Best Refrigerant Recovery Machines in 2022 Reviews

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A refrigerant is a common substance used in a refrigerator or cooling device. It is responsible for keeping food cool in a fridge. The same is used in AC that we use at home or car. But this refrigerant is harmful to the environment. Therefore, you should recover the refrigerant from the cooling device regular to prevent it from leaking out in the atmosphere. Such recovering can be economical if we use a refrigerant recovery machine. You can read our Best Refrigerant Recovery Machines below

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7. Yellow Jacket Refrigerant Recovery Unit

7. Yellow Jacket 95730 YJ-LTE Refrigerant Recovery Unit

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This comes in a lightweight design and is ideal for high load conditions. In this, you will find a superior compressor that helps in fast recovery of the refrigerant. Moreover, it has twin cylinders and delivers reliable performance. It comes with a built-in purge circuit that reduces having external equipment. Additionally, it will allow you to have easy cleaning and features a superior condenser performance.

The tank will stay cooler for a long time that makes refrigerant deliver better performance without any high-pressure cutout. The refrigerant recovery machine comes with a single gauge control panel that makes it easy to operate. It has a single valve and does not disappoint you when it comes to performance.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Eliminates the need for having external equipment.
  • Superior condenser performance and twin cylinders.
  • Single gauge control for user convenience.

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6. Mophorn Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Available in a compact design, the refrigerant recovery machine comes in a complete set. It includes the entire accessories and has a lightweight structure. You can easily use it for commercial purpose as it has a wide application. Additionally, the air cooler compressor is in an oil-free design, and the liquid recovery rate is of 2.3 kilos in a minute.

Moreover, it allows you to use it safely as it shuts off automatically when the pressure goes above 550 PSI. Furthermore, this will let you have peace of mind and eliminates cross-contamination with the feature of self-purging. It comes in a portable design and has an easy operation. You can carry it conveniently due to its sturdy handle.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Compact design with a lightweight structure.
  • Auto shutoff during high pressure.
  • Self-purging system to avoid cross-contamination.

5. MASTERCOOL Twin Turbo Refrigerant Recovery System

5. MASTERCOOL (69300 Black,Blue Twin Turbo Refrigerant Recovery System

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This is safe to use a refrigerant recovery machine and includes a pressure cutoff switch. It is extremely durable and comes with heavy-duty construction. Moreover, this is made of stainless steel and is in a ball valve design. The refrigerant recovery machine has a twin-turbo compressor with dual pistons and offers the largest volume of recovery rate.

Additionally, it lets you have better convenience as it has a simple internal structure. The product has wide application and features high-density polyethylene case. In this, you will find a front cover that reduces the damage of the control knobs. Furthermore, the machine comes in the revolutionary design and has an oil-less compressor.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Heavy-duty construction for long-lasting use.
  • Twin-turbo compressor for large recovery rate.
  • Front cover to reduce damages.

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4. Elitech Electronic Refrigerant Charging Recovery Machine

4. Elitech LMC-100A Digital Electronic Refrigerant Charging Recovery Scale with Wired Remote

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In this refrigerant recovery machine, you will find dual display modes that let you select from kgs and lbs. This has a capacity of up to 220 pounds and features a large LCD display. It has a slip-resistant platform that makes it easy to use. Moreover, it comes with an automatic charging function and is perfect for all sizes of popular refrigerant thanks.

Furthermore, this is made of high-quality materials and has a sturdy structure. It lets you use it for a long time and has high accuracy. Additionally, this comes with a carrying case, and you can take it anywhere you want. The product has a rugged structure and comes in a compact design for better resolution.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Large LCD display and dual display modes.
  • Carrying case for user advantage.
  • Compact design and lightweight housing.

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3. INFICON Refrigerant Recovery Machine

3. INFICON 714-202-G1 Vortex Dual Refrigerant Recovery Machine, 1 HP, 120V

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The refrigerant recovery machine includes a filter for efficient performance. This has a dual piston compressor and offers exceptional cooling with its oversized fans. Moreover, this will allow you to have better convenience as you don’t have to change the hoses with its self-purge design. In this, you will find a microchannel condenser that offers a better exchange of the heat. Additionally, it makes sure that the Vortex Dual maintains the recovery rates in the entire circle.

The machine comes with extended features that allow you to use it conveniently. It also delivers fast performance and is in a unique design. Furthermore, this will retain the steam speed, and you don’t have to worry about the hottest ambient temperatures. It is lightweight and has the power of one 1 HP. It comes in a complete set including a detachable power cord.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Self-purge design and unique design.
  • Retains the steam speed for better efficiency.
  • High power and micro channel condenser.

