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The best saw horses are versatile and great for cutting, sanding, gluing, and painting tasks. They make life much easier than ever before by allowing you to finish tasks quickly and in an organized manner. Good quality best saw horses are well built and normally have high load capacity. Because of their solid construction, these units are often stable. This means you will work freely without being irritated by constant movements. Since you cannot know just by looking that a particular sawhorse is the best, we have written comprehensive reviews about these tools. So, go ahead and read them keenly knowing that once you are done, you will be in a good position to get a suitable model.


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10, WORX WX065 Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps

WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps, Built-in Shelf and Cord Hooks – WX065 TOP 10 BEST SAW HORSES IN 2021 REVIEWS

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Although this sawhorse has a lightweight design, do not let this fool you. Its durability and strength are some of the things that cannot go unnoticed. When used in tandem, the clamping sawhorse can support up to 1,000 pounds. The lightweight design is simply to male this clamping sawhorse easy to move around in the workshop. Ideally, this sawhorse comes with a couple of detachable bar clamps, which are attachable either horizontally or vertically to meet the needs of whichever project you are undertaking. We said earlier that this is a lightweight model. Now listen to this. It is foldable as well. You can fold it down to 2.5” for easy storage or transportation. It will not take up much space in your workshop; meaning it is super convenient to use.

  • The included bar clamps are a plus
  • Surprisingly light and easy to transport
  • Has a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds
  • Perfect for those looking to save some space
  • Not for those looking for a heavy horse that provides a steady base


9, WORX WX051 Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse

WORX Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse with Quick Clamps and Holding Pegs – WX051

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Not all of us like assembling things upon arrival. Therefore, the fact that the WX051 does not require assembly is good news. Best saw horses converts to a workbench or sawhorse in seconds. Did we just mention “workbench” and “sawhorse”? Yes, this unit is versatile as well; hence, will make your life easier. When used as a workbench or worktable, the unit supports up to 300 pounds. And when used as a sawhorse, it supports up to 1,000 pounds. It is an innovative unit that will prove crucial in finishing various tasks such as cutting, sanding, gluing, painting, and varnishing. The compact design means transporting the WX051 is a breeze. The design is also foldable to save space when the sawhorse is not in use. The sawhorse comes with two quick clamps and four clamp dogs to hold various materials as well as to stabilize unique shapes.

  • The sawhorse is very useful
  • It is made of thick ABS plastic
  • The little pockets are very handy
  • The clamping system works as advertised
  • Not stable enough when used for hand-sawing


8, Dewalt DWST11031 Metal Legs Sawhorse

Dewalt DWST11031 Adjustable Metal Legs Sawhorse

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Knowing can argue with what Dewalt has achieved. It is a great company that does great things. For instance, it has made this sawhorse both with plastic and metal. Well, this is clever engineering that makes the DWST11031 sturdy without being heavy. Because of the thoughtful construction, the sawhorse can carry up to 2,500 pounds per pair yet it weighs just 13.45 pounds. Additionally, this unit has rubber inserts on legs as well as an upper ruler to help keep it stable during use. And with great stability, expect to focus more on the project at hand and less on the stability of your sawhorse. The sawhorse also has a unique and high-performance mechanism, which, in turn, features easy slide movements to make sure it is very easy to use. Another great thing about this sawhorse is that its legs can be separately adjusted.

  • Tall enough to keep you from hunching over
  • Adjustable legs are very convenient
  • The sawhorse arrives in a timely manner
  • Makes a great gift for DIY enthusiasts
  • The price is a bit on the high side

7, Forup Yellow Portable Folding Sawhorse

Forup Portable Folding Sawhorse, Heavy Duty Twin Pack, 275 lb Weight Capacity Each 2 Pack (Yellow)

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Before we review this portable folding sawhorse, let’s take a quick look at some of its specifications. The product size is 19 by 39.2 by 30.7 inches and when folded, it measures 1.4 by 4 by 39.2 inches. The load capacity, on the other hand, is 265 pounds per pair. Overall, this sawhorse has good specifications we thought you should know. Away from that; the sawhorse is built to last. It is made of heavy-duty metal construction, and this is what gives it the impressive weight limit. Furthermore, this sawhorse features an anti-slip EVA work surface that improves stability and support. The sawhorse comes fully assembled; meaning you do not need to install anything. Once you have received it from the seller, simply open the box and then unfold the legs before locking everything into place.

  • Can be folded and is highly portable
  • Does not take up much space wherever it is placed
  • Very easy to set up with no tools required
  • The price is decent
  • Not the sturdiest, but serves its purpose

6, Metabo HPT 115445M Portable Folding Sawhorses

Metabo HPT Folding Sawhorses, Heavy Duty Stand, 4 Sawbucks, 1200 Pound Capacity, Built-In Cord Hooks and Shelves, 2-Pack (115445M)

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You get 4 sawbucks and 2 sawhorses when you buy this package. Well, this is really amazing, given the low price point of these folding sawhorses. There is also a built-in shelf as well as cord hooks. These added features make the folding sawhorses very easy and convenient to use. Each of these folding sawhorses has a load weight capacity of 1,200 pounds. Therefore, if you plan to buy a portable folding sawhorse for heavy-duty projects, this is the unit to go for. The aforementioned sawbucks are meant to support the flat side of a 2 by 4 and can be used to extend or raise the work surface area to support 4 by 8 ft sheets. The cord hooks and the built-in shelf, on the other hand, offer extra storage for users.

