Top 10 Best Light Up Shoes for Kids in 2024

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Also popular as the LED shoes, light up shoes for kids definitely act as a fashion statement for your kids. Of course, it is the perfect accessory for any gathering or party for kids. These shoes come with LED lights that make them flashy and attractive. Most importantly, the lights are also rechargeable. Thus, you will not have any trouble to keep it perfect for your little bundle of joy.

However, there are several things that you need to be sure about before choosing the best one for your kid. Obviously, you need to be completely sure about the lighting system, size and material before choosing one. Never mind, we have prepared a list that will be amazing you with its style and functionalities. Read it thoroughly and never miss a deal.

The Best Light Up Shoes for Kids to Buy in 2024

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10. SLEVEL Kids LED Light Up Shoes Dazzle Sneaker

SLEVEL Light Up Shoes for Kids

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A funky looking shoe having a rubber sole, this will be your child’s favorite pair of shoes that will make him look like a rockstar. Having a rubber sole that will provide all sorts of comfort, the shoes are very trendy.

The highly-resistant LED lights line the sole of the shoes and won’t bend or break even when roughly using it. Moreover, it comes with a charging port which allows you to charge with the use of a USB. Just connect it and get it safely charged. In fact, you can use chargers of your other devices as well such as mobile to charge it.

Key features:

  • You get as many as 7 different color modes and change the mode to enjoy other lightings.
  • The fabric covering the upper part is comfortable for you to wear.
  • Its button is certainly situated at a hidden location, just beside the charging port.

9. AFFINEST Boy Girls Light Up Shoes for Kids


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Such a disco shoe that will match any rock outfit. Having a beautiful finish, this PU leather shoe looks gorgeous on your kid’s feet. To turn it on, press the hidden switch and it will start to show its magic. If you are wondering how to charge it, just use the USB of any phone and charge it for a stretch of 3 hours.

As a result, it will provide service for a stretch of 8 to 11 hours. Furthermore, the rubber sole ensures that you get comfort along with style. Interestingly, you get 11 different lighting modes to play with. Finally, the anti-collision toe cap keeps one safe against unwanted bumps and hurts.

Key features:

  • Out of all the 11 modes, 7 offer static colors while the rest 4 keeps changing colors.
  • The breathable fabric is relaxing for your kid’s feet.
  • Ensure tight fitting with the help of a Velcro design that will rather prevent it from slipping and opening.

8. YUNICUS Kids Light Up Sneakers

YUNICUS Light Up Shoes for Kids

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Every Spiderman lover will admire this pair of shoes cause of its unique spider design. Firstly, the upper portion has a PVC, mesh as well as a synthetic fabric that is free of toxic elements. On the other hand, the outsole is of TPR, therefore, no compromise on comfort.

With its Velcro closure, you can make it tight or loose according to your preferences. In fact, there a toe bumper of round shape that keeps your fingers protected against any unwanted harm. There are 7 different static color options and even 9 flashing LED options that are really exciting.

Key features:

  • It is slip-proof and so, your kid won’t slip and fall down.
  • One has to press it for 3 seconds to shift or change its color.
  • A computer USB or a mobile USB charger will work fine in charging it.

7. WONZOM LED Light Up Shoes


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This will be the talk of the town whenever your kid will be walking wearing this. The PU leather construction gives it a classic look and rubber outsole assures proper grip to the floor. So, one will not skid on any surface cause of its skid-proof format.

Coming with 11 lighting modes, you can control its functions both manually as well as with remote. With a charge of 3 hours, the shoes can function for 7 hours and impress the crowd. It is the mesh lining that assures the level of comfort and increases breathability. Simply charge it with the help of USB and it will keep your kid active throughout.

Key features:

  • The air holes done over the upper part helps in proper air circulation. It further reduces the chances of getting the feet sweaty.
  • It is certainly an eco-friendly product that has a glossy finish.
  • This will not wear or tear cause of the promising elasticity.

6. DoGeek Led Shoes Shoes for Toddles

DoGeek Light Up Shoes for Kids

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Truly a high-fashion product that is classy in every way. Apart from the genius use of rubber sole for extreme comfort, the PU leather improves its fashion statement. A USB charger will do the job of charging. The breathable pair of shoes is totally waterproof.

