11 Best Laser Caps for Hair Growth: You May Need One?

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As the age grows older and life gets more stressful, losing hair is likely to occur anytime, causing serious concerns for every adult. People encounter different types of hair loss, such as overall hair thinning, hairline receding, or hair falling in patches. However, low-level laser therapy is a scientific solution for hair recovery treatment. Hence, there is an array of hair products offered on the market ranging from shampoos, creams, and oils. The products are made with exceptional chemicals to help the hair cells regrow again. On top of that, there are also laser devices for treating hair loss as well, such as combs, helmets, and especially laser caps. FDA approves these products as the best hair growth therapy.

It seems that all products are considered essential for you to regain the hair; however, using the laser cap is one of the most convenient and effective ways for your hair growth therapy. This article will tell you why picking the laser cap for hair growth is a good choice. Plus, it will provide brief buying guides and other helpful information for you to choose the best product as well.

List of The Best Laser Caps for Hair Growth in 2024

11. Our Top Choice: The Kiierr272Premier Laser Cap MAX Bundle

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The Kiierr272Premier MD laser hair cap is the premium laser cap in the Kiierr family of devices. Features/benefits of the Kiierr 272 Premier MD Laser Hair Growth Cap are as follow:

  • Used in doctor’s offices & hair restoration clinics.
  • Longer, wider & deeper base for more coverage – to promote more hair growth on sides/back of scalp.
  • Upgraded battery, extra life & consistency at 19000 hours life of battery).
  • Comes in 2 options – the XL option is 25% larger than the original MD for more scalp coverage.
  • Fits up to 24″ head.
  • Includes programmed sensor technology. This cap will shut itself off if it falls off your head for increased safety.
  • Order yours today for the best hair growth technology on the market!

10. iRestore Red Light Laser Beam – Thin Hair Regrowth Laser Therapy

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Generally, once the hair follicle is damaged, the hair will stop regrowing. Thus, this iRestore cap contains an LLLT (low-level laser therapy) that will treat the weak hair follicle. So it can make the hair go back to normal conditions. When looking at the design, this product comes with a white plastic headband to stabilize the cap. Besides, iRestore has a built-in red LED light laser technology to stimulate weak hair cells. The laser, which is adjusted with an optimal wavelength, can generate sufficient energy to restore the hair follicles. In addition, the device can be used as an add-on to hair growth shampoo, biotin, conditioner, or any kind of hair regrowth product.

Key Features To Consider:

  • Best-selling hair regrowth device with a fast delivery service on Amazon
  • Ensures improving thin hair to become thicker and healthier
  • Ideal combination with other hair growth supplements as a booster
  • Ergonomic designs for hand-free with soft pads inside the cap
  • Offers a LED laser to enhance receding hair
  • Guarantees a fruitful result if users consistently use it for 6 months

9. HairMax LaserBand – Flexible Band with 82 Grade Lasers

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The HairMax device comes with a flexible band that can cover 3 areas on your head. Moreover, this flexible laser band consists of 82 medical-grade lasers along with soft-touch teeth designs, making it comfortable with full scalp coverage. You can fully apply the band on 3 different sections so that you can cover 246 lasers in total. Furthermore, this hair regrowth laser device can help the damaged hair to restore its strength within 6 months. All you need to do is use it for 90 seconds each time and 3 times a week. On top of that, the product operation is user-friendly and straightforward. Also, there is a turn on/off button on the band.

Key Features To Consider:

  • Flexible band that covers full scalp at 246 lasers in total
  • Operates with 82 separate grade lasers (without LEDs)
  • Operates without a remote control
  • Comes with a standing charging station along with a rechargeable battery
  • Spongy separate teeth for comfortable uses
  • Weighs 0.6 oz (0.27kg)
  • 2-years warranty

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8. Black HairMax Laser Cap for Hair Restoration

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Here comes another FDA approved laser cap for hair loss treatment. This HairMax laser cap can generate a therapeutic laser beam of 1360mW that will strengthen hair follicles and density, providing thicker and healthier hair regrowth. Since the laser light is built separately, the light energy will target the hair follicles. As a result, the hair will regain strength and grow back quickly. In addition, the HairMax PowerFlex 272 laser cap is designed for flexibility and comfort. Therefore, if you do not like other hair loss treatments, you can wear this hair regrowth cap like a typical cap. You can wear it 3 times a week during the treatment, from 15 to 30 minutes per day.