  • Quality is surprisingly good for the price
  • Very light and easy to carry around
  • They have a high weight capacity
  • The bottom shelves are sturdy
  • Sawhorses fold up nicely
  • The hinges leave a lot to be desired

5, Bora Portamate PM-4500T Speedhorse best Saw horses, 2-Pack

Bora Portamate Speedhorse Sawhorse 2-Pack | Heavy Duty Benchhorse Table Stand with Folding Legs and Metal Top for 2x4, PM-4500T

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These sawhorses are worth the extra bucks. They increase productivity by allowing you to work and finish tasks in no time. It is designed in such a way that setting them up and taking them down takes just seconds. They have foldable legs that collapse in no time, thereby, saving you precious time. The sawhorses are able to support up to 1500 pounds of weight. That being said, they can stand up to any project from building a small bookshelf to making a large dining table. Their metal tabletop is pre-drilled to let you screw in a 2 by 4 wood piece that you can use as a makeshift tabletop. The package is backed comes with a 1-year warranty to give you 100-percent confidence during purchase. When they have no top, the sawhorses measure 31.5” tall.

  • Customer service is exceptional
  • Sawhorses are of top-notch quality
  • Sturdy and hold everything securely
  • They set up and fold down easily
  • Very stable on uneven ground
  • A bit heavy, but this is expected

4, Goplus Folding Portable best Saw horses Pair

Goplus Folding Sawhorse Pair, 2-Pack Height Adjustable Saw Horses, Heavy Duty Portable Trestle, 440 lbs Weight Capacity Each (Adjustable)

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A sawhorse pair that is solid and has a sturdy structure is the real deal. We are glad that the Goplus Folding Portable Sawhorse Pair has these qualities. It is a complete package that includes two sawhorses to help you finish tasks in no time. It is made of a premium iron frame that makes it solid enough to support up to 440 pounds. Having said that, expect a strong and stable work area, which you can rely on for heavy-duty tasks and other activities. Additionally, the outside of this sawhorse has a black coating to prevent it from rusting. That being said, these sawhorses are ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications. They have an adjustable design that allows you to adjust the height between 31.5 and 51 inches based on your needs.

  • They have 4 pairs of teeth legs
  • The price is great
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • Foldable and takes up little space during storage
  • Spaces are nicely wide
  • Great for cutting up firewood
  • Assembly directions could be better

3, AmazonBasics Folding best Saw horses Set

AmazonBasics Folding Sawhorse - Set of 2, 900 Pound Capacity

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If you are looking for sawhorses for commercial and residential applications, you should consider this set. this is made both for professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts. It is well built and has a high load-bearing capacity of 900 pounds. Saw horse creates a strong and stable work area, which you will find great for a variety of tasks. Moreover, this folding sawhorse set comes fully assembled and ready to use. This means once you have received it, all you need to do is to set it up and then start working. The non-slip feet further improve the stability of this sawhorse set. Plus there are locking braces and fold-out stoppers that make the sawhorse set very safe to use. The legs of this unit open to a width of 32-1/2”, which is just fine.

  • The design of the sawhorses is simple
  • Easy to set up and store
  • They are great for light-duty projects
  • Very light and portable
  • Versatile; great for various projects
  • They have a nice weight capacity
  • Sawhorses are a little narrower than anticipated

2, ToughBuilt TB-C550 Folding best Saw horses/Jobsite Table

ToughBuilt - Folding Sawhorse/Jobsite Table - Sturdy, Durable, Lightweight, Heavy-Duty, 100% High Grade Steel, 41.5-Inch, Easy Carry Handle (TB-C550)

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The TB-C550 is a great sawhorse/Jobsite table that will not let you down. It is rugged, durable, and provides unrivaled value. Well, it boasts such high strength because it is made of 100-percent top-grade steel. The high-strength sturdy construction enables it to carry up to 1,100 pounds of load. When closed, the sawhorse measures 41.54 inches wide by 4.13 inches deep by 4.65 inches high. And when opened, it measures 41.54 inches wide by 26.57 inches deep by 28.82 inches high. From these measurements, we can conclude that the sawhorse has a nice size that makes it convenient to use. It features 2 by 4 support arms, which convert 2 sawhorses into a top-performing Jobsite table. It also features a carry handle to allow for easy carrying. Other features include powder coating & zinc-plated surfaces, material support pegs, and pivoting feet.

  • The construction is solid
  • Legs open in both directions
  • Each unit holds 1,100 pounds
  • The handles ensure easy carrying
  • It would be better if the manufacturer includes the price for two because the current one is quite confusing.

1, Guardian Fall Protection Trojan Tall best Saw horses (TS-35 35)

Trojan TS-35 35 Tall Sawhorse (includes legs for one sawhorse)

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You need no screw or nails to set up this tall sawhorse. Needless to say, you will have an incredibly easy time putting up this sawhorse together. What’s more, the sawhorse comes with a lifetime guarantee, which shows that it is of high quality and the manufacturer believes in it. The 1/8” thick welded steel construction is solid and makes this sawhorse perfect for many different projects. There are also innovative legs, which make the sawhorse stable on any terrain. Well, the high ratings prove that indeed this is a vital tool any do-it-yourselfer should invest in. It makes such tasks as cutting, sanding, gluing, and painting a cakewalk. So, regardless of which activity you want to use it for, expect zero disappointments.

  • The sawhorse is made in the USA
  • Portable yet has plenty of strength
  • It is very easy to maintain
  • Tall enough to spare the back from unwanted pain
  • The legs are surprisingly strong
  • The steel is all-powder coated to prevent rusting
  • Shipping costs could be lower


Renting a sawhorse is a great idea. But what’s better is if you can get one of your own. It will save you a lot of money in the long run not to mention providing you with much-needed convenience. Nonetheless, you will only enjoy these if you spend money on a quality sawhorse. Fortunately, you do not need to click page after page to get the best unit because what you are looking for is right here.

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