Top 10 Best Electric Car Jacks in 2022

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The roads are full of uncertainties. You just can’t know what’s waiting ahead of you. Hence, going fully prepared is the only solution. If sudden breakdowns or road mishaps happen, then an electric car jack will be your savior. You will have all the equipment to fix the vehicle. And guess what, it hardly needs any manual labor. One can trust it to do all the difficult jobs easily.

As it is a matter of urgent concern, you just can’t risk getting the wrong product. But how will you know that which is the right one? So, see the details here and get aid.

Best Electric Car Jacks in 2022 Reviews

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10. ROGTZ Electric Car Jack

ROGTZ Electric Car Jacks

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Rogtz offers you an electric car jack that boasts a heavy-duty steel structure strong enough to handle intense pressure. It deals with enormous weight without breaking or cracking out. The steel used for making the jack is highly-dense and makes a wide base with triangle-shaped support that is compact.

No need to worry about overexerting the device. It stops operation immediately after reaching the maximum height limitation of 42 cm.

It has two raised heads that are detachable and are designed for lifting up heavy SUVs or sedan cars. Therefore, no matter the kind of car you have, you would always be able to use this jack in dire situations. For covering the heads you also get silicone sleeves. These sleeves have a surface that increases the grip between your car and the jack. So there are reduced chances of slipping or sliding accidents.

Key features:

  • Perfectly suitable for lifting vehicles that weigh within the 3-ton limit.
  • Within a mere 2 minutes, the jack can reach max height even under a 3-ton load.
  • For easy use during the night, you also get an integrated flashlight.

9. VViViD Electric Automotive Scissor Tire Jack Kit


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Vvivid keeps you prepared and ready for handling any puncture anywhere with their electric car jack. It has rugged build quality which makes it last for a prolonged period. You don’t even need a wall outlet or carry an extra battery with you for operating this jack either.

It comes with jumper cables that are hooked on to the battery of your car or you can use the included 12 V adapter to plug into your car. Either way, it is a reliable product that would never fail you.

Key features:

  • A couple of minutes are all the time it takes to lift your car.
  • The reflective traffic sticker will help to spot the kit from a distance.
  • Comes with manual crank and spare fuses as well.

8. MarchInn 12V DC Hydraulic Floor Jack

MarchInn Electric Car Jacks

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If you are looking for a great electric car jack that wouldn’t fail you in times of emergency, then look no further than this great product from Marchlnn. Most electric jacks in the market would just lift vehicles which weigh less than 3 tons. But with this jack, you can lift up even heavier minivans, SUVs and more without an issue.

You can lift cars that weigh around 5 tons. So, don’t be discouraged by punctures, this jack is all you need in that sort of unpredictable situation. It indeed has a LED flashlight to find out any equipment and spot the faults even in darkest hours.

Key features:

  • Comes with gloves so that you don’t get your hands dirty
  • The jack has a built-in gauge as well.
  • If the height limit is exceeded, the machine will automatically not work.

7. Reliancer Electric Car Floor Jack


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Reliancer brings you one of the most reliable electric car jacks that money can buy. It has a large base which makes wide contact with any surface. It indeed adds more stability to the jack while it is lifting a heavy car. The jack has high build quality with high-density steel construction which doesn’t get twisted or damaged easily. As long as you use this for vehicle lifting that weighs 3 tons or less, you won’t face any issues.

You don’t have to crawl or bend for operating this jack either, just connect the jack to a power source and set it up under your car. After that, all you need to do is use the wired remote for raising or lowering the jack. If you have to use the jack during night time, the in-built flashlight has great use as well.

Key features:

  • Stops automatically as it hits the 42 cm height limit.
  • Comes with two heads that are detachable and specifically made for lifting your SUV or sedan.
  • Powering the jack is easy since it is clipped to a battery or directly draws power from your car’s cigarette lighter.

6. E-HEELP Electric Car Floor Jack

E-HEELP Electric Car Jacks

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E-Heelp offers you a quality jack that is super stable, doesn’t wobble and creates a stable footing over most surfaces. The steel plate used in this jack is thicker and it uses the triangular shape to its full advantage while lifting your car. You get more value for every dollar you spend on this jack.

It also has a safety feature which makes the jack lock itself in position as soon as it reaches the safe height limitation of 42cm. Having LEDs that are inbuilt to never let you feel lack of light, it certainly offers two-way power supply.

