Best Sneakers for Women in 2024 Reviews

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Sneakers help you to sneak, your footsteps should not be heard when you wear a good pair of sneakers. One of the top 14 best sneakers for women in 2024 should help you tiptoe quietly and not disturb anyone.

Plus, these top sneakers are made from great construction materials. They should be comfortable on your feet and keep them from being sore after hours of walking. Then the traction you get helps you walk with confidence.

That is what a good sneaker should do. It keeps you on your toes, provides great support and traction while not making a lot of noise.

List of Our Best Women Sneakers Reviews

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14. Timberland Women’s Sneaker Fashion Boot

14. Timberland Women's Sneaker Fashion Boot

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These may not look very feminine but they do a great job protecting your feet when the weather turns bad. The high top style makes sure your ankles do not turn over when you are in a hurry.

Also, the rubber sole should give you superb traction even on slippery surfaces. These soles come with good tread that provides you with sure footing with every step. On top of that, the water should be channeled away from your foot as you walk.

In addition, the lace-up sneakers are comfortable with their leather uppers and recycled fabric. A padded collar makes sure your ankles are not chaffed or rubbed the wrong way when you wear these top sneakers around. They are a good shoe when you want to be casual.

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13. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Wanderay Sneaker

13. Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Wanderay Sneaker

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The side zipper gives easy and quick access to the interior of this comfortable sneaker. With the antimicrobial material inside the shoe, your time wearing them should remain nice and healthy.

Plus, the synthetic sole comes with traction that should make sure you do not slip or trip as you head to your next destination. The lines drawn in the sole should redirect the water away from you.

If that isn’t enough, the pull up loop on the back makes sure you can get these shoes on when you are in a hurry. The black on the white color scheme has you ready for a variety of occasions where you can wear these sneakers. They’re a tough shoe that will get you through your daily activities when you do not have to go formal.

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12. GOOBON Women’s Winter Running Sneakers

12. GOOBON Women's Winter Running Sneakers Warm Fur Lined Slip On

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When you run through the streets you do not want to have a lot of weight on slowing you down. These top women’s sneakers come with a mesh upper to make sure the weight of the shoe avoids that problem.

These slip on running shoes have faux fur around the top of the shoe. That design helps keep your feet nice and warm on those cold days you jog outside. Then with the rubber sole, you should have great traction with every step you take.

Another good thing about these shoes is that they are very fashionable and make you look stylish. You can look feminine even when you look casual and that is a great strength these shoes offer you. They are durable and strong as well.

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11. ECCO Women’s Soft 7 Zip Bootie Sneaker

11. ECCO Women's Soft 7 Zip Bootie Sneaker

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There are going to be those days when the type of shoe you are wearing won’t matter. When you are moving to a new home, going to the hockey arena to cheer on your friends and other days just need a women’s sneaker like this one.

Its solid color matches just about any outfit you will wear without clashing or making your feet look bulky. Plus, they are durable shoes that come with a rubber sole. That sole gives you the traction you need because the tread is top notch.

On top of that, there are no laces to tie. A side zipper secures these comfortable shoes to your feet and has them nice and snug. A padded interior aids your foot’s comfort all the way.

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10. LUCKY-STEP Fashion Leather Women Sneakers

10. LUCKY-STEP Fashion Leather Women Sneakers

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You will be the star attraction at your next casual event with these star decorated women’s sneakers. The suede upper should be nice and durable without sacrificing any of the feel or comfort suede brings.

Next, the padded interior and soft insole should make a perfect bed for your feet. The comfort should be second to none. With the lace-up style, you can customize your comfort and fit to make sure the shoes are not too tight.

The unique tread on the TPR soles keeps your feet stable as you walk up and down stairs or across different terrain. All in all your feet will look good and feel good when you put this pair of sneakers on.

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9. NIKE W Air Max Thea MID Women’s Sneaker

9. NIKE W Air Max Thea MID Women's Sneaker Black 859550 001

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What makes these Nike woman’s sneakers stand out are the elastic sides. Get a little stretch from your new shoes so putting them on won’t be so difficult. Their reinforced toe and gel pocket heel provide your feet with a good safety zone from those impacts that can hurt.

In addition to that, these slip on shoes is great for the girl on the go. They slip on fast and should fit just right. Also, the tread is serious about protecting you as you walk. It should give you firm footing no matter where you walk.

The breathable shoe comes with some air holes in the back to let the air flow freely over your feet.

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8. Steve Madden Women’s Wedgie Sneaker

8. Steve Madden Women's Wedgie Sneaker

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If animal skin does not bother you, then these top women’s sneakers should be perfect for you. The animal hide, whether real or not, should be durable, able to take a licking and keep your feet looking their best all night long.

Getting them on won’t be too difficult as the side zipper provides you with a large opening to slip your foot through. Once inside the zipper zips up and should provide you with a snug fit.

