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Whether it is spring, fall, or summer, there will be large particles, debris or leaves on your driveway, sidewalk, backyard, garage, etc. As much as you hate it, it needs to be cleaned and swept every day. When it comes to cleaning, an indoor or outdoor brooms are really essential. Its stiff bristles help you to move and capture larger fragments while the soft bristles help you to grad tiny bits and dust easily. An outdoor broom is a necessary tool that you need to keep your house’s outer space in a nice tidiness.

After all, you would not want your guests to see the mess, would you? Plus, there are several health benefits as well. As such, let’s get on with our top ten best outdoor brooms which will satisfy you and overcome all problems that you may face with your current one.

List Of Our Best Outdoor Brooms Reviews On Amazon.Com

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#10. Casabella Outdoor Brooms with Soft Handle

#10. Casabella Outdoor Broom with Soft Handle

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All outdoor surface broom from Casabella is made of high-quality materials with strong and flexible bristles, allowing long-term use. Moreover, if you accidentally drop it, again and again, this tough broom will not break. Along with a soft handle, it is extremely easy and comfortable to grip during sweeping as it is graphite finished with an orange loop. It comes in 54 inches which is suitable for most people in general. Every user will love this broom as it is just perfect for intensive use and it has a swivel end cap with a hole for small space hanging.

Whether it is your driveway, patio, lawn, or sidewalk, you can clean the leaves and dust effortlessly.  Hence, you can complete your chores faster without exhausting both your legs and your hands. And its reasonable price makes it worth to purchase products.

#9. Foxtrot Outdoor Brooms and Brush Combo

#9. Foxtrot Outdoor Broom and Brush Combo

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This brush and broom combo set by Foxtrot is known as a professional outdoor cleaning collection. The set includes 18 inches and 10 inches heads with a handle. It could be attached securely with the steel handle hole. The 18 inches head is made for pushing or moving larger leaves. The outer of the bristles are soft and gentle while the inner core bristles are strong and stiff. The 10 inches is designed for scrubbing. This will allow you to clean and remove the grime and dirt from your outside space conveniently since the bristles are durable and stiff with extra scrubbing power.

The ergonomic design of the 55” steel pole handle delivers comfort to all the users. Furthermore, you can add clips on the large broom head so that you can fold it down and store it for later use.

#8. Blade Sweep Stainless Steel Outdoor Brooms

#8. Blade Sweep Stainless Steel Outdoor Broom

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The combination of a sweep, spin, and scrape in one broom from Blade Sweep is excellent for industrial, commercial, and residential use. The 18 inches stainless steel broom head is reversible, equipped with a stainless steel scraper blade that makes the broom durable enough for intense work. The resistant bristles of this push broom allow you to remove sticky and stubborn debris without much effort or any other tools. This is why this broom can function well on a rough surface.

In addition, the fibreglass ergonomic handle provides a smooth grip for the users while also helps you sweep or push away heavy debris. Having this broom, you can finish your complicated clean-ups work in a short period of time, and replace your traditional brooms, scrubber or street broom.

#7. Ollsdire Outdoor Brooms and Dustpan

#7. Ollsdire Outdoor Broom and Dustpan

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Are you looking for a broom that allows you to store it conveniently without taking up too much of your space? If so, the Ollsdire broom will be an excellent choice. It comes in a set that includes a broom and a dustpan that are foldable and stand-able, allowing small-room storage. Both the broom and dustpan are manufactured from recycled bottles, new ABS, and environmentally friendly materials. This construction made both appliances durable and sturdy for prolonged use. The dustpan has been built with an inner scraper and comb teeth, making it easier for you to separate human or pet’s hair and cleaning the debris into the dustpan with ease.

You can also close the lid of the dustpan to avoid cockroaches getting into it. More especially, you can extend the height of this broom to match with the height you desire. Thus, you will not have to bend over to sweep, which could lead to having backaches.

#6. Fuller Brush Encased Outdoor Brooms

#6. Fuller Brush Encased Outdoor Broom

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This indoor and outdoor broom by Fuller Brush is produced to give you the best and efficient sweeping experience. The head casing with split-end, durable polypropylene bristles allow you to reach every angle and underneath any objects of your home, at the same time, you can collect all the small particles and dirt effectively since it is oil, grease and chemicals resistant and its bristles are double stitched to avoid curling or retaining its original shape. The metal casing lock system will keep the head attached to the handle securely.

Additionally, the steel handle delivers a comfy and smooth grip. You will never hurt or exhaust your palm again. With this construction, even after you use the broom every day, it will still function well without breaking or bending. Your every task will be done faster with this broom.

#5. Treelen Outdoor Brooms

#5. Treelen

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Treelen outdoor broom comes with clip-on dustpan and three handles which can be joined together to extend the height level from 40.5” to 54”. This feature allows everyone in your house to use it with satisfaction. The firm head with four layers of fine bristles will catch the dust and dirt or hair around the home as it can reach under cabinets and in the corners. The dustpan has a grip handle so that every user can hold it with convenience. It also has a hanging loop and you can snap the broom on the pan for compact storage.