Key features:

  • Capable of handling around 6600 pounds of weight.
  • Bad weather doesn’t affect the performance of this jack and the metal components are protected by the thick coating.
  • Includes a power card of 11.5 ft length.

5. M PLUS 3 in 1 Hydraulic Floor Jack


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M Plus brings to you an easy and compact solution. It indeed has multiple functions and can offer a lot more than simple electric scissor jacks. The jack has a hydraulic mechanism which lets you lift your vehicle within just a minute or so.

If you face a puncture after dusk, no need to worry either. This jack has a built-in powerful flashlight which provides illumination bright enough for fixing up your puncture. Given that, this multifunctional kit is needed to meet various needs whenever you are outdoor.

Key features:

  • Lifting the jack and placing it under your car is simple and easy with the robust handle.
  • The whole thing comes in a portable box where you can safe-keep the devices and even carries to different places.
  • Has an integrated pump with both American and British inflatable heads.

4. BestEquip Electric Car Jack

BestEquip Electric Car Jacks

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With jacks from other manufacturers, you would face many issues that can range from electronic failure to deformed equipment. But BestEquip only uses the best and most premium quality materials for constructing its products. This electric jack from the brand has similar attributes!

It has a super dense steel construction that is naturally resistant to corrosion and won’t budge under intense pressure. You don’t even need to carry an extra power source either. It can easily draw power from your car’s battery with the help of the included clips.

These clips are insulated properly so that you don’t get accidentally shocked while powering up the jack. No matter the kind of car you own, this simple jack can lift up to 5500 pounds of weights without incurring any damage on itself.

No need for bending down and sitting in an uncomfortable position while struggling with a manual jack. Change your tires or take care of problems under the floor with ease.

Key features:

  • It comes with a hard case that lets you store your jack and other accessories in an organized manner.
  • You get a complimentary electric wrench set as well.
  • Operates with 15 amperes of current.

3. Eapmic Electric Car Jack


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Along with this electric car jack, Eapmic also delivers to you an electric wrench. As a result, it makes it an all in one package for changing your tires in dire situations. The jack has a premium and heavy-duty materials construction.
As a matter of fact, are very difficult to rust or deform. And would hold on its own while lifting some of the heaviest personally owned cars.

With a capacity of lifting 5 tons of heavy cars, you don’t have to maintain a separate set of jacks for all your vehicles. This set comes in a hard plastic case that lets you transport it easily from one car to another.

Key features:

  • Industry-leading 2 year warranty period lets you purchase this product without any worries.
  • Interestingly, the scissor is fully automatic and it is adjusted as needed.
  • By itself, the jack weighs just around 22 pounds.

2. Mrcartool Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack

Mrcartool Electric Car Jacks


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Mrcartool has made a fantastic electric jack that can lift up your car from 135mm to a maximum of 360 mm in no time. It also has controls that are easy to read and understand. Just place a heavy-duty hydraulic jack under your car and press the button to see it working its magic.

It even has an inflation pump built into it. So if you have tubeless tires and have stopped the flow of air, then this pump can fill up your tires as well. In order to give it a stable platform, the non-slip cross grove design indeed helps a lot. Lastly, it can adjust to any given height at any time.

Key features:

  • Just over 30 cm in length, which makes it more compact than jacks from most other brands.
  • The built-in device aids to ensure safety and the jack will certainly not fall off.
  • Comes with a free safety hammer as well.

1. ABN Electric Hydraulic Jack


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A puncture in the middle of nowhere is very annoying. However, fixing it with a manual jack for hours during dark can quickly escalate the mood to anger followed by frustration. This electric jack does all the heavy lifting for you.

Therefore, you can enjoy the view of the wheels going up in the air without the push of a button.
The jack uses hydraulics to lift your car. And doesn’t rely on a metal scissor structure that may break down at any time.

All you need to do for lifting up the car is to set it under your car. Now, power it up by plugging the cord into your car’s cigarette lighter port. It draws out 12 volts of electric power and raises your car in no time. Bringing the car down requires the same simple action of pushing a button.

Key features:

  • Can lift your car, van, SUV or other vehicles within the range of 6-inches to 17.5-inches.
  • Even if it gets no power, it will keep your car lifted up.
  • Can handle the maximum weight of 6000 pounds.

Now, eliminate any manual labor or effort to fix your car in the middle of nowhere. The electric car jacks will help you just in the way needed during the time of emergency.

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