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The digital tape measures are responsible for measuring the distance for you. However, this tool is really helpful and recommended by many people as it can be used in various ways. The result also returns in an easy to read form, which allows you to convert among the measuring units that you prefer.

To serve your demand, we have compared hundreds of digital tape measures, and we finally come up with the top 10 best ones. Let’s go through the article with us to explore more about what they are.

List Of Our Best Digital Tape Measures Reviews On Amazon.Com

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#10. Beaspire 2-in-1 Digital Tape Measures

#10. Beaspire 2-in-1 Digital Tape Measure

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First of all, we have this digital tape measure from Beaspire. It comes with a 2 in 1 design, which uses the latest laser technology for measurement. It combines the traditional measure standard with the laser technology to measure a total length of 147 feet. The accuracy is guaranteed.

For the operation, it requires only one button to get started. There are 4 measuring units, including meter, inch, foot, and feet. The measure mode can be changed between single and continuous as well. The result is shown on the LCD display screen, and it also includes the backlight design. This is really helpful when it comes to a low light environment. The laser automatically switches itself off after the 180s, while the display screen is off after 30 seconds.

The tape measure features the use of a magnetic hook for convenient storage. This allows it to attach to any items that you can think of for easy access.

#9. CO-Z 3-in-1 Digital Tape Measures

#9. CO-Z 3-in-1 Digital Tape Measure

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Next, we should take a look at this tape measure from CO-Z. It comes with a 3 in 1 design, which means that this one tool can perform 3 applications. It is compatible with a tape measure, laser measure as well as crossline laser leveler. No matter what type of project you are working with, it’s always a useful tool to serve your demand.

This tape measure provides an instant calculation, which includes the volume and area of the object. The accuracy range is measured within 2mm. The result can be shown with 3 measuring units, which are feet, meters, and inches.

This tool is also designed to be quicker and more efficient in the operation. The memory can handle the storage of 20 measurements for you to customize the setting. After using it, it can turn itself off within 180 seconds. The maximum measurement range is up to 40 meters, while it features a large screen display to show you the result more clearly in all lighting conditions.

#8. MULWARK Digital Tape Measures with LCD

#8. MULWARK Digital Tape Measure with LCD

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Another choice for a good digital tape measure is from MULWARK. It is made with a premium grade ruler with a long 5m blade. The tape measure is designed to be resistant to rust and water so that it can last even longer than your expectation. It is equipped with a large LCD screen for display, and the screen also features backlight.

The backlight design enables users to read more clearly. Moreover, there are 2 memories in this tool, which can serve you in a wide range of functions. There are multiple outstanding settings that you are definitely in love with, such as midpoint calculation, unit conversion as well as inside measurement selection.

The tool is operated on a lithium battery which users can easily find on the market in order to replace it after it runs out of battery. The replacement warranty is guaranteed within 90 days after the purchase.

#7. AdirPro Carbon Steel Digital Tape Measures

#7. AdirPro Carbon Steel Digital Tape Measure

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AdirPro also comes with one of the best digital tape measures on the market. This digital tape measure is made with a durable construction thanks to the use of high-quality plastic. The blade is made from rust-resistant carbon steel which works well with all weather conditions, including the wet one.

The tape measure comes with an LCD screen display, which can show the result in either feet or inches criteria. There is a unit converter built into this tape measure so that users can switch between the unit system to get the one that they are familiar with the most. There are also some other additional features, such as the memory function and auto-off feature.

The tape measure is based on a lithium battery, and it is already included in the package for you. After you have been unboxing the tool, you are ready to begin your project with the tape measure with the best convenience. There is also a wrist strap for you to store it easily when you are using it outdoors.

#6. Prexiso Compact Digital Tape Measure

#6. Prexiso Compact Digital Tape Measure

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Moving onto the next digital tape measure from Prexiso, it features a compact size with the smallest size design in the world record. The size is so small that it can even fit into the pocket of yours. It is very easy to use since there is only a button for the operation. The maximum measuring range is up to 50 feet, and it is compatible with both metric as well as imperial units.

The screen of this digital tape measure comes with LCD backlight. This is to make sure that you can read easily under a low light condition. The tool is responsible for providing you with a real-time measurement even if you keep moving around to adjust the distance.

In this set, you are going to get not only the digital tape measure but also 2 pieces of AA batteries, laser pointer pen, PU case as well as a user manual. This design makes it a great gift for your family and friends who are working in the related field.

