Top 10 Best Magnetic Phone Car Mount in 2024

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If you love traveling in long distances or you are a driver you will require this car mount holder. It’s quite unsafe and a nuisance to receive phone calls from any while driving. And the worst part is trying to get your phone out of your pocket while on the road might cause you to take your eyes off the road leading to a vital accident. Car mount holder holds your GPS or phone at your eye level securely.

Having your phone at your reach is very important because nowadays you need to keep in touch with friends, family, and work. It is very risky to take your eyes off the road while looking at the phone or chatting with friends because it may cost you your entire life. Think about it, spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair which could have cost you lesser if you had purchased a car mount holder.

List of Top 10 Best Magnetic Phone Car Mount Review in 2024

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10. 2Pack APPS2CAR Universal stick-on Magnetic Phone Car Mount

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This APPS2CAR stick-on universal car mount provides a comfortable angle viewing of the phone conveniently and simply.  Your phone is held in a steady position regardless of the terrain in which you are driving in. Its’ construction involves the use of the strongest VHB mounting base tape which is a one-time use, although the package also comes with an extra adhesion pad to be used in case of reinstallation.

The car mount is made of 100% safe magnetic and hence cannot leave scratches on the phone or marks on the windshield. Its’ compact construction enables it to provide access to all ports, controls and also take up small space. The car mount works with all phone devices including; Google pixels, Samsung, iPhones, LG, Huawei, and any other phone. Moreover, this magnetic mount features an easy design that can be used by those new to phone car mounting.

9. 2pack 3600 Magnetic Coolpow Universal Dashboard Phone Car Mount

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The Coolpow package comes with 3 pack metal plates and 2 pack magnetic mounts. This phone car mount contains a strong magnet that holds your device firmly and hence you can drive without distractions. It also features 3M VHB which strong sticking force between the phone car holder and the dashboard, therefore; it can be fixed firmly on any surface in the car.

Besides, the phone car mount can be rotated into 3600 and so you can use your phone at any angle of your choice. The strong magnetism allows your phone to stay in position even in the rugged mountain road, speed bump and also sudden braking. Its mini-size does not take much space and also the car mount is designed to allow the phone to phone to be supported your level to ensure you do not take your eyes off the road.

It is also a multi-purpose device because it can be used on the desktop, dashboard and any other plane of the car hence providing more convenience to the driver. There are no tools required for installation and it is very easy to install even for first-time users. The Coolpow car mount is compatible with most of the smartphone and so you don’t have to worry about changing your device.

8. Universal SCHOSCHE Magic Magnetic Phone Mount Holder

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The SCHOSCHE Magic mount allows you to securely fix your phone on any flat surface in the car, at home or workplace. It features Rare-earth powerful neodymium magnet that grips your phone secure and in place even in the rugged road surface. The phone mount holder has 360 degrees adjustable head with a 4- axis and a soft touch enhanced rubber lock-nut which enables phone view at all angles.

This universal magic mount can be used with most of the smartphones and also features a unique design such that it has an integrated cable clip securing the charging cable to magnetic mount. It also the cradle-free design which allows access to all ports and controls as well as safe and easy one-handed operation. The amazing thing about this magic mount is that it comes with 3 years warranty and hence you can enjoy the magic mount without worrying about anything.

7. VAVA Car Phone Mount

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VAVA car phone mount will enable you to have free-hand calling without any distractions. Its super-strong magnet grips your phone making it stable even when you are driving in the rough road surface. It is designed to such that it can be adjusted 900 vertically and also you can rotate it 3600 horizontally allowing you to adjust the phone to any desired angle.

You can use one hand to operate the phone while the other hand is controlling the wheel. This 3M adhesive provides a firm and tight hold such that your phone adapts during sudden breaking, and in rugged roads. The car phone mount is compatible with all sorts of smartphones.

6. IPOW Universal Long Arm Magnetic Dashboard Phone Mount

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This IPOW dashboard mount is manufactured with powerful N45 magnets that grip heavier and large phones securely. It features a large magnetic round clip surface that prevents the phone from vibrating while on stop-and-go traffic, bumpy roads and sharp turns.

The car phone mount also comes with a strong suction cup that prevents the whole mount from wiggling at the dashboard base. You will only require a little force to position the phone mount to the angle you prefer. Also, it comes with four bonus plates to protect your phone from scratches and other residues on the back. The phone mount is shockproof and also easier to install.

