Top 10 Best Plasma Lighters In 2022

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Plasma lighters are convenient lighters that are available in the market. The butane lighters, on the other hand, are traditional and need continuous refilling, whereas the plasma lighters are better in their operation and are efficient. These are very helpful if you love to go for trekking or camping and plan for the bonfire. Other than this, you can also use these lighters to light up standard gas stoves or cigarettes too. As there are varied types of plasma lighters, it may create confusion in the buyer’s mind.

In this article, we are presenting the reviews of the top ten best plasma lighters in 2022, which are becoming popular these days.

Best Plasma Lighters to Buy in 2022

10. Saberlight Flameless Revolutionary Wind Proof Splash Beam Lighter


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It is the most fashionable plasma lighter that you will surely fall in love with. The weightless electric lighter is easily rechargeable, and you can expect it to run for a long time.

Just to understand the power situation of this lighter, there are four led display alerts. Investing in this smart and classy lighter can be a good idea for everyone.

Key Features

  • A dual electrical arc is inserted in this lighter, which supplies better power.
  • All the electrodes of this lighter area in the upward direction, and it makes the user use it freely without any issue of overheating or damage.
  • The in-built battery quality is excellent. It can last over 550-600 charges nicely. Again, you can connect this lighter with the computer or car and get USB charging too.
  • This lighter is weather-resistant, so you will never have to worry about using it during windy or rainy nights.

9. iLevar Dual Arc Adventure Battery Charged


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If you are searching for a long-lasting flameless lighter, then it is a considerable item for you. There is a 4Led battery used in this product for getting alert regarding power status.

The high-end battery makes your lighter run for a long time. There is a dual arc design in the product that works faster and better than any regular lighters.

Key Features

  • Zinc alloy is used in the making of this lighter; it ensures long-lasting benefits.
  • The arc-shaped lighter is weather resistant that requires no butane or flame. Therefore, you can safely use it during camping or trekking.
  • A reliable plasma tech is used in this lighter, which makes it safe for everyone and prevents harmful chemicals from reaching your body.

8. Icfun Flameless Waterproof Recharging Flashlight Electric Lighter


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It is a water-resistant lighter. You can sue it during any season without worrying about the gas leakage or no flame issues. The metal ring is coated well on the coverage area of this lighter.

The color of this lighter is dark camouflage. An automated switch is used for operating this lighter.

Key Features

  • The flashlight installed in this lighter has three variable modes. All of these modes can be well adjusted according to user preference.
  • The USB charging facility of this lighter will allow you to charge it from your car.
  • Zinc alloy is used in the design of this lighter ensuring safety and long-lasting benefit.

7. TG windproof Edc Plasma USB Dual Arc Lighter


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It is the most effective and convenient plasma lighter that you can consider for every day over any regular gaslighters. An electrical technique is used in the making of this lighter.

Further, this results in no flame generation from this lighter but produces the correct amount of ignition. It runs on battery and lasts long for about 2 hours without extra charging.

Key Features

  • There are a push and off mechanism to operate this cute lighter.
  • The flameless dual arc lighter is water and wind-resistant in nature.

6. Surpus Portable Light Battery Safe Windproof Lighter


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The manufacturers have designed this lighter in a classy elongated style. You can press the safety button followed by the ignition switch, to make this lighter work.

You may see a spark that comes out, but it will last for 6-7 seconds. Again, you can follow the method for reigniting this product.

Key Features

  • It is a small and compact lighter. The lightweight of this product makes it portable and is suitable for BBQ, trekking, parties, etc.
  • You can check the battery percentage of this lighter with the help of the four led lights present on the side of the product.
  • The plasma used in this lighter is safe for everyone as it removes the chemicals from the flames.
  • This lighter is made up of stainless steel for high durability. The zinc alloy is used on the protecting cover top area.

5. Sipoe Upgraded Battery Electrical USB Arc Lighter


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Bring this lightweight and portable lighter today. You can quickly recharge this product and carry it anywhere you want. The compact design of this lighter is apt for traveling or hiking purposes.

There is a dual arc, which is present in the lighter that results in upward electrodes. So, this makes the product suitable for use in outdoor or even inside the houses.

Key Features

  • A four Led power indicator is present in the lighter that helps you to understand when to charge this product. All of these batteries are strong enough and charges the lighter faster, and you can use it for a long duration.
  • It is a safe product to invest on, as there is no content of butane or gas. Therefore, you will not have to spend extra money on refueling the lighter from time to time.
  • There is an auto shut off technique that helps to protect you in the high temperature of the flames ignited from the lighter.

4. Icfun Survival Waterproof Dual Windproof


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It is one of the multipurpose plasma lighters, which can benefit you in many ways. The exclusive metal ring used in the making of this lighter ensures stability.

Again, the builders have used waterproof technology so that you can light your cigarette or bonfire during the rainy season as well. The ergonomic design of this lighter makes it unique.

Key Features

  • IP56 waterproof technique is used in this dual arc lighter.
  • A lithium battery installed in this product, which can make it work for more than 2 hours safely.
  • The thicker lanyard coating is guarded on, the lighter, and it makes the product durable. It is best for camping purposes.

3. RONXS Flexible Camping USB Enabled Battery Safe Plasma Lighter


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The manufacturers have built this lighter with a high-class plasma arc technique. You can see the real-time status of the battery life with the help of 5 Led fitted inside this product.

There is a USB charging facility that you can use while charging it inside your car. Even the charge remains long until 400-500 uses of this product.

Key Features

  • In this lighter, there is no butane or flame used. Hence, it is safe for everyone to use.
  • It is an upgraded version of lighter that comes with a longer neck around 8-10cm. You can even tilt it according to your preference.
  • The weightless lighter is suitable for all indoor or outdoor activities.
  • To withstand rain or any weather condition, the builders have used weather-resistant technology in the design of this lighter.

2. Icfun Dual Arc Black USB Flameless Lighter


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It is a trendy designed plasma lighter that you can think of. The sloping structure of this lighter is built in 75 degrees that make the neck area narrower. This lighter comes with a stunning ignition quality due to the dual arc feature in it.

A premium Zinc alloy metal is used in the making of this lighter, which ensures complete durability. It can be an excellent presenting item for your loved ones.

Key Features

  • As the Zinc alloy used in the lighter, it results in high resistance of this lighter.
  • You can use this lighter in every season as the no flame and windproof technology is superb in this product. It is ideal for travelers who want to use lighters in rainy or windy temperatures.

1. Tesla Windproof Coiled Gun Metal Recharging Lighter

Tesla Coil Lighters

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Now bring home this fantastic flash plasma lighter and feel the difference. The arc size is small and apt for traveling, as it does not take much space. Tesla is considered more dependable as compared to other expensive lighters in the market.

The users will never have to worry about the flame or butane while using this lighter. Generally, this is mainly because of the arc shape of the lighter that works with a single button press. Therefore, you can light up your cigarette in any place with this simplistic product.

Key Features

  • You can charge this lighter with the help of the USB feature. All you need to do is plug in this lighter with the car or laptop and recharge it smoothly.
  • Safety lid is installed in this lighter, preventing accidental burning when you are not using it. Again, while traveling, you can close this lid; it will not cause any leakage problem.
  • When you charge this lighter, you can expect it to stay for a week without battery drainage.

You will get a varied range of plasma lighters in the market at an affordable range. Before buying one, you should always check the reviews and compare the prices of these products.

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