Key Features To Consider:

  • Best for treating thinning hair
  • Ultra-soft layer built-in
  • Very lightweight that can use and store like a normal cap
  • A beep timing notification
  • Dual-mode operation
  • Rejuvenates hair follicles and form the hair density
  • FDA Approved

7. Theradome PRO Lightweight LLLT Laser Helmet for Hair Growth

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Regrowing your thinning and receding hair is no longer difficult with a Theradome PRO laser helmet. The product is built with 80 lasers technology that helps strengthen hair follicles. As the follicles get healthier, keratin are produced. As a result, the hair will grow faster and reduce hair loss in the cycle simultaneously. In addition, this energy laser technology is safe and has no future side-effects because the FDA approves it. For treating your hair problems, you only need to wear this device for 20 minutes per day. On top of that, if you consistently do it 3 times a week for 6 months, your hair starts to get thicker, healthier, and more black.

Key Features To Consider: 

  • Lightweight and universal fit
  • Stimulates hair growth with 80 powerful lasers
  • Hand-free operation
  • Slows down the hair fall while restoring the hair growth
  • Come with a rechargeable battery, a simple instruction, and a charging adaptor
  • Portable for home use and anywhere

6. Illumiflow 272 Hair Growth Laser Cap

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As the name suggests, this cap has 272 individual medical-grade lasers technology that can stimulate and rejuvenate impaired hair. The product also features the LLLT technology that is effective for hair regrowth by covering the full scalp and high-density laser energy. Similar to other laser cap products, this device comes with a package of a laser cap, an extension cord, battery and its case, a black cap, an adaptor, a hair health book, and especially a follicle fx supplement. Moreover, it is ideal for people who want a cost-effective hair loss treatment because the product combines the laser device and a bottle of follicles supplement.

Key Features To Consider:

  • Treatment time: 30 minutes per day and 3 days a week
  • Offers an array of product accessories
  • Can treat hair faster when used with a combination of the laser cap and supplement
  • Follicle supplement provides nutrients for the damaged hair
  • Has a 5-year product warranty
  • Comes with a 30 minutes-automatic button

5. Capillus Effective Hair Regrowth Cap – Universal Fit

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Many people love to wear this laser cap to treat their hair loss because it has a flexible design. Moreover, this Capillus black cap for hair growth is soft and elastic, making it convenient to wear. The cap is designed to fit everyone; therefore, the laser will treat the hair with full coverage. If you encounter hair loss, you can wear this cap every day like the regular cap. It offers 82-grade lasers that provide enough energy to stimulate the hair follicles, causing the hair to grow faster with strength. On top of that, when you use this product, it saves you a lot of time because you only need to wear it for 6 minutes per day.

Key Features To Consider:

  • Only 82 lasers with 410mW energy emission
  • Short treating time in just 6 minutes daily
  • Comes with a sturdy handle that is easy to carry
  • Universal fit with a soft built-in

4. Regrow MD Black & Red Laser Therapy Cap – Hair Growth Cap

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Here is another laser therapy cap featuring 272 individual lasers, allowing light energy to stimulate hair follicles. The product is designed with flexibility and fitting that allows high-density lasers to maximize coverage. Therefore, the light will target damaged hair follicles, rejuvenating the hair nutrients. Furthermore, the cap has a similar characteristic to a sports cap so that you can wear this cap for two purposes: exercising and hair treatment. Other than that, this hair loss therapy cap can generate up to 1360 mV of energy that is sufficient to help regain your hair back in a short time. Your hair will be back to a normal condition if you wear this cap 3 days per week for 6 months.

