Top 10 Best Electric Longboards in 2024

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Electric longboards are quite popular with both adults and teenagers. This kind of product is perfect for having fun and bond with friends and family. However, in your purchasing decision, you need to consider a lot of factors including the overall design. Choose a longboard that suits your taste, and check out the speed to see if it matches your desires. Also, pay attention to the materials used for the construction, especially the deck style. It is imperative that you find out the load capacity of the electric longboard, together with the wattage, motor type, and charging time.

And of course, determine the range of the product so you will know how far it can take you with one charge. It is essential that you know the basics of the electric longboard before you spend your money. And in this post, we listed the top 10 best electric longboards in 2024. We included significant information about each product to help you decide which one to buy.

Best Electric Longboards A Complete Guide:

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10. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Upgraded Electric Longboard

Alouette Electric Longboards

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Looking for a technologically advanced and reliable longboard?

The Alouette Electric Longboard is a high-quality product that is made with a 6-ply maple and 1 layer bamboo. It is great to use by adults and kids who are new to skateboarding. This longboard is made with superior expertise and precision, and it has a sophisticated and rugged design. It is built for fun, and it is safe too.

Reasons to buy:

  • Designed with a reliable and innovative LCD screen remote for a seamless ride
  • Range of 12.4 miles with a maximum speed of 16 MPH for an exceptional performance
  • Backed with a 6 months warranty, coupled with an after-sales service support

9. Teamgee H20 39” Electric Skateboard Dual Motor

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Buying a sturdy product is on every buyer’s mind. The Teamgee H20 39” Electric Longboard has an ergonomic design coupled with a W-concave design. It is crafted with an aluminum alloy enclosure that keeps your battery intact and safe from the environmental elements. This product is rated IP54, and the waterproof feature is simply perfect for this electric longboard. And the charging time is 4 hours, which takes you to up to 30 miles of riding.

Reasons to buy:

  • The maximum load capacity of 286 pounds with a range of 25 to 30 kilometer
  • The dual motor of 540W, with 26Mph and a top speed of 42Kphfor superior performance
  • Made from premium grade materials of Canadian maple (8-ply) and Fiberglass (1-ply)

8. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Mini Fashion

SKATEBOLT Electric Longboards

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Good things come in smaller packages! The SKATEBOLT Electric Longboard has a mini size and lightweight feature that is perfect for easy transport. It is a very fashionable longboard for both kids and adults, and it comes with a special remote control. This product may be small, but it is absolutely strong and efficient. It is made from premium quality materials that ensure the extreme durability of this longboard.

Reasons to buy:

  • Longboard dimension of 20” x 7” x 5.12”, with a weight of only 7.9 pounds
  • Reliable 250W hub motor coupled with replaceable wheels
  • 2V lithium battery 2200 mAh for a 12.4 high speed and a range of 9.3 miles maximum

7. AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control


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Safety comes first! You’ve heard that before and while buying a product, you would want to purchase something that is durable and safe to use.

The AZBO Electric Longboard offers superior riding performance. It is an extremely durable product that is very easy to operate, and it is safe too. The charging time is only for 2 straight hours, and it is equipped with a 6.6 AH battery. This product is comprised of an 8-ply maple deck, which is absolutely durable and long-lasting. It will surely last for a long time, providing the best performance.

Reasons to buy:

  • Comes with a set of protective gear that keeps you safe while riding
  • Dual hub 2000W motor that offers 25 MPH high speed, with a wireless remote control
  • UL2272 Certified to be safe to use, with a range of 19 miles

6. URBANPRO Electric Brushless Motor Longboard

URBANPRO Electric Longboards

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The URBANPRO Electric Longboard is a cost-effective product that is manufactured using fiberglass and maple materials. The wheels are made from premium PU material that provides superior stability and traction while riding. Plus, it utilizes a 400W brushless motor and a multi-functional remote.

