Best Remote Control Trucks Reviews In 2022

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An ideal way to make your child happy is by providing a remote control truck. Also known as an RC truck, it comes with multiple features, and some will also be suitable for adults. You can easily use it for different purposes including bashing and racing. It comes in different designs and sizes, and you can easily get the one according to the age of your little one. A remote control truck has a realistic look and allows you to power with the help of a battery. Check out the following list of the top 10 best remote control trucks.


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10 VCANNY Remote Control Truck

VCANNY Remote Control Car, Terrain RC Cars, Electric Remote Control Off Road Monster Truck, 1: 18 Scale 2.4Ghz Radio 4WD Fast 30+ mph RC Car, with 2 Rechargeable Batteries

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This remote control truck comes along with 7.4-volt batteries. The RC truck also makes the racing look realistic. Moreover, the rechargeable batteries make this vehicle run for 20 to 30-minutes. This truck comes with a type-390 brushed motor. Hence, the rotor lets the model run smoothly on different terrains. However, the remote controller allows you to control the truck up to the 260-feet distance.

The RC vehicle also comes along with shock-absorbing wheels. Furthermore, the four-directional lets you move this truck in any direction. The rotor makes this model run at a maximum speed of 30-m/h. Nevertheless, this RC truck has an ergonomic, super responsive steering and throttle. Therefore, you can complete control over the movement of this truck.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Advanced designed mechanism with enhanced performance.
  • High-grade sensors with improved range.
  • Ergonomic design with enhanced stability.


9 Monster Jam Remoter Control Truck

Monster Jam Official Grave Digger Remoter Control Monster Truck, 1: 15 Scale, 2.4Ghz

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The heavy-duty PP material construction makes this remote control truck hardwearing. Moreover, the monster truck is suitable for kids above 4-years old. This RC truck also comes with the 1:15 scale to offer a realistic look. The oversized tires and life-like details make this truck look classy. Nevertheless, the RC vehicle comes along with batteries. Hence, the model runs without any complication.

This RC vehicle also comes along with a functional remote controller. Furthermore, the controller works within the frequency range of 2.4GHz. Therefore, you can control the toy vehicle from 250-feet away. The provided USB cable makes charging quick and convenient. However, this system is compatible with multiple player configurations. This vehicle is perfect for high-octane stunts, such as cyclones, donuts, and more.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Ergonomic design with advanced control features.
  • High-performance mechanism with shock-absorbing system.
  • Toxic-free material and effortlessly maintainable.


8 Top Race Remote Control Truck

Top Race Remote Control Construction Dump Truck Toy, RC Dump Truck Toys, Construction Toys Vehicle, RC Truck Toys for 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Year Old Boys and up, Toddler Toy Trucks 1:18 Scale, TR-112

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The remote control truck comes with a 1:18 scale. Nevertheless, the RC truck also accurately looks like real trucks. The 5-channel full-functional dump truck makes this model runs faster and smoother. Moreover, this toy vehicle is suitable for children above 3-years old. This RC vehicle will require four pieces of AA batteries. The battery-operated transmitter runs on two AA batteries.

The realistic light and sound effects also make this truck look classy. Furthermore, the realistic detailing makes this truck look unimaginably practical. This dump truck for children develops your little ones’ practical senses. The shock-absorbing tires assure the stability of this truck on any terrain. However, this RC vehicle is suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. You can enjoy running this vehicle on different surfaces.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Multi-functional design and user-friendly.
  • Sturdy construction for long-lasting experience.
  • Easy weight design and easily transferable.


7 Fistone High Speed Racing Remote Control Truck

Fistone RC Truck 1/16 High Speed Racing Car , 24MPH 4WD Off-Road Waterproof Vehicle 2.4Ghz Radio Remote Control Monster Truck Dune Buggy Hobby Toys for Kids and Adults

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This remote control truck makes a perfect present for kids above 14-years old. However, this model comes along with a 7.4-volt high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery. Hence, the vehicle can run for almost 30-minute continuously. The 1:16 scale makes this vehicle look more realistic. Moreover, the truck body is detachable. Therefore, you can alter the body with other models.

