can use the cable management system to organize your cords and keep them from tripping anyone. Te slotted sides also help you with cable management by giving you extra spaces to slip those cords through.

Also, with its 24 by 35 by 29-inch dimensions you should be able to get a comparably sized television on top of it. A large drawer hides a lot of excess small items with ease.

1. Bush Furniture Visions Tall Corner TV Stand

 Bush Furniture Visions Tall Corner TV Stand in Black and Metallic

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When you have a lot of items or photos to display, this tall corner tv stand comes to the rescue. Not only will it hold 4 shelves worth of treasured items, but it will also hold up t a 37-inch television set.

Two adjustable shelves and 1 fixed one lets you display your items your way. In addition to that, it’s approx. 31-inch height hides a multiple of household sins when placed in the corner.

Also, it’s approx 31 by 19-inch width and depth makes it a compact corner tv stand that fits just about anywhere in your home.

Some final words

One way to upgrade the look of your home and hide wall issues is to use a top tv stand. One of the top 10 best corner tv stands in 2022 are those top quality pieces of furniture.

Not only do you get to hold large televisions and store need items, but you also hide a lot of wall issues placed there by young children Your home’s decor will be upgraded as well.


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