The rubber sole handles the walking issue. Slippery surfaces should not be a problem with these top shoes on your feet. A little loop on the back makes sure these shoes get on your feet fast.

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7. Kenneth Cole REACTION Women’s Jodi MID-TOP Sneaker

7. Kenneth Cole REACTION Women's Jodi MID-TOP Sneaker

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Believe it or not, men do look at your feet and what you are wearing. These stylish slip on sneakers should impress those men. They look great and should feel great once they are in place.

Their rubber soles provide you with a little more confidence letting you walk the way you want across different surfaces with ease. Then the lightly padded footbed, you have a comfortable spot to lay your feet. Impacts should not hurt you.

After you get these top sneakers broken in the rounded toe should not cause you any pain. Plus, the stretch panel and upper construction material supply extra warmth and comfort to your outdoor activities. They are a good sneaker to wear when you do not want to make any noise.

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6. UGG Women’s W Mika Classic Sneaker

6. UGG Women's W Mika Classic Sneaker

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Going out in the snow and the cold is not going to be a challenge anymore. These nice leather sneakers come with a lot of sheep’s wool around the ankles to keep your feet nice and warm.

Then their synthetic soles have the traction that lets you step without falling. The soles should grip the ground so you can walk without fear. On top of that, the padded interior adds another level of comfort and warmth to your foot.

The weather should not deter you from going outside. These are the shoes you want when you realize summer has gone by and the days are getting colder. Having warm shoes on still keeps you attractive and good looking.

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5. VANDIMI Wedge Sneakers

5. VANDIMI Wedge Sneakers for Women Fashion High Top

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The design of sneakers certainly has changed over the years. They are no longer for athletic activities but are now making a fashion statement of their own. A leather style reinforcement on the heel makes sure you can do your jumps, twists, and turns without hurting yourself.

After you take a step you should feel that rubber sole grabbing the sidewalk or the floor. Your feet should not slip out from underneath you as you do what you do each day. The slip-on style makes it easy to get ready when it is time to gout.

On top of that, you have some elastic built in to provide you with a more snug foot without losing any comfort.

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4. Steve Madden Women’s Wedgie Sneaker

4. Steve Madden Women's Wedgie Sneaker

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Dual zippers add a little decoration to these shoes while making them easier to slip into when you need to get going. With suede uppers, your feet will look great and the color of these shoes should not clash with your outfit.

Also, the rubber sole provides confidence. You can walk where you need to go without being afraid of slipping and falling. Good traction is part of what makes this top sneaker a good shoe.

The rounded toe should also give your toes a lot of wiggle room. That adds to the comfort the interior brings to you and your feet. They are worth wearing just for comfort alone.

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3. PUMA Women’s Fenty x Chelsea Sneaker Boots

3. PUMA Women's Fenty x Chelsea Sneaker Boots

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Not all women are dainty and afraid of getting dirty. These top sneakers may look like army boots and are as durable but they are pure sneaker brings pure sneaker comfort.

Made from real cowhide they should also be tough and take a beating without damaging their ability to comfort and protect your feet. With an elastic rear ankle side, these shoes should fit better than ever.

A deep tread provides you with foot protection as well as extra safety fro hard objects you may step on. They should be great for hiking and other similar activities. Give your feet both protection and comfort by wearing these top women’s sneakers.

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2. Akk Womens Walking Tennis Shoes

2. Akk Womens Walking Tennis Shoes - Slip On Memory Foam Lightweight

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Tennis is a game that depends on fast footwork. These mesh tennis shoes for women are lightweight. That means your feet can move fast and get to the ball before you lose a point.

Plus, with the memory foam insole, you should not lose your comfortable spot nor the soft to the touch feel any time soon. Then the padded collar protects your ankle from any chaffing, etc. That takes place during the game.

If you do not like black, these top sneakers come in about 15 other colors. Mix and match to your heart’s content. Wear them with or without socks and look great every time you put them on.

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1. Soda Taylor Hidden Fahsion Wedge Sneaker

1. Soda Taylor Hidden Fahsion Wedge Sneaker Shoes Side Zipper

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A woman can look good without losing any comfort and these top sneakers prove that true. Made from imitation suede and nylon you have a great looking shoe without losing durability, comfort or style.

With their rubber sole, you also have a lot of traction giving you feet solid footing with every step. That alone should give you a little peace of mind. The side zipper secures these nice shoes to your feet and lets you walk with grace.

10 more colors are available if you would like to see your feet in something else. Those colors make sure you can make the right choice for you and your feet.

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Women’s feet need a lot of comforts. That is why the makers of the top 14 best sneakers for women in 2024 have gone all out and produced these top shoes. They are made from some of the best materials possible.

Plus, they come with good traction that keeps you from slipping and sliding around. You can step with confidence when these top sneakers are your feet. The good part is that they are all very stylish and fashion friendly. Don’t leave home without them.

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