Therefore, no danger even when it accidentally comes close to water. However, the charge on the shoes will last until 6 hours. The whole LED set-up looks gorgeous and is perfect for wearing in every season.

Key features:

  • The lesser bright the color is, the more charge will stay.
  • Indeed sweat-proof pair of shoes that will keep your feet dry.
  • The 7 different shining colors are extremely vibrant and eye-catching.

5. Softance Fiber Optic


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The specialty of this shoe is that it will fully light and it’s all due to the presence of fiber optics. It is certainly a visual treat for the viewers. Ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use, it will be even perfect for all the festivals.  As a matter of fact, if it lights are off, then it will act like a normal shoe.

However, once you light it up, the whole shoe will illuminate. To provide a seamless experience, the switch is located on the heel strap. 2 to 3 hours charging is enough to make it run for 5 to 8 hours. Without a doubt, the main show stealer is the upper of the pair of shoes.

Key features:

  • It has a unisex design that will suit boys as well as girls.
  • The EVA outsole provides proper cushion and there are no chances of slipping.
  • The mesh inner material will avoid the occurrences of any uneasiness.

 4. Lxso Fiber Optic LED Shoes

YUNICUS Light Up Shoes for Kids

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Another example of excellent LED light-up shoes, it also gains its glamour cause of the lights through the spider upper. The 7 modes of LED lights make it a desirable product. Next, the lights are on the upper cloth. As a result, even if it bends, there will be minimal chances of breaking the lights.

It has a non-slip EVA outsole construction that feels light on feet. Next, it even keeps the risks of slipping away and the grip is amazing. Finally, the combination of PVC, TPR as well as synthetic fiber will increase the longevity of the product. So, a statement piece for your stylish child.

Key features:

  • In order to switch off the LED lights, press the power button 12 times or press it for 3 seconds.
  • As per the results of the test, it certainly will glow more than 30,000 times.
  • Each light is different when compared to other lights present in the shoe.

3. AoSiFu Kids LED


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Your kid will be never upset again with the choice of your shoes. The lighted LED shoes will start functioning at the press of a button and that too instantly. Your kid can wear it and keep the LEDs lighted for 8 to 11 hours.

However, if only charged for 2 to 3 hours. The specialty of this pair of shoes is the 2 in 1 charger. It will not only act as a charger but the power button is also present in it. It is a comfortable product in which your child can walk around freely. Lastly, the high-quality construction even makes it breathable.

Key features:

  • Pick from a choice of 11 options. Amongst these, 7 are static modes whereas 4 are dynamic modes.
  • A suitable gift for any occasion.
  • Features fly knitting upper for maximum breathability.

2. FASHOE Kids Breathable LED Light Up

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As fashionable as it can look, even the comfort of the shoes is pretty evident at its first look. With easy charging facilitates, you do not have to work hard in figuring out the process of charging this. Take any mobile phone charger and charge the shoes for 2 to 3 hours.

Now it will keep functioning for 7 to 8 hours. In just a press for 3 seconds, the light will turn. Moreover, there are 11 lighting options and amongst those, 7 offer static lighting. However, the rest 4 will change color patterns that will look prettier. So, what more are you expecting?

Key features:

  • To understand if the charge is full or not, just check the lights. If the lights are off, then it has reached full charge.
  • A comfortable product that will manifest your fashion sense.

1.APTESOL Kids Flashing Shoes


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A flashy product as this is coolest. Coming in striking colors, even the color modes are too good to be true. With a press of the button, the mode keeps changing. Long press the power button for 5 seconds or press it 12 times, either will make the lights go off.

It certainly takes 2.5 hours to charge fully. But to understand the situation of charge, check the red light on the sole. It indicates the status of charging. Besides that, your child will love it as a gift. And you as a parent can also stay sure about its safety due to the rubber outsole.

Key features:

  • The outsole features hexagonal textures that reduce skidding chances and maintains friction while walking or running.
  • You get two types of closure options. One is lace-up while the other is a hook & loop option.
  • As a matter of fact, you can wipe the stains and dirt away with the help of a wet towel.

Not only has a crowd favorite amongst children but even parents also loved dressing up their kids in these cute lighted shoes. So, let them understand that comfort and style can go hand in hand.

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