5. 6 powerful Rare-Earth VANMASS Universal Phone Car Mount

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VANMASS phone car mount is constructed using 6 powerful rare-earth N52 magnets making it the strongest material in the market that maintains the stability of your phone while driving. Your phone is safe with this firm air vent clip and strong suction cup which will enable your holder to stick on the dashboard securely.

Besides, its premium rubber pad contains ultra-sticky nano-silica adhesive enables you to mount on the windshield or dashboard stably. The phone mount device is constructed with durable and quality materials and hence it may last for more years than the phone. The magnetic head and telescopic arm are made of aluminum alloy and the manganese steel plates are also resistant to rust.

4. 2Pack Universal MAXBOOST Phone Car Mount

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The MAXBOOST car mount features a simple design that magnetically sticks your phone on the mount to allow you to enjoy hands-free. It is made with four powerful magnets installed in the mount head so you will not have to worry about your phone when driving on a rough road. However, if your phone has a thicker size case, it may interfere with the adhesion force.

Also, the phone car mount comes with a protection film to prevent the adhesive tape from damaging the phone. With the compact design, it is compatible with most air vent and it is also easily removed to keep your car’s air vent scratch-free. When you are not using the magnetic mount you can also store it in a glove box. It has a versatile viewing angle and therefore you can rotate your iPhone the most comfortable angle while driving. MAXBOOT phone car mount may include a 12-months warranty and it’s also compatible with most smartphones.

3. Universal WizGear Magnetic Twist-lock Air Vent Phone Car Mount

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What makes this phone car mount stand out from other mounts is its strong and intense magnetism. The reinforced magnetic mount has an intensive force of attraction that holds your phone into place while driving for you to enjoy the freehand experience. It features a complementary and simple design which is ten times easier to use than any other phone car mount available on the market.

The twist-lock unique design allows you to fix the mount in the air vent and locking it so that it doesn’t fall. Your gadget will be safer even when driving on a rough road. It also features a sturdy air vent that is constructed to hold the magnetic head steadily as it grips the smartphone. This WizGear universal magnetic mount can be used with most available smartphones and also allows you to rotate your gadget to the desired view angle.

2. 2Pack WizGear Universal Magnetic Stick-on Car Mount Holder

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The WizGear has a complementary design that is a smooth surface that is suitable for holding and mounting all types of smartphones. If you are new to car mount holders that should not worry you because this phone mounts sticks-on and fits easily on the back of any smartphone. The magnets produce high adhesive forces that can grip any phone whether Microsoft devices, android, Blackberry or Apple.

Its design allows you to swivel the phone to your preferred angle view and also the sticks on the dashboard without any movement. Your phone will be held solidly because the magnetic head has an intensive attraction.

1. 2Pack Universal WizGear Air Vent Magnetic Phone Car Mount

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Due to the complementary and simple design of this air vent mount, it is ten times easier to install than any other car mount holder. Its powerful magnetic head and rubber base are constructed to maintain the stability of your phone on the uneven road surface. The rubber base is firmly fixed into the air vent and hence you can rotate the phone as many times as you want.

The magnetic mount has a smooth design that attaches to any smartphone perfectly; therefore you will not have to be scared of your phone getting scratched or residues on the back. What sets out this magnetic mount from the other mounts is its reinforced magnetism that can hold any smartphone.

Benefits of Using Magnetic Phone Car Mount

  • Reduced distractions while driving- If you take off your eyes off the road to check your phone or pick calls, it may cause a deadly accident. Most of the road accidents are a result of drivers concentrating on the phone while driving. However, with the phone car mount, you will enjoy your calls freely.
  • Using the GPS freely- The phone car mount allows you to use GPS comfortably without having to pass through the trouble of reaching out to your phone from your pocket each time you a looking for direction.
  • Hands-free experience- It enables you to use the phone and listening to music without scrolling through the phone. You will also drive safely while chatting with friends, family members or even workmates.

Some Final Words

The phone car mount is the best device to invest in if you are a driver. These gadgets are quality and can last for many years while you still change your smartphone model because most of them are universal. For safety driving, you should consider installing a phone car holder to avoid distractions while driving.

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