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2. CPS Twin Cylinder Refrigerant Recovery Machine

2. CPS Pro-Set TR21 Oil-Less Twin Cylinder Refigerant Recovery Machine

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This refrigerant recovery machine comes in superior construction and is made of steel and aluminum. It has a permanently lubricated bearing that prevents the contaminants from entering. It is in an improved design and features a piston seal that prevents vacuums and leakage. Additionally, it includes an oil-less compressor that does not require any maintenance. In this, you will find a patent-pending cooling system that improves the compressor’s longevity.

Moreover, this has the ability to deliver superior performance as it is in pending head design. This will offer you smart solutions to your problems and features an ignition proof power switch this meets the standards of ANSI and comes with sealed start relay. Furthermore, it offers precision performance and lets you carry it conveniently with its handle. It has a compact housing that lets you store it conveniently.

Reasons To Buy:

  • High-quality materials and permanently lubricated bearing.
  • Ignition proof power switch for user safety.
  • Carrying handle and maintenance-free compressor.

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1. Robinair Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine

1. Robinair RG6 Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine - 115V AC, 60 Hz

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Here is a refrigerant recovery machine that comes with easy operation. This is in a twin-cylinder design and offers outstanding performance when it comes to recovery. In this, you will find a rugged case and includes a comfortable handle that lets you have better convenience. Moreover, this has simple controls and features oversized pressure gauges. Additionally, it comes with universal compatibility and goes with all types of refrigerants.

It has an oil-less compressor and can recover vapor and liquid. You will also find oversized condensers along with a fan that offers maximum cooling performance. Furthermore, the machine is safe for using as it shuts off automatically when there is overpressure. This comes with the feature of a self-purge system that eliminates cross-contamination allowing you to save time. It is also in a lightweight design and lets you prepare the manifold for the next task.

Reasons To Buy:

  • Twin-cylinder design for better performance.
  • Eliminates cross-contamination and lightweight design.
  • Easy controls for user advantage.

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Buying Guide of Refrigerant Recovery Machine

The following is the list of the top parameters you should remember while you buy a refrigerant recovery machine.


While getting a refrigerant recovery machine, you must always look for the recovery speed. Models that have an oil-less compressor can handle multiple refrigerants and has low maintenance. On the contrary, hermetic compressors have become outdated. Better compressors perform the liquid recovery directly. Make sure that it operates at a fast rate and lets you save time. Nevertheless, you should know that higher speed could cost you more. You can see if it comes with filters that improve the efficiency of the compressor.


Refrigerant recovery machines come in different sizes and shapes. You must look for the one that comes in a compact size. The unit can also have varying weights, and you can select the one that offers easy transportability. In this regard, you should not compromise the performance. Some can come with a handle and include the trolley feature for better convenience. Most of the machines with industrial-grade performance usually weigh more. See, if it has a durable buildup so that you can use it for years.

Recovery Method:

The different methods of recovery are push and pull liquid recovery and vapor recovery. Liquid recovery and vapor recovery act in the same way. If the refrigerant comes in a large size, then it is perfect for push and pulls method. It works by recovering the liquid then transforms into vapor through the hoses. You need to monitor the scale when you use the machine in the push and pull method.

Capacity and Type:

Recovery machines come with cylinders that determine its capacity. If it comes with twin cylinders, then the capacity will be more. However, if it has a single-cylinder, then there is a lower capacity along with slower recovery rate. You must also know about the different types of refrigerant recovery machines. If you are looking to use it occasionally, then you can go for a small size. For commercial purpose, look for the one that delivers a heavy-duty performance. You must look for the one that meets your needs.


Always look for the one that comes with a large condenser that increases the recovery rate and regulates the temperature. Check the performance of the fan that improves the airflow and help in high-ambient temperatures. If it comes with the feature of purge, then you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination and use it conveniently. Also, have a look at the CPR valve that automatically regulates the flow of the refrigerant and prevents any kind of damage due to the liquid.


Among the things to consider while choosing a refrigerant recovery machine, you have to check the standards it meets. The type of refrigerant to recover is an important consideration, and not all refrigerant recovery machines are suitable for all refrigerants. Moreover, the weight of the refrigerant recovery machine should not be high so that it is easily portable. Apart from that cylinder capacity and compressor as well as warranty must be checked before buying.

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