Top 10 Best Portable DVD Players in 2022

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It can be a difficult task to do. Especially when you are on long road trips that get boring and dull. With one of the top 10 best portable DVD players in 2022, you can keep your kids occupied and from distracting you while you drive.

These top DVD players can go where you go and make sure you do not miss out on your favorite movies or television programs. They come with handy features that make sure everyone can enjoy using them.

Best Portable DVD Players in 2022 Reviews

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10. SpaceKey Portable DVD Player

Spacekey Portable DVD Players

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The rechargeable battery allows you to entertain your kids for about 4 hours at a time. After that, you will need to take a break and recharge the device. With its 10-inch swivel screen, you can rotate the picture up to 270 degrees so everybody can see the action.

On top of that, this device comes with 1024 by 600 p resolution and easy to use controls. You just keep the remote with you to stop any bickering. Keeping control of the DVD player is a parent’s job when kids can’t get along.

Key features:

  • A ten-inch screen for easy viewing, remote control access, built-in speaker with 45-foot range, headphone compatible and a host of other features that make this unit excel.



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Let your busy husband see his little girl perform when you place the DVD of her performance in this handy little player. It comes with a 180-degree flip option so he can get the best view possible.

Also, he can see his little princess in 1024 by 600 p resolution. While it supports a variety of DVD formats, Blue Ray is not one of them. Another good fact is that it is a region, a free player. Along with that, you can use a 32 GB USB drive or SD card to show how his little girl did that night.

Key features:

  • Wide DVD compatibility range, region free use, remote control for easy playing, 5-hour playtime before needing a recharge and car bag for in-car use and storage.

8. Dr. J Professional Portable Car Video DVD Player

DR. J Professional Portable DVD Players

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Compatibility is the key when you want to entertain your children. These top DVD players read a variety of DVDs including RW as well as CDs. In addition, you can use a USB drive, SD card s well as headphones to make sure your children watch their favorite programs, etc.

Plus, it will play MP3/WMA/WAV, JPEG, MPEG2/AVI/DIVX formats so you have a wide selection of source options available to you. A large screen and a 6-foot power cord keep the DVD player running for along time. The large screen should keep every eye on what is happening and no ton your driving.

Key features:

  • The standard 270-degree rotation, 180-degree flip, 1024 by 600 resolution. Then there is the 5-hour battery life and the wide compatibility.

7. DR. J 11.5″ Portable DVD Player

DR. J Professional

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A larger screen means more eyes can watch the entertainment without hassles. Then this DVD player is easy to operate. You can use the built-in controls or the included remote control. A single charge can get you 5 hours of viewing time.

Or you can plug in the 6-foot adapter and power this DVD player on longer journeys. AV in and out ports allow you to connect to a tv or another player to broaden your audience reach. The 9 1/2 inch screen works in 800 by 480 resolution to give your audience clear, sharp images.

Key features:

  • Works with 32 GB SD cards and USB drives, wide DVD compatibility, 270 rotation, 180 flip, 6-foot power cord for extra power source options, long-playing rechargeable battery.

6. APEMAN 7.5” Portable DVD Player

APEMAN Portable DVD Players

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Kids can get a kick out of using this portable DVD player. It comes with a 7 1/2 inch screen that produces images like they were in the car with them. On top of that, you have a player that weighs less than 3 pounds on hand to entertain your kids.

With those features and the 270-degree rotation, 180-degree flip and built-in controls, using this DVD player should be simple and easy to do. Then a 4-hour rechargeable battery makes the most boring trips exciting to be on. Remote control is part of the overall package.

Key features:

  • SD card and USB drive compatible, headphone jack along with an AV in and out jack, 3 in 1 charging cable and it can even be used when camping.

5. Dr. Q Portable DVD Player


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When you have more eyes than you want, this large 15 1/2 inch DVD player screen comes in handy. It allows you to get all those curious eyes off you and onto the movie action. With 1280 by 800 resolution those eyes will be treated to clear images that occupy their time for hours.

You will have hours as the battery runs for about 7 hours before needing more power. The compatible file format is just too large to place here, as is the DVD range. Just be satisfied that this DVD player can handle a large amount of entertainment sources.

Key Features:

  • Large file and DVD compatibility, large screen, 7-hour battery, 270 rotation, and last memory to name just a few.

4. DBPOWER Portable DVD Player

DBPOWER Portable DVD Players

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The handy remote lets you quickly correct any alterations your child did with the built-in controls. Before anyone complains you can reset the DVD player back to where you had it. Once that is done, everyone can watch the 9 1/2 inch screen with its 800 by 480 resolution.

Also, you can use the AV port to connect a similar player to broaden the viewing area. With 270 degrees rotation and 180 degrees flip the sun’s rays should not interfere with anyone’s view. A memory function picks up the movie where you left it after the lunch break.

Key features:

  • Memory function, 5-hour battery life and AC adapter, 270-degree rotation, and large compatibility range.

3. ieGeek 11.5″ Portable DVD Player


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The nice blue color helps make this DVD player very attractive. Then the handy built-in controls make sure operation of this portable player goes off without a hitch. This all-region player makes sure you can play a wide range of DVDs on its system.

Plus, you can insert a USB drive or SD card between 16 and 32 GB for more entertainment options. 2 built-in speakers provide top stereo sound that helps calm kids down on long drives. A 5-hour playtime achieves the same goal or you can use the power cord with the car adapter to power this player.

Key features:

  • Eye protective screen, headphone jack for quieter use, standard swivel function and region free.

2. COOAU Portable DVD Player

COOAU Portable DVD Players

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Your kids can feel like part of the royal family with this purple colored portable DVD player. 10 buttons give you access to all the features and functions built into this top device, including reaching the menu with ease.

On top of that you get up to 5 hours of continuous play, Or you can use the AC adapter for those drives that take a little longer to complete. A 9 1/2 inch screen makes sure all your children can easily see the action. The stereo sound makes sure everyone can hear what is going on without strain.

Key features:

  • Possible joystick for gaming, stereo sound, headphone jack for privacy, easy to use controls, and a movable 9 1/2 inch screen.

1. DBPOWER 12″ Portable DVD Player


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Good things do come in small packages. This 12-inch player has a 10 in the adjustable screen that makes movie time into a fun time. In addition, the rechargeable battery lasts for 5 hours before needing to be powered up again. USB, SD and other ports are available so you can have a great time entertaining your kids.

Plus, it works with most CDs and DVDs except Blue Ray and it can handle a variety of file options you may have on hand. A memory function makes sure you do not have to re-watch those scenes you have already seen.

Key features:

  • 1024 by 600 resolution, 270 and 180-degree adjustment possibilities, up to 5 hours of operational time on battery.

Some final words

Movies and cable are getting priced out of reach for some people. That is why it is good to have one of the top 10 best portable DVD players in 2022 on hand. These can play home-recorded Cds and DVDs as well as professionally made ones. With all their key features and functions, your children and you can enjoy up to date technology at its finest. Large screens make viewing more fun as do the stereo speakers. Go with the best always.

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