Editor’s Choice: Top 10 Best Office Ball Chairs in 2022

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The office ball chair has become more popular since people need to sit longer hour work these days. The ball chair present a spacious sitting arrangement aligned at the screen of the desktop to let you work effectively. With the ball chairs, you would experience a reduction in weariness, muscle pain, discomfort and many diseases linked with prolonged sitting. Therefore, you should grab one for yourself now.

List of The Best Office Ball Chairs in 2022

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10. CanDo Metal Ball Chair with Arms

 CanDo Metal Ball Chair, 22" with Arms:

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Recognized as a metal ball chair from the leading brand, this chair presents an inflatable exercise ball seating. The appealing aspect of this chair is its portable ergonomic system that uniquely blends the comfort of a chair base as well as the advantages of the ball therapy.


  • You can sit at the desk for many hours and can enhance your health, reinforce your core and also burn the extra calories.
  • There are no complaints of back pains after using this chair for long period.
  • You only need some light assembly to set up this ball chair.
  • The product is available with and without arms variants, so based on your convenience you can choose the one.
  • This ball chair is found very useful for stretching, reducing stiffness, correcting posture, avoiding spine disorders, and facilitating the circulation.
  • Its locking casters easily slide over the carpet or any hard surfaces.
  • You can inflate and deflate this chair as per the need.

9. Adjustable Custom-Fit Balance Ball Chair from Gaiam

 Adjustable Custom-Fit Balance Ball Chair from Gaiam:

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Not just for working on the desk but this office ball chair also proves to be an excellent workout accessory due to its adjustable feature. If not required, you can discard the exercise ball which is provided along with the chair.


  • Due to its versatile and durable design, this chair is capable to support the majority of the exercise routines.
  • Basically, it is a kind of custom-fit alternative to a desk office chair that is specially designed to employ your core all through the day and is effortlessly adjustable to suit your size & height.
  • This chair features the similar yoga ball as provided in the exercise guide.
  • With its regular use, you would be able to amass a healthier core, support the spine, alleviate back pain, enhance energy levels and also boost the productivity.
  • Even the tall individual can use this chair because it fits the majority of standard-height desks.
  • Its adjustable legs facilitate custom height setting to appropriately suit your needs.

8. LuxFit Ball Chair, Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chairs

 LuxFit Ball Chair, Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chairs:

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Designed by health professionals to improve the back and spinal health, you can use this chair for office desk task for long hours.


  • The chair assists to avoid spine disorders and also enhances the rehabilitation time.
  • Its portable design allows you to sit in a comfortable position and avail the therapeutic advantages of the exercise ball.
  • This chair includes huge wheels that are intended to provide a smooth, noiseless and comfortable rolling experience.
  • It comes with the thick balance ball for sitting in a convenient position.
  • The chair’s height can be adjusted based on the ball inflation degree.
  • It can hold a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.
  • There is the presence of large wheels that presents a comfortable and smooth rolling feature.
  • With the use of stainless steel assembly, this ball chair is capable to sustain the regular abrasion and wear & tear.

7. Gaiam Classic Backless Balance Ball Chair

 Gaiam Classic Backless Balance Ball Chair –Yoga Ball Premium Ergonomic Chair:

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Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this office ball chair from Gaiam presents excellent versatility. Based on your need, you could use it to stretch, decrease stiffness, correct posture, as well as enhance the blood circulation


  • This office ball chair aligns your body into a comfortable position and also improves the physical rehabilitation.
  • There are no occurrences of spinal disorders even if you use it for long-term.
  • It comes with a detachable 21-inch balance ball, an air pump as well as the lockable slide caster wheels.
  • You can perceive a boost in the energy levels through its regular use. It assists to appropriately align the spine, alleviate back pain, improve energy levels and ultimately enhance the productivity.
  • The packaging comes with the detachable 52-centimeter exercise ball (purple color), a flexible metal support bar, an air pump, total four easy-glide casters, as well as a desktop exercise guide.
  • In order to enable the ball to stretch to its ultimate size, this ball office chair can be inflated and deflated as well.

6. Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Ball Fit Chair

 Sivan Health and Fitness Balance Ball Fit Chair:

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The present model of health and fitness ball chair from Sivan is extremely useful for correcting posture, convenient stretching, curtailing stiffness, and avoiding the spine disorders. You would be amazed to know that this chair uniquely boosts the blood circulation.


  • The chair comes with a reinforced base that is specifically designed with the help of a total of four rolling wheels. Of these four wheels, two could be appropriately locked into position.
  • It works as a shock absorber and also assists to align your body to the desired comfortable position. In this way, it enhances the posture and blood circulation.
  • Overall design is made with classic black color including the black colored balance ball and pump.
  • There is no need to go to a gym because sitting on this chair would let you practice stretching as well as strengthens the key muscles.
  • Its base offers spacious seating arrangement to let you sit comfortably for a long time.

5. Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair

 Isokinetics Inc. Brand Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair:

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The appealing characteristic of this ball chair from Isokinetics is its spacious wheels that present soft rolling experience.


  • You can choose one from the two frame finish i.e., solid black or silver flake on black.
  • The chair’s large and wide wheels provide smooth rolling experience.
  • Its back is made soft with the help of cushion material to present you ultimate comfort while sitting.
  • The rolling base is equipped with five wheels for easy rolling.
  • It is a two-way adjustable chair because its four leg height positions, as well as the four back support positions, are capable to lodge an extensive range of body heights.
  • This chair is exceptionally designed for wide usability. You can adjust in four settings. It is known that the lowest setting is aligned at 9″ from the central position of the ball, whereas the highest is 6″.
  • The above type of settings facilitates relaxed lean back position.
  • This adjustable ball chair is designed with the use of a sturdy metal frame capable to offer excellent support matched to your weight and height.

4. Exercise Ball Chair from Professional Strength

 Exercise Ball Chair from Professional Strength Antiburst Ball with Hand Pump by CalCore:

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Identified as a perfect exercise ball for desk job while at home or office, you can observe that this model of ball chair from CalCore proves to be an excellent furniture tool for office fitness.


  • Due to its fully adjustable feature, the ball of the chair aligns to the desired height irrespective of your size. It is found that the height can be adjusted from 65 cm to 85 cm.
  • If you wish to burn calories while at work, you can use this ball chair. Moreover, it also enhances the core strength.
  • You would feel improved coordination while at work.
  • The packaging comes with the fitness transformation e-book to guide you appropriately.
  • Its ball comes with the professional grade strength and stability that enhances the aesthetic of the office, home, etc.
  • Irrespective of its use as the fitness ball for balance or for the resistance training, this ball chair’s texture-grip based design presents ultimate stability you require to accomplish the rigid workouts.

3. Deluxe Fitness Ball Chair in Black by AEROMATS

3. Deluxe Fitness Ball Chair in Black by AEROMATS:

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If you are looking for a fitness ball chair that does not stress you much for installation and use then try this one from AEROMATS. For all your supporting needs, this office ball chair is the best. The chair proves to be an excellent alternative to a traditional chair for office and recreational use.


  • Its ergonomic seating arrangement appropriately blends the advantages of exercise fitness balls with a rotating base.
  • It is found that this chair alleviates your back pain issues in the regular life.
  • The chair is intended to facilitate active sitting while reinforcing the back as well as enhancing the posture.
  • Overall, it is a lightweight and compact chair, so there is no hassle in transportation.
  • The packaging includes a chair base, a hand pump, and burst-resistant ball.
  • It comes with total of five wheels, and two of them are lockable.
  • Maximum load of 200 lbs can be sustained by this chair.
  • The balls and bases are manufactured with the help of PVC material, devoid of phthalates, latex, and heavy metals.

2. Safco Products Zenergy Ball Chair 4750CI

 Safco Products Zenergy Ball Chair 4750CI:

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When you are concerned about the steady sitting position that may invite many physical pains then you must try this office ball chair from Safco. Intended to offer an active seating experience, this office ball chair promotes excellent posture, core muscle strength, and concentration.


  • This chair is meticulously designed using the four powder coated legs as well as steady glides for enhancing the durability and stability.
  • It intends to present the posture benefits of a yoga ball in absence of rolling. Improved balance and concentration are included in its benefits.
  • There is the implementation of low profile design and it is a lightweight chair. There are no hassles in moving this ball chair.
  • Its anti-burst ball design is capable to sustain the maximum load of 250 lbs.

1. Trideer Exercise Ball Chair, Stability Ball with Ring and Pump

 Trideer Exercise Ball Chair, Stability Ball with Ring and Pump:

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Anyone ranging from children to adults can use this exercise ball from Trident. Irrespective of the age, this chair works to enhance your stability and coordination. With the use of this office ball chair, it is certain that your body performs better to enhance work productivity.


  • You would find increment in the strength and survival. Besides, there is a notable improvement in the core muscles strong.
  • There are total two combinations- (i.) exercise ball equipped with inflatable ring and (ii.) exercise ball equipped with an inflatable ring and resistance straps.
  • It is found to be highly durable and anti-burst.
  • Its material is eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic, thus it features first-class processing.
  • At home, you can use it to enhance your core strength, whereas, at the office, this chair enhances your posture and alleviates back pain.
  • It comes with an anti-slip matte surface to present a secure grip.
  • There is the presence of inflatable stability ring which keeps the exercise ball stable irrespective of your position –sitting or working.

Final Call

It is true that sitting on a traditional chair would make you feel exhausted and also invites the risk of back and joint pain. With a view to attaining better posture, relief in physical pain and convenient sitting arrangement while working on the desk, the market presents ergonomic office ball chairs as discussed above. Incorporating one of these chairs improves your work experience and even the work productivity.

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