Reasons to buy:

  • 11-ply maple material that can support up to 265 pounds of load capacity
  • Range of 10 miles, with a top speed of 20 MPH, coupled with 3 modes of adjustments
  • 1-year longboard warranty and 3 months accessories warranty

5. SWAGSKATE NG2 38” A.I. Powered Electric Longboard

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A 90-day limited warranty puts your mind at peace! The SWAGSKATE Electric Longboard is an ultra-strong product that is absolutely flexible. The superior performance of this longboard is thanks to the 6-ply high-quality maple that is positioned in between 2 levels of bamboo. It is an extremely durable and safe longboard that is designed to make you have loads of fun. Plus, the stylish and chic appearance is something that you can be proud of.

Reasons to buy:

  • Twin-hub brushless 900W motor that can handle 15 degrees inclines and 18 mph top speed
  • Maximum weight capacity of 220 pounds, and it comes with a 90 days limited warranty
  • Hands-free operation without the need for a remote

4. RazorX Longboard Electric Skateboard

Razor Electric Longboards

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The Razor Electric Longboard is a pre-assembled product that comes with a 2.4 GHz wireless hand-held remote that includes a replaceable strap for the wrist. It is equipped with a replaceable and rechargeable 22V lithium-ion battery pack, which is absolutely reliable. This product is made from high-grade materials for superior performance, and it is created to last long.

Reasons to buy:

  • 125W power with a lithium-ion battery for a maximum of 10 mph speed and 40 minutes of riding
  • 5” long deck is manufactured using premium-grade 5-ply bamboo
  • Designed for kids 9 years and beyond, with a weight capacity of 220 pounds

3. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard


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Here’s a product that is meant for an everyday ride! The Boosted Electric Longboard is a smooth and quite a fast ride that has an ergonomic and intuitive remote control. It can easily let you climb a 20% steep hill without a hitch. And you can take full control of the braking system and the acceleration process. This product has a small size, but it is super sturdy and firm.

Reasons to buy:

  • Mini longboard dimension of 11” W x 29.5” L x 5.7” H, with a weight of 16.8 pounds
  • Perfect for riding inside a campus, commuting in the neighborhood, and run some errands
  • 1000W power, with a range of 14 miles and charging time of only an hour and 45 minutes

2. Hiboy Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote E-Skateboard

Hiboy Electric Longboards

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The Hiboy Electric Longboard is a high-performance product that has an ergonomic design. It is quite a strong longboard that is made from premium grade materials that will surely make this product last for years. The remote control of this skateboard is super-fast in response, and the battery is long-ranger at 12.5 miles.

Reasons to buy:

  • U-shape design made with a 7-ply maple deck for excellent flexibility and superior quality
  • Motor is 350W dual hub, with a maximum 18.6 mph speed
  • Smooth ride thanks to the 4 brake settings and 4 modes for riding

1. Teamgee H5 37” Electric Skateboard with Wireless Remote Control

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An adventurous ride at night can be extremely dangerous. Throw the risks out of the door and invest in a safer product.

The Teamgee H5 37” Electric Longboard is UL certified for extreme safety and it is equipped with a 760W dual motor. It only takes 2 hours to charge this product, and the battery is concealed to give off an impression of a thinner board. This longboard is designed with high traction PU wheels that are replaceable. Plus, it comes with a remote control that allows you to visualize your path and have a safe adventure at night.

Reasons to buy:

  • Longboard dimension of 38” x 8.5” x 5.9”, with a weight of 14.55 pounds
  • Riding range of 11 miles with 90mm wheels, 25% climbing hill, and speed of 22MPH
  • The maximum load capacity of 200 pounds, and it is backed with a 12 months after-sale support


Now that you are acquainted with the best electric longboards in the market today, you can surely make the right call. Each of the products we selected is manufactured using the most premium materials, and their motors are excellently good. These longboards can take you to wherever you want to explore with ease. And they are all extremely durable and are designed to last long. Also, these products have innovative designs that you will surely love.

More importantly, these electric longboards are extremely safe to use, so you never have to worry about any electrical accident during charging and while onboard. And no matter what product you will choose from the list we provided, you can be confident that you are choosing a money-worthy longboard. We feature only the highly recommended and trusted products that are made by well-established brands. And so all of the items here are absolutely strong and provide exceptional performance.

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