Top 10 Best Hanging Planters in 2022

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We like to have some plants at home. Seeding those plants increases oxygen and allows us to have healthy routines for enjoying the moments when we are taking care of those plants. There are benefits to seeding plants when some plants can be decorative to our homes. Regardless, there is no way to grow plants well at home without supports from hanging planters.

They change our homes from ordinary homes to in-house gardens with those hanging pots. As we can find useful hanging baskets for planting and having healthy routines, here are the top ten best hanging planters in 2022 with a product buying guide.

List of the 10 Best Hanging Planters in 2022

10. La Jolíe Muse Hanging Planter Flower

indoor hanging planter

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La Jolíe Muse is an astounding hanging planter. We are considering it as one great hanging pot because the product has a marble pattern which is quite unique. The product therefore makes itself different from the entire home. La Jolíe Muse serves as a decorative hanging basket for your homes. Furthermore, you can use it for both outdoor and indoor uses. There are drainage holes, so there is a flow of water. It is as a result good and healthy for those plants.

Besides, there is a water reservoir which sits at the bottom of it. It assures your plants get enough and the right amount of water. Meanwhile, it is constructed from recyclable plastic that is safe to the environment. There is a stone powder ingredient which is a natural ingredient to construct and make the hanging planter as well. Lastly, when it is a weather-resistant product; the company brings about full-satisfaction warranties to all of us too.

Key Features

  • Features a marble pattern that is quite unique
  • Serves as a decorative hanging basket
  • Uses the hanging planter for both outdoor and indoor uses
  • Coming with drainage holes for water flow
  • Includes a water reservoir which sits at the bottom
  • Your plants getting enough and right amount of water
  • Constructed with recyclable plastic, safe to environment
  • Features stone powder ingredient as a construction material
  • Functions as a weather-resistant hanger
  • Offered with full-satisfaction warranties

9. La Jolíe Muse 2 Hanging Planters for Indoor Plants

hanging planter with drainage

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It is smart to have La Jolíe Muse 2 around. The hanging planter is weather-resistant which allows the product to last long; although, you put it outdoor. It is free from crack and peel. There is a guarantee of no frost and fade with it as well. No matter what temperatures they are, it is built to last. In addition, it is made with lightweight material such as stone powder and recyclable plastic. These construction materials have no harm to the environment. Therefore, the product is lightweight too.

There are drainage holes for a natural water flow. The process makes sure those plants are healthy and lively. Moreover, the hanging basket brings about a speckled white coloring that is brilliant for home decorations. Lastly, it comes with full-satisfaction warranties. Hence, it is a safe planter for us.

Key Features

  • Functions as a weather-resistant hanging planter
  • Good for outdoor uses
  • Free from cracks and peels
  • No frost and fade with the hanging planter
  • Made with lightweight materials including stone powder
  • Constructed with recyclable plastic, no harm to environment
  • Drainage holes enabled for natural water flow
  • Features speckled white coloring for home decorations
  • Including full-satisfaction warranties with it

8. Amagabeli Garden & Home 4 Pack Metal Hanging Planter Basket

hanging flower pots for balcony

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Amagabeli Garden & Home includes four hanging planters in the collection. There features wire for hanging each basket planter. Furthermore, the rod is made with steel that is a tough construction material. Moreover, it includes coating which assures each hanging basket that there is no rust with it. You get secured hanging baskets with Amagabeli Garden & Home.

Besides, the chain comes including powder coating. It as a result reinforces the package’s rustproof quality. We can use it for many places such as sun room, balcony, deck, garden, lawn and patio. It is an excellently looking hanging pot package for you, therefore.

Key Features

  • Including four hanging planters in one same collection
  • Features wire for hanging each basket planter
  • Each rod is constructed with steel for solid performance
  • Coming with coating for rod to make sure no rust
  • Getting secured planters with Amagebli Garden & Home
  • Using it for many places such as the sun room, balcony, deck, …

7. AmazonBasics Hanging Planter

metal hanging planters outdoor

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You get one-year warranties with a limit from AmazonBasics hanging planter. The product has a minimalistic outlook when it features a white color. The hanging wire has a copper coloring. Furthermore, there are drainages for water flows. We are encouraged to put pebbles and gravels, so the planting can grow healthily.

