Top 10 Best Party Speakers in 2022

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This is the war cry of those people who hate work yet love to party. One way to get more out of your party time is to use one of the top 10 best party speakers in 2022. These party speakers come with the technology you need to have clear crisp musical sounds all night long.

Plus, they do not all need wires or electrical outlets to do the job right. They are easy to use and set up making your next party even more fun.

Best Party Speakers in 2022 Reviews

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10. Soundcore Trance Bluetooth Speaker

Soundcore Party Speakers

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With an 18 hour playtime and 80 watts of power, you should have a very lively party fall night long. It comes with a 5 1/2 inch woofer and 2-inch tweeter to give you the best musical sound possible.

On top of that, the bass technology makes adjustments on the fly. Then this waterproof speaker can be dropped into the pool without harming it. Also, you can get a top LED light show by using one of the 5 light modes built into this speaker. Its all in one package for you and it is a great speaker that rocks the night away with you.

Key features:

  • LED lights with 5 light modes, waterproof construction, top technology that provides great sound and a handy carry handle for relocation.

9. EMB 2000 Watts Portable Powered DJ Party PA Speaker


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The USB port, antenna, built-in lights, multiple controls, this party speaker just packs in the fun for you. Once you master all the buttons and dials, you can have a better time at your parties with this speaker on hand.

This 10 by 2 speaker also comes with remote control and wireless mic. You control all the action with a push of a button. After you connect the Bluetooth function you have a wide assortment of source devices to pair with this speaker. No cables no problem. You have about 30 to 32 feet of range once the connection is done.

Key features:

  • 32 feet of range, LED lights to liven the party, remote control to handle it all and 10 by 2 quality speakers to make the sound last.

8. Woozik Rockit Party Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker

WOOZIK Party Speakers

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Freedom is what people want and freedom is what this speaker delivers. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0 capability along with the ability for you to use SD cards, USB drives, radio, AUX jack and a lot more. Your music is going to come through your way.

With up to 15 hours of playtime, you can enjoy your friends and guests without missing out on any music. Plus, you have RGB lights to spice up the evening for everyone. Easy to use controls make alterations to your settings a snap. In addition, you get a carry handle that is easy to grasp.

Key features:

  • RGB lights, lots of musical source options available, easy to use carry handle, 15 hours of playtime and top 3” subwoofer for good bass.

7. PINGTEKOR Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


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It is nice to be different. This portable party speaker is dressed in a nice blue color to stand out. Also, it comes with 12 hours of playtime and a good Bluetooth connection that reaches 33 feet.

On top of that, you can accidentally drop this in water and not harm it. The speaker will survive underwater for 30 minutes. Easy to use controls make sure you can make your music selection quickly.
A flashing party light can easily be turned on with a quick press of a button. It adds a new wrinkle to your party scene.

Key features:

  • Party light that comes on when you want it to, waterproof for 30 minutes, easy to use controls, and a nice blue color to stand out from the crowd.

6. JBL Partybox Portable Wireless Bluetooth Audio System

JBL Party Speakers

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5 1/4 inch woofer and 2 1/2 inch tweeter produce some of the sweetest sounds you have ever heard. Then if you want you can plug in your guitar and microphone and display your own musical talent.

Plus, it has stereo pairing, Bluetooth connectivity and a lot more. The LED lights help distract the audience from your voice. Then you can use a USB drive to add even more musical selections to your fun. It’s all up to you how the music is played. After charging the battery you should have about 14 hours of fun before needing to do the charging again.

Key features:

  • 14 hours of music fun, mic and guitar jacks for solo performances, LED lights for added enjoyment, and USB compatible for more musical options.

5. ION Audio Party Rocker Express


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You and your friends can rock the night away with your own voices. This party speaker comes with 2 mic jacks, a USB port, and other jacks to make sure your party never dies out and becomes boring.

With the party lights, your guests can enjoy the light show while someone tries to sing their hearts out. Bluetooth is on hand to let you use your smartphone to bring additional tunes to your already happening party. Just make sure you have an electrical outlet nearby. This party speaker does not work on battery power.

Key features:

  • Power cord for continuous play, a nice light show that moves with the sound, included mic so you and your friends can show off your vocal talent.

4. COOCHEER 24W Bluetooth Portable Speaker

COOCHEER Party Speakers

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You can’t have a good party without some good party lights to help out. This party speaker brings the sounds and the lights so no one should get bored at your events. On top of that, you have water and a dustproof speaker that endures a lot to bring you good tunes.

Also, the built-in technology gets you a great bass sound when you need it. It also brings you about 20 hours of playtime depending on your settings. Easy to use controls help those settings make the music last longer. Bluetooth can make it all happen for you.

Key features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity for better musical options, waterproof for longevity, 20 hours of playtime and a great bass sound.

3. JBL PartyBox 300 Wireless Bluetooth Audio System


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With no cords to trip over, your party is safer and more enjoyable. Once you get set up you can have this speaker any place you want it to be. Then a full array of ports and jacks make sure you can produce the music everyone likes to hear.

After you have the music going, you can surprise everyone with your singing and playing by using the mic and guitar jacks. 6 1/2 inch woofer and 3 2 1/4 inch tweeters make sure everyone hears the music without interference. 3 light, odes make sure that you can get everyone in the party mood.

Key features:

  • 3 light modes for more fun, wireless operation, a host of ports and jacks for music options.

2. QFX Portable Bluetooth Party Speaker

QFX Party Speakers

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The telescoping handles and rear castor wheels are the two features that make this party speaker stand out. These items make sure you can get the speaker to your next destination and liven up any party going on.

Once you are there, you have Bluetooth, FM radio and USB options to make the place come alive. The built-in antenna picks up those radio signals with ease. There is also a mic and AUX jack in case you want to sing along with the music. The battery-powered speaker lets you have your music while watching the sun go down into the ocean.

Key features:

  • 8-inch woofer, long battery life, telescoping handle, and smooth-rolling caster wheels.

1. LG PK7 XBOOM Go Water-Resistant Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker


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The LED lights will keep to the beat on this compact party speaker. Once you get it going you not only have good lights to watch, you get about 22 hours of use out of the battery.

Then with its water and weather resistance, party times at the beach or park are not out of the questions. Then double your listening pleasure by pairing a second speaker for stereo sound. Your friends will enjoy the experience once you get it all going. Finally, the enhanced bass system and easy to use controls keep the music going at peak levels while the party continues throughout the night.

Key features:

  • Bluetooth capability, dual pairing for stereo sound, 22 hours of playtime, and dancing LED lights.

Some final words

Parties can be a lot of fun. One way to make them better is to use one of the top 10 best party speakers in 2022. These speakers come with the options, the functions, and the features to turn a dull party into a happening place to be. Go with the best to impress your friends and guests.

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