The USB line of this RC truck also offers convenient and safe charging. The radio frequency remote controller makes this vehicle run smoothly and jam-freely. Furthermore, you can control the RC truck from 80-meter away. The remote controller lets you adjust the directions accurately. Nevertheless, this RC truck helps kids to improve practicing ability. The wheels come with four shock-absorbing springs.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Sturdy-wheel design for off-road experience.
  • Dynamic control design and long-lasting.
  • Highly resistant design with enhanced durability.


6 BEZGAR 1:12 Scale Remote Control Trucks


BEZGAR 1 Hobbyist Grade 1:12 Scale Remote Control Truck, 4WD High Speed 42 Km/h All Terrains Electric Toy Off Road RC Monster Vehicle Car Crawler with 2 Rechargeable Batteries for Boys Kids and Adults

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This remote control truck has a durable metal frame. Hence, the RC truck offers exceptional durability. Moreover, two pieces of LED headlights make this toy vehicle look realistic. This vehicle has a 1:12 scale to represent the look of a real truck. Nevertheless, the chassis has the construction of solid polyamide material. The model has a type-390 brushed motor. Therefore, this motor lets this truck run at 21000-RPM speed. It is one of the best remote control trucks.

The construction of this RC truck is also splash-proof. Furthermore, the toy truck can reach a maximum speed of 42-km/h. The pneumatic rubber tires run for years. However, the shock-absorbing function makes these wheels ultra-durable. The PVC components offer resistance against impacts and collisions. Nevertheless, the model has over-current and low-voltage protection.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Construction of solid polyamide material.
  • Protection for over-current and low-voltage.
  • Shock-absorbing function and splash-proof.


5 YEZI Remote Control Trucks

YEZI 1:18 Scale Large RC Cars 46km/h+ Speed, 2.4Ghz All Terrain Waterproof Remote Control Truck,4x4 Electric Rapidly Off Road car for, Remote Control car for Kids Boys and Adults

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The two rechargeable batteries make this remote control truck run complication-freely. With the 1:18 scale, this RC vehicle also looks classic and realistic. Moreover, the batteries can keep this vehicle run for almost 40-minutes. The 2.4GHz remote controller controls this truck without any interference. Nevertheless, the transmitter will require three AA batteries for activation. This RC truck comes with hollow rubber tires for better impact resistance.

The durable ABS shells also make this vehicle ultra shock absorbing.  Furthermore, the tires make this vehicle run smoothly on various terrains. The motor system is responsible for making this vehicle run at 46-km/h. All of these wheels have heavy-duty springs. Hence, these springs absorb all the shocks to ensure durability.

Reasons To Buy –

  • High-performance advanced functional control.
  • Sturdy construction and long-lasting design.
  • High-power mechanism for improved performance.


4 MaxTronic Remote Control Trucks

MaxTronic Remote Control Car, 36KM/H High Speed RC Truck, 1/18 Scale 4X4 Remote Control Truck Off Road-All Terrain, 2.4Ghz Racing RC car Two Rechargeable Batteries Included for All Adults & Kids

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This remote control truck comes along with a type-380 brush motor. Hence, the model also offers best-in-class traction and rotations. Moreover, the multi-terrain RC vehicle rides smoothly through grasses, sands, and rocks. The toy truck comes along with a powerful remote controller. Therefore, you can control your car smoothly from a 50-meter distance. This remote controller works within the frequency range of 2.4GHz. Even though relatively new, it is one of the best remote control trucks.

The rotor of this vehicle also reaches a speed of up to 25-m/h. Furthermore, the car comes along with a 7.4-volt Lithium-ion battery. However, this battery can make this vehicle run for up to 30-minutes. The sensitive brake system makes stopping this RC truck easier. The shock-absorbing springs and skid-resistant tires make this vehicle ultra-durable.

Reasons To Buy –

  • User-friendly operational design and maintainable.
  • Sturdy construction with impact-resistant features.
  • High-performance sensors with improved coverage area.


3 SPESXFUN High Speed Remote Control Trucks

RC Car, SPESXFUN 2022 Newest 1:14 Scale High Speed Remote Control Car, 2.4Ghz Off Road RC Trucks with Two Rechargeable Batteries, Electric Toy Car for All Adults & Kids

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The 1:16 scale makes the remote control truck unthinkably real and stylish. This RC truck also comes with metal framing to reduce vibration. Moreover, the impact-resistant ABS parts ensure the durability of this toy truck. The 2.4GHz remote controller makes this toy run uninterruptedly. However, the RC vehicle works fluidly with a multi-user configuration. The rotor reaches a speed up to 25-km/h.