Besides, the product has an eye-catching design. It can stay on trend for years to come because of minimalistic outlook yet contrasting colors offered by the company. You can use it to plant pincushion cactus or aloe vera with it. The product makes sure your plants grow healthily and as you expect.

Key Features

  • One-year warranties with limits from Amazon
  • Including a minimalistic outlook and a white color
  • Hanging wire featuring a copper coloring
  • Enabling drainages for water flows
  • Encouraged to put pebbles and gravels for planting
  • Minimalistic yet contrasting color for eye-catching outlook
  • Using it to plant pincushion cactus or aloe vera
  • Making sure your plants grow healthily and as expected

6. GROWNEER Ceramic Hanging Planter

large hanging planter

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Growneer promises all of us greenery space. The product is simple and convenient when it saves spaces for us to seed planting. Additionally, we can place Growneer at the balcony, porch and patio. Meanwhile, the product includes drainage holes. Therefore, the hanging planter has no water accumulation at the bottom. It assures your plants healthy lives.

Furthermore, there is a removable plug which is made for installing and keeping the dirt or not inside the hanging planter. It is a smart hanging pot whether it be for outdoor or indoor uses. What’s more, the product has a shiny glaze finishing when the bottom design is flat. The product is made with white ceramic that is a confident construction material for hanging baskets.

Key Features

  • Simple and convenient outlook that saves your space
  • Place Growneer at balcony, porch and patio
  • Including drainage holes for no water accumulation
  • Assuring your plants growing healthily
  • Featuring a removable plug for installing and keep the dirt
  • Smart hanging planter for outdoor and indoor uses
  • Having a shiny glaze finishing when the bottom design being flat
  • Made with white ceramic for confident construction material

5. Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter

hanging planter with drainage

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Mkono is one good hanging planter. We can choose a pack which includes one plant hanger or a pack coming with a pair of planting hangers. Meanwhile, it is made with white ceramic for the pot. There are ropes for hanging those products. Additionally, there are drill holes, so there is no water accumulation guaranteed with it. The rubber plug is for installing and keeping the dirt inside or not whenever you need.

Mkono is a great combination of construction materials and product design. It keeps your planting safe and healthy. Moreover, we can place it in rooms, balconies, porches, gardens and patios too. The product is guaranteed a lovely hanging planter for all of us.

Key Features

  • A pack of solo hanging planer or a pair of hanging planter
  • Made with white ceramic for the pot
  • Featuring ropes for hanging those products
  • Including drill holes and without water accumulation
  • Rubber plug installing and keeping the dirt inside or outside
  • Great combination between construction material and product design
  • Keeping safe and healthy your planting
  • Placing it at rooms, balconies, porches, gardens and patios
  • Guaranteed a lovely hanging pot

4. La Jolíe Muse 3 Hanging Planter Basket

best hanging planter

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It is very special with La Jolíe Muse 3. First, the hanging planter is a hand-made or handcrafted product. Moreover, the company uses seagrass which is natural fiber to construct each piece of the hanging basket. What’s more, it is a versatile hanging planter to have around. Meanwhile, we can hang it over one another for the hanging pot, which gives an amazing outlook to decorate our spaces.

The product has a plastic coating. The coating promises the product long-lasting uses. Additionally, there is no leakage with the plastic coating. You can place it anywhere with the awesomely looking hanging planter whether it be an office space or a doorway. The product is offered with full-satisfaction warranties to you, lastly.

