Top 10 Best Inflatable PhotoBooths In 2022 Reviews

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An inflatable photobooth lets you have an enjoyable time and entertain your guests. It comes in a highly portable design and lets you use it for different purposes. With it, you can have unique posed shots, and it can come with multiple features including embedded LED lights. Inflatable photobooths are in different designs and offer you multiple options. It lets you have a hassle-free setup, and you can create memorable photos. Check out the following list of the top 10 best inflatable photobooths to pick from.


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10 Inflatable PhotoBooths by AIRMAT FACTORY


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This inflatable photobooth comes with the measurements of 8.2X8.2X8.2-feet. With the 2-door design, this tent also 2-way access to the interior space. Moreover, you can roll up the curtains of the door whenever required. You can use this shooting tent for advertising, business events, and promotional events, and so on. A nylon bag helps you to store and carry this booth along with you to your locations.

This photobooth also comes with a pair of zippered compartments to make deflation faster. Furthermore, this portable photo studio comes with the construction of heavy-duty and wear-resistant 210D oxford fabric. With the help of an air blower, this tent makes inflation easier for all. This tent supports easy DIY installation according to your requirements.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Features Lasting oxford cloth substance.
  • Comes with 2 Velcro door.
  • Equipped with led lights bulb.


9 Inflatable PhotoBooths by Sayok


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This inflatable photobooth with heavy-duty 210D oxford fabric construction lasts for years. The dark outer layer also makes photo shooting sharper and perfect for photographers. Moreover, the color-changing light strips come with simple remote control. So, you can easily change the light settings according to your requirements. This tent consists of a single door. With the help of a rolling door curtain, this booth offers quick access to the interior space.

This tent also comes along with an air blower. Therefore, the inflation process becomes easier for users. Furthermore, this tent does not take much time to complete deflation. The portable photo studio comes along with a repair kit, rope, and a packing bag. The bag makes storage and portability easier for professional photographers.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Features black and white fabric colors.
  • Equipped with materials that’s lasting.
  • Comes with double stitching in-out.


8 Octagon Inflatable PhotoBooths by AIRMAT FACTORY


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This octagonal inflatable photo booth comes with a roomy interior space. This shooting tent also has measurements of 8.2X8.2X8.2-feet. Therefore, this portable photo studio can accommodate a few people at once. You can use this booth to do costume play and other colorful events. With the help of an air blower, this photobooth does not take much time for inflation. The tent has 16 color changing LED light strips.

The nylon bag also makes storage and transportability of this booth convenient for professional photographers. This versatile shooting tent is just the right thing for events, like business events, advertising, wedding, parties, and more. Furthermore, this tent makes deflation hassle-free for everyone. The photobooth has the construction premium-quality and thick 210D oxford cloth.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Equipped with2 PC colored led lights.
  • Simple to install and disassemble.
  • Remote control and inner air blower.


7 SAYOK Inflatable PhotoBooths


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With beautiful color gradients, the inflatable photobooth makes shooting beautiful for photographers. The shooting tent also comes with the construction of heavy-duty oxford fabric. Moreover, the cubic tent comes along with 58 pieces of DIY kit. The dual-stitching reinforces the structure of this portable photo studio. The quadruple stitching on the outer layer of this tent increases the life expectancy of the gear. It is one of the best inflatable photobooths.

With the help of an inner air blower, this photobooth also makes inflation hassle-free and lesser time-consuming. Furthermore, this shooting tent comes along with power adapters, air blower, and power wires. The zippered door curtains make movement hassle-free for all. The nylon tarpaulin webbing increases the strength of the bottom and top sections of your photobooth.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Top and bottom led lights.
  • Installation and disassembling are easy.
  • Equipped with photobooth backdrop.


6 Cubic LED Inflatable Photo Booths by DONSU


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This inflatable photobooth comes with the construction of heavy-duty 0.5mm PVC fabric. With the help of dark outer fabric also prevents dirt spots. Moreover, the cube shooting tent comes in the shape of a square structure. With the help of an inbuilt inflation fan, this shooting tent makes inflation automatic and lesser time-consuming. This portable photo studio offers ample room to hold a large group of people.

The photobooth also makes every occasion, like parties, advertising, bars, malls, and other events. Furthermore, the inbuilt inflation fan makes inflation and deflation lesser time-consuming. The LED lighting strips make color changing and lighting adjustment easier for all. The roomy interior space does not make you feel cramped, suffocating, or claustrophobic.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Comes with photobooth tent.
  • Features  remote control and led lights.
  • Equipped with blower double door.


5 Inflatable PhotoBooths by EasyGoProducts


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This inflatable photobooth comes with a measurement of 8X8X8-feet. With the help of 2 doors, you can also have quick access to the interior space of this shooting tent. Moreover, this portable photo studio involves the construction of the heavy-duty fabric. The inflation fan along with an electric outlet makes inflation easier for everyone. You can simply deflate the photobooth by unzipping the bottom chamber.

The LED light strips also come with 7 different color-changing functions. Therefore, by using a remote control, you can conveniently adjust the brightness and gradients of the lights accordingly. Furthermore, you can utilize this shooting tent for occasions, like weddings, promotions, birthdays, events, and more. The interior space is big enough to accommodate a large group of people.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Includes storage bag and simple to setup.
  • Features photobooth studio tent backdrop.
  • Comes with led remote control.