The IR remote controller also works without jamming. Furthermore, the purchase includes two pieces of rechargeable batteries. With a single charge, each battery runs for 20 to 30-minutes. Nevertheless, the racing car comes with four skid-resistant wheels. Every wheel comes with resilient springs for optimal shock reduction. The paint of this RC vehicle is fade-resistant and moisture-proof.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Non-toxic material with added safety features.
  • Long-lasting, finest class material.
  • Water-proof design for added life potency.


2 BEZGAR 1:14 Scale Remote Control Trucks

BEZGAR 17 Toy Grade 1:14 Scale Remote Control Car, 2WD High Speed 20 Km/h All Terrains Electric Toy Off Road RC Monster Vehicle Truck Crawler with Two Rechargeable Batteries for Boys Kids and Adults

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This remote control truck has the construction of heavy-duty aluminum alloy material. The crash-proof bumpers make the vehicle run through rough terrains nearly undamaged. Moreover, the jam-free remote controller runs within the frequency range of 2.4GHz.  Hence, this model is compatible with multiple player systems. The high-density spring absorbers make this truck runs smoothly on different terrains.

The shockproof body keeps the vehicle safe even after falling from high altitudes. Furthermore, the USB charging line makes this toy truck exceptionally safe. However, the over-current and overcharging protection ensure the durability of this RC vehicle. The toy trunk comes along with inbuilt motors. Therefore, the rotors can run at a speed of 25-km/h. This vehicle comes with pneumatic tires to offer better shock absorption.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Ergonomic design with improved resistant features.
  • Sturdy construction with advanced control system.
  • Advanced quality construction with enhanced safety features.


1 BEZGAR Remote Control Truck

BEZGAR 1 Hobbyist Grade 1:12 Scale Remote Control Truck, 4WD High Speed 42 Km/h All Terrains Electric Toy Off Road RC Monster Vehicle Car Crawler with 2 Rechargeable Batteries for Boys Kids and Adults

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However, this RC truck is suitable for beginners to intermediate players. This remote control truck consists of a type-390 brushed motor. Hence, the rotor of this toy car also rotates at 21000-RPM speed. The speed of this remote-controlled vehicle can reach a speed of 42-km/h. Moreover, this toy truck comes with a bright LED headlight. Therefore, this headlight gives a realistic look to this toy.

The remote-controlled truck also comes with Electronic Speed Controllers. Nevertheless, these controllers have protection against splashes and water. The vehicle will instantly stop working after detecting the submersion to parts. Furthermore, the chassis has the construction of synthetic thermoplastic linear polyamide. The RC vehicle comes with low-voltage and overcurrent protection. The batteries make this vehicle run for almost 20-minutes.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Multi-functional design and easily operable.
  • Long-lasting design with enhanced sturdy construction.
  • Toxic-free material and effortlessly transferable.


Buying Guide For Remote Control Trucks –


Always go for the one that has high-quality construction. Go for the one that is suitable for different environments and allows you to use it for different purposes. Some of it can come with two motors so that there can be exceptional performance. The one that has waterproof construction will be an ideal buy.


You will have to get the size according to the age of your child. See if it is safe to use and lets you assemble it conveniently.


Consider the battery life carefully and then make your purchase. You need to see if it includes long-lasting battery, and it must not come with a noisy motor.


When it comes to wheels, go for the one that is suitable for different terrains. It must have heavy-duty wheels, and you can see if it has a high weight capacity.


The speed can vary accordingly from one model to another. You can see if it comes with the latest technology so that there can be optimal performance.

Remote Range:

The remote range is one of the most important factors that you need to see while buying an RC truck. Select the one that has a maximum remote control range. For this, you need to consider the transmitter capacity.


You will have to go for the one that comes in a multifunctional design. Some will allow you to adjust the ride height as well as the wheelbase. Look at the shocks and suspension if it comes in a tunable design.


Conclusion –

When it comes to buying a remote control truck, you will come across a lot of them in the online market. However, not all of them are promising and durable. Therefore, our experienced team has handpicked the best remote control trucks of various types. All you need to do is select the perfect one as per your needs and requirements within your budget.



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