Key Features To Consider:

  • Regrow the hair faster
  • Comes with a beep timer alert
  • Can wear it as a sport cap
  • Soft built-in with great flexibility
  • Flexible size up to 22.5 inches
  • Can use 3 times per week

3. HairMax Laser Brand for Receding Hair Treatment

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This hair growth laser band features 41 medical-grade lasers guarded with parting teeth on the side. It comes with a standing charging cradle. Therefore, when you use it, you just unplug it easily. Furthermore, even though the band contains 41 lasers, it can cover up to 6 areas at a total of 246 lasers. This allows you to move the whole scalp when treating your hair. On top of that, this device is pretty comfortable for operation, so you can use it for travel. However, you will spend only 3 minutes each day and 3 times per week. Therefore, this quick therapy will not bother your working time; hence, you can enjoy doing it.

Key Features To Consider: 

  • Allows for 246 lasers scalp coverage
  • Cordless with an easily plugged-in charging stand
  • Ultra-comfortable and soft design
  • Weighs only 170 grams (0.38 pounds)
  • Clinical validations for safety
  • Comes with a 2-years warranty
  • Simple guides to operation

2. Shapiro MD Laser Therapy Cap

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If you are looking for a stylish laser cap that can treat your thinning hair simultaneously, Shapiro MD laser therapy cap is the perfect choice for you. This cap has a delicate and comfortable design along with laser lights built-in. To stimulate hair, this laser cap features a low-level laser therapy (LLLT) technology. It produces laser lights to pinpoint the hair follicles directly; therefore, it starts to regain its strength and speeds up the growing process. In addition, you can regrow the hair even faster if you use this laser cap with other hair regrowth therapy products like foams, conditioners, and supplements.

Key Features To Consider:

  • Simple yet exquisite design
  • Build-in with a LLLT system
  • Weighs as light as a normal cap
  • Can use with other hair loss products to fasten the regrowing process
  • Minimal operation (wear it like a cap)

1. Illumiflow 148 Laser Cap for Hair Loss Treatment

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The most pain-free yet effective way of handling your hair loss is to use the Illumiflow 148 bundle cap. The laser cap comes with a low-level laser therapy (LLLT) system that uses laser energy to reconstruct the impaired hair follicles. On top of that, it also offers a follicle FX supplement, so you can use it in combination with the laser cap to regenerate hair issues faster. In addition, it comes with 148 lasers diodes to cover the full scalp. Furthermore, this product is arguably the most cost-effective way to treat hair loss besides hair transplant.

Key Features To Consider:

  • Hand-free operation
  • Builds in with LLLT technology
  • Comes with a laser cap, follicles FX supplement, and hair loss instruction
  • Lightweight and comfortable for wearing
  • No side effects and pain
  • 5-years warranty

What to Consider When Buying the Laser Cap

Laser Therapy Energy

When looking for a laser cap to cure your damaged hair follicles, you need to find the one that has a low-level laser therapy (LLLT) built-in. This technology uses laser energy to target hair follicles. As a result, it provides nutrients to help stimulate the damaged cells.

FDA Approval

Simply speaking, once the product is cleared and approved by the FDA, it is safe to use.

Time of Treatment

When treating your receding hair and hair regrowth, you need to consider the time of treatment that the product can offer. There are differential products that give different operations of time. From 3 minutes usage per day to 30 minutes per day, you have to choose wisely. Therefore, it will not distract your working time.


Similar to timing, you may need a portable product. For this reason, you can consider a laser cap that has a hand-free design. Thus, you can wear it quickly.


Generally, while some products offer a warranty, some do not have it. You can choose it yourself for the warranty or money-refund product as it can affect the future result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Wear The Laser Cap Every Day?

The answer is no. According to the laser cap product instruction, it allows you to use it 3 times per week and 30 minutes each time.

Do Laser Caps Really Grow Hair?

According to many results from the users, the laser cap using low-level laser therapy technology can help strengthen the hair follicles, resulting in hair growth. However, this laser therapy system only works for receding hair and thinning hair. Moreover, it cannot prevent the hair from baldness and regrow baldness.

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