#5. DTAPE Digital Tape Measures


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Now, let’s give our attention to this digital tape measure from DTAPE. It features high accuracy with the most advanced precision technology. The accuracy is within 1/16 inch, while the maximum distance it can measure is up to 328 feet. Users can switch between the measuring units according to their preferences, and these units include meter, inches, and feet.

The display screen comes with a backlight for the display. This ensures the best visibility even in the low light environment. There is also a mute setting, allowing you to turn off the beep on some special occasions. It can be used for a wide range of measurements, including length, volume, area and distance.

There are up to 20 groups of memories for the data storage so that you can maximize its values by using it to accommodate all of your demands. Moreover, it is also waterproof to be suitable for outdoor environments.

#4. TACKLIFE Digital Tape Measures


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This digital tape measure from TACKLIFE is also worth taking into consideration. It is made with a wide range of great features. First of all, it comes with high accuracy. Just like the previous measure, this one also has the accuracy range in 1/16 inch. Yet, the measurement range is relatively lower since it can only measure up to 196 feet.

Another great feature is the auto-off function. If the activities are not detected within 150 seconds, it can automatically switch itself off without wasting a lot of energy. Also, the battery is included in the package for you to save you a lot of time and money from purchasing an extra.

This digital tape measure comes with a portable size, and the body is made of solid rubber. This gives users a comfortable grip while working with it. Moreover, it is also easy to carry wherever you go outdoors.

#3. TACKLIFE Digital Tape Measures


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Here comes another digital tape measure from TACKLIFE. It is designed ideally as a gift for your family and friends who are in love with some DIY projects. This tape measure features a 2 in 1 design, which provides both tape measure and laser measure functions with the ranges of 16 feet and 131 feet respectively.

The operation is easy as you only have a button to start. However, if you want to change between the measuring units, you can simply long-press the button to get it switched among meters, inches, and feet. It is equipped with double sensing holes, and they are made to ensure the best stability in the design.

The digital measure tape is also made with a magnetic hook, allowing it to attach to some objects in order to get the measurement more accurate. The machine can turn itself off after 150 seconds of no activities.

#2. General Tools

#2. General Tools

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What about this digital measure tape from General Tools? It features a versatile design with both of the tape measure and laser measure features. However, the operation can still be achieved with a button, and this is very desirable when it comes to a long-distance measurement.

In addition, it can measure much quicker and further than your expectations. It can measure up to 50 feet with the laser measuring function. It is also precise enough within the accuracy range of ¼ inch.

Moreover, the size is made to be compact and portable. This enables users to bring it with them wherever they go. It can be hung on the belt to make the best convenience. Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that the power output of this laser tool is less than 1mW.

#1. eTape16

#1. eTape16

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Last but not least, we should not miss this digital measure tape from eTape16. It features an accurate measuring function for both home and commercial projects. It also comes with durable construction as it is made from polycarbonate plastic. The material is resistant to all weather conditions, and it is made with a bright red colour. This colour design makes it visible in all conditions.

Moreover, there are multiple memory functions for this tape measure. There is a button wheel on the side so that you can customize the functions. There is no need for you to write down your own calculations since this tool can do all the jobs for you.

It saves you a lot of time from working with your project in the measurement and calculation parts. Also, users can have the settings convertible between US and metric. This gives you an accurate reading of the result of the measurement.

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Buying Guide

So, now it’s time for you to evaluate the digital tape measure on your own. If the previously mentioned products are still not compliant with your desires, we encourage you to do more research on your own but remember to base on our criteria below.

Measurement range: a good digital tape measure is compatible with a wide range of measurements. The further the measurement distance, the better it is. However, it also depends on the type of projects that we are working with. Regularly, the range should not be less than 50 feet.

Measuring units: we all use different measuring units according to our local habits. As an international product, the digital tape measure should feature convertible units among inch, feet, and meter. This enables users to select the one that they are getting used to working with.

Auto-off: this is another desirable feature. Most of the digital tape measures have an auto-off function, which saves a lot of energy for the battery. It should turn itself off after 3 – 6 minutes of no activities detected.

Battery: a good tape measure is usually operated on a lithium battery which provides reliable operation. It can work for a long period of time, and it can be found anywhere on the market for a replacement.


In conclusion, above are the top 10 best digital tape measures that we have found for you. We hope that this tool can help you a lot in the project so that you can cut down some of your workloads. Please feel free to contact us for more reviews if you still have any questions related to the products.

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