Key Features

  • Being a hand-made or handcrafted product
  • Using seagrass that is natural fiber to construct
  • Serving as a versatile hanging planter to have around
  • Hanging it over one another for an amazing outlook
  • Coming with a plastic coating for long-lasting uses
  • No leakage with the plastic coating
  • Place it anywhere whether it be an office space or a doorway
  • Offered with full-satisfaction warranties

3. Mkono 2 Ceramic Hanging Plante

modern hanging planter

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The product design is awesome with Mkono 2 because of the product’s geometric design. Meanwhile, it offers a modern outlook and perspective to all of us. The hanging planter is made with ceramic as well. It is lovely to plant ferns, herbs and ivy with Mkono 2. What’s more, you can hang it so that the hanging pot can save a lot of your space.

Furthermore, we can place it at rooms, homes, balconies, porches, gardens and patios. The product has drill holes for avoiding water accumulation at the bottom of the hanging basket. Lastly, the product is a trademark hanging planter manufactured by a well-renowned company.

Key Features

  • Awesome product design with geometric design
  • Offering a modern outlook and perspective
  • Made with ceramic for beautiful outlook
  • Lovely to plant ferns, herbs and ivy with Mkono 2
  • Hang the planter to save space
  • Place it at rooms, homes, balconies, porches, gardens, …
  • Including drill holes for avoiding water accumulation
  • Being a trademark hanging planter manufactured by famous company

2. Ivolador I Terrarium Container Flower Planter

ceramic hanging planter

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Ivolador I is brilliant because it includes three hanging planters with different geometric shapes. Those shapes are triangles, diamonds and water drops. Meanwhile, the package enables an eye-catching outlook with it. Furthermore, it is convenient to hang it with the rope.

The product is constructed with quality silicon that is heat-resistant. Therefore, it is a weather-resistant pack of hanging planters. There are offers of free replacements as warranties for it.

Key Features

  • Including three hanging planters with different geometric shapes
  • Shapes including triangle, diamond and water drop
  • Coming with an eye-catching outlook for the whole pack
  • Hanging the pack with ropes
  • Constructed with reliable silicon for heat-resistant quality
  • Free replacement as warranties for the product

1. Foraineam Hanging Basket

plastic hanging planters

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Foraineam has a water reservoir for keeping in check water and moisture inside the hanging planter. Moreover, the product is constructed with iron when the chain hanger comes with a black finishing. The product is good for those of you who don’t have spacious place for plants because it can fit easily with small spaces.

Lastly, the product is good to go with different types of environments such as windowsills, balconies, porches, gardens, offices and homes.

Key Features

  • Including a water reservoir for keeping moisture in check
  • Constructed with iron when the hanger has a black finishing
  • Good for those who don’t have spacious places
  • Fitting easily with small spaces
  • Fitting different types of environments

Buying Guide

Construction Materials: The planting hangers should be made with reliable materials. Those materials can be plastic. Regardless, we should ensure any construction materials have no harm to the environment. The product is safe when it enables solid performance and reliability for each planting hanger.

Finishing: Each hanging planter should have an excellent finishing. No matter what type of finishing it is, the finishing should assure each hanger durability when it offers an excellent outlook as well. Regardless, the outlook is a matter of our judgements. Consequently, we respect your personal decisions.

Placing: You can be flexible to place those planters anywhere you like. A premium product should as a result give you a room for flexibility when it is your choice to place and design your homes with those outstanding hanging planters.

Drainage Holes: The right hanging baskets should have some drainage holes. The drainage holes enable no water accumulation inside each hanging planter. Consequently, those plants remain healthy and lively as you want them to be.

Warranties: Having some sorts of warranties save us from production defects because there can be chances of those failures. You can consider full-satisfaction warranties with those products that we can apply for refunds, or warranty coverages for repairs or replacements. Any of the mentioned warranties are good enough for our considerations to buy any of the hanging planters.


Some outstanding hanging planters should have some qualities. Those qualities are such as construction materials, finishing, placing, drainage holes and warranties. When the construction materials promise solid performance and durability of those products’, finishing gives perfect outlooks to those planters. Meanwhile, you can place the planters anywhere around the houses with a large room for flexibility.

We should find only those hanging planters with drainage holes useful because they don’t allow water accumulation. Warranties are necessary to save us from products with defects, lastly. We wish you all the best and enjoy your new hanging pot(s).

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