4 Dyrabrest Inflatable PhotoBooths


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This inflatable photobooth comes along with an inbuilt powerful 250-watt fan. The shooting tent also takes only a minute to completely inflate or deflate this studio. Moreover, this portable photo studio has the construction of premium-quality, high-density 210D oxford fabric. The oxford fabric is extremely hard-wearing and suitable for long-term uses. The inbuilt LED lighting strips with 7 changeable colors make lighting convenient for professionals.

The simple remote control also allows users to adjust the brightness and gradients accordingly. Furthermore, the lightweight construction makes portability convenient for everyone. You can use a provided white bag for carrying this photobooth conveniently to several places. The 1 door helps you to easily go in and out of this tent without any hassle.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Equipped with 210D Oxford fabric.
  • Inner air blower with LED.
  • Handy and quick inflation fan.


3 Happybuy 2-Door Inflatable PhotoBooths

Happybuy Inflatable Photo Booth 2 Doors Inflatable Photo Booth Enclosure 9.8 x 9.8ft Portable Inflatable LED Photobooth with Inner Air Blower Great for Parties Weddings Anniversary Birthdays Parties

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Suitable for various occasions, like weddings, proms, parties, birthdays, corporate events, this inflatable photobooth makes every occasion convenient. The heavy-duty shooting tent also comes with the construction of the leak-proof and thick fabric. Moreover, with the help of a 200-watt inflation fan, this photobooth offers simple and faster inflation. The large interior room offers plenty of space for different shooting needs. Overall, it is one of the best inflatable photobooths.

The fan also offers automatic inflation within 3 to 5-minutes. Furthermore, the 2-door design of this shooting cube tent helps everyone to quick access to the interior space of this photobooth. The large space is ideal for capturing the pictures of a large group of people. The 7-color LED light strips along with a remote control lets you control make lighting easier for all.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Remote control and roll out doors.
  • Inner air blower with LED.
  • Handy and features Oxford fabric.


2 SAYOK Inflatable PhotoBooths Enclosure


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Made from heavy-duty, high-density 210D oxford fabric, the inflatable photobooth offers exceptional durability. This portable photo studio is also ideal for several purposes, like advertising, trade shows, promotions, and more. Moreover, the interesting camera-shaped cube shooting tent looks unique and beautiful. With the help of the zippered bottom, you can instantly deflate this booth in no time.

This photobooth also comes along with ropes, sandbags, a repair patch, and a remote controller. Furthermore, the door of this camera-shaped cube tent is 6.56-feet high. The portable photo studio folds down into compact gear. You can easily detach the zippered curtain when not in use. This booth comes along with 58 pieces of DIY kit to match your shooting needs.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Comes with photobooth backdrop.
  • Cube tent shaped like camera.
  • Black and white internal, external enclosures.


1 Happybuy Inflatable PhotoBooths


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This inflatable photobooths has the construction of heavy-duty 210D oxford fabric. The thick construction also offers resistance against flatting. Moreover, you can use this shooting tent for different purposes. So, you can carry this photobooth to places, like wedding parties, events, proms, advertising, and more. By using a cloth, you can simply wipe clean this thick fabric construction.

The quick-inflation fan of this shooting tent also makes inflation faster than other models. Furthermore, the 3-door design of this booth offers easier access to the interior space of this tent. The front door comes with zippered closure. You can hassle-freely roll up the door from both inner and outer sides with the help of magic tapes. The inbuilt 7-color RGB LED strips come along with simple remote control.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Inner air blower and Led lights.
  • Handy and roll out doors.
  • Oxford fabric including remote control.


Buying Guide For Inflatable PhotoBooths –

Check out the following points when buying inflatable PhotoBooths.


Inflatable photobooths are composed of different types of fabrics, and you need to go for the one that lets you use it for a long time. Oxford fabric is one of the most popular materials and delivers exceptional performance.

Construction and Size:

You need to see the overall construction and make sure that it has improved durability. Go for the one that comes in a lightweight design so that you can have easy portability. It must let you use it for different environments including malls, bars, trade shows, exhibitions, and promotions. Inflatable photobooths are available in different sizes, and you will have to see your requirement before making your purchase.


The design is another important consideration that you will always have to see while buying an inflatable photobooth. It can come with multiple doors, and getting the right one is always a user preference.


Always go for the one that allows you to have an easy setup. You need to go for the one that lets you inflate it quickly without any struggle. Some of it can come with zippers so that you can deflate it with ease.

Complete Set:

To make the maximum out of the inflatable photobooths, you will have to see if it includes other accessories. Some of it can come with LED lights with a controller that can be ideal for having memorable photos. You can also see if it includes a UL fan as well as a carry bag for having easy storage.


Conclusion –

If you are a photographer, you need to have an inflatable photobooth at your possession to take photos at any location you want. There are different types of these inflatable photobooths available in the market, and we have also tried to keep variety in our selection. Therefore, it is your liability to check out all these products before choosing one to purchase. Moreover, you should be comparing the products based on the parameters mentioned in the guide.



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