Plus, the wide mouth with rubber tip helps you get the dirt going into the pan directly and not under. The handle of the broom is a metal made with powder coating. This handle will provide a smooth and gentle grip even under pressure and you will still get efficient performance.

#4. Quickle Outdoor Brooms

#4. Quickle

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The 60 inches broom of Quickie is known to function perfectly well on sealed concrete, tile, and other hard flooring. The powder embedded steel handle provides a smooth and tight grip handle. Its swivel end cap has a hole that allows you to hang it for compact storage. The bristles are made of soft polypropylene fibers so you can sweep the dirt, sparkling powder, and sawdust away with less effort. The broom head is designed in strong resin block with plate, ensuring it will not rot, crack or warp under daily use.

There are clips connected to the block. These clips are used for attaching the head to the handle for storing when it is unassembled from the handle. However, you can remove it with pliers if you wish to. The head has an extended neck which will support laterally.

#3. LandHope Outdoor Brooms

#3. LandHope

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If you wish to have a broom that will always look new, then the LandHope will be one of the considerations. The broom’s head of LandHope can be cleaned easily, while the hair, dust or dirt can be washed off from the bristles. The length of its sturdy stainless steel handle can be adjusted to three heights from 16.5 to 33.5 to 49.6 inches. Furthermore, the broom head will not come apart even after you have used it for a long duration of time.

The soft rubber bristles can pick up the hair from the carpets and tiny dust that even a vacuum cleaner is unable to reach. The dirt will not spread into the air as you do the cleaning. And featuring a built-in squeegee edge, it allows you to clean windows, your car and floor better and more neatly.

#2. Outdoor Brooms

#2. Brooms

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The functional, affordable, and heavy-duty broom from Brooms is built to ease your every task. The broom is crafted from high-quality materials with extra special care during the process, guarantees you that durability for years of use. Its flawless steel handle made with ABS plastic, it is extremely strong and will stay in its best shape no matter how many years you have used it. The thoughtful design of this broom allows you to snap it on the wall, and you can even store it in your closet as well since it is compact. It can also be folded for effortless transport.

On top of that, the length of this broom is 50”, which is an ideal length that will not require you to bend. It also allows you to reach the areas that you find it hard to get like underneath the closet, couch, or even on corners. Your house and outside space will look spotless thanks to this broom.

#1. Quickie Outdoor Brooms

#1. Quickie

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Can’t get enough of Quickie? Well, here is another masterpiece broom. This broom has polypropylene fibers spilled-tip bristles that ideally work on both inside and outside surfaces. Its firm inner bristles can sweep asphalt, concrete, and wood without difficulties while the smooth outer bristles remove the debris neatly. Its 24 inches durable resin block is not going to crack, warp or rot. More importantly, it has been connected to a rod securely. Therefore, the handle will not loosen during use.

The 60 inches steel handle is equipped with a swivel hanging cap for convenient storage. It also has clips that could be used to connect the handle with the resin block. You can also switch the handle from one side to the other so that it will wear evenly.

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Buying Guide

Since you will use the broom every single day, each crucial factor and the tip is needed to take into consideration before making any order. Plus, it is quite hard to purchase the right one and it is easy to get deceived with the wide variety available in the market and online. So you should look at all of these vital factors.

Handle: since outdoor brooms will be taken physical pressure more than indoor ones, its handle needs to be durable and strong enough to withstand intense use. The metal and wooden handles are a good choice, as they are strong and sturdy, and provide a good and comfortable grip as well.

Firm bristles: Firm bristles are another essential factor and a must-check part as you need the broom to sweep wet or dry leaves and large debris. The broom needs to be effective and capable of dealing with the junk well while delivering a strong and stiff performance.

Strong joint: It is so frustrating when the handle snaps off or loosens from the broom’s head while using it. That is why you need a strong joint, which can connect the head and handle securely. It is even better to get the one with a lock system at the joint so that your work will be done shortly and quickly.

Size: the size of your broom should appropriately match your height. If it is shorter, then you will have to bend while using it. This will lead to back problems. Likewise, the broom that is too long will be unmanageable as it is difficult to control and use. At the same time, it is too heavy to hold. Hence, choosing a suitable size is needed to take into account.

Grip: Without a doubt, our palm gets hurt with rough handle surfaces. Therefore, you need a foam-cushioned and comfortable handle. This will help to prevent your hand from friction. The wooden handles are perfect as they are ergonomic and natural.


Although doing house chores is tiring, you can ease your work and save your time by purchasing a high-quality tool. Similarly, the broom that you choose needs to be strong and capable of heavy use. For your benefit, we recommend you to purchase the above brand as it all comes in masterpiece workmanship with high-quality material construction. These durable brooms can offer you services for years to come.

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