Top 10 Best Stair Baskets In 2022 Reviews

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A stair basket comes in an attractive design, and it offers you better convenience in storing different items. It allows you to utilize the stair space, and you can even take it anywhere you want. Stair baskets are easy to use and give you the option to choose from multiple sizes. It can be a perfect investment for any home with stairs and ensures that you have quick access to your essentials. It provides a perfect space for keeping your items. Here is the list of the top 10 best stair baskets to choose from easily.


10 BIRDROCK HOME Stair Basket


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The durable stair basket works as a shelf basket for your home. This versatile wicker weaved storage bin also enhances the magnificence of this entire construction. Moreover, the natural brown finish matches with every rustic to modern room décors. The 2-tier storage space makes the organization of objects easier for users. This storage bin is an ideal space for storing miscellaneous items, like magazines, newspapers, and more.

You can also use this large-sized basket for keeping books, small blankets, and other handy objects. Furthermore, this bin is a perfect container for storing your kid’s toys. Suitable for most of the standard-width stairs, this basket is an ideal addition to every home. A pair of inbuilt handles makes it easier for users to move this bin accordingly.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Helps reduce clutter on stairs.
  • Hand-woven for unique crafted stair design.
  • Woven around strong, robust metal frame.


9 Trademark Innovations Wicker Stair Basket


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Handling your miscellaneous objects becomes easier by using these stair baskets. With an intricate sea-grass wicker weaving pattern, this storage bin also looks quite attractive and aesthetically-enriched. Moreover, the rustic finish makes the top-open basket look relevant to any room décor. The basket smartly reduces clutters from your living space. You can use this roomy basket for keeping your newspapers, magazines, and other small objects.

The sturdy iron frame also ensures the stability and an elongated life-expectancy of this basket. Furthermore, the swift handles of this bin make portability easier for users. You can use this storage bin to keep your kid’s toys in a proper place. The 15-inch step basket works with most of the standard-width stairs of residential places.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Equipped with a sturdy structure.
  • Helps reduce clutter with convenient handles.
  • Suits firmly on standard width stairs.


8 Topot Woodchip Stair Step Basket


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The woodchip stair baskets are an example of pure craftsmanship. With a beautiful honey color finish, this storage bin also looks pretty sophisticated and classy. Moreover, without acquiring your floor space, this ergonomically-designed basket fits the spaces of 2-stairs. The basket offers plenty of space for storing miscellaneous objects, like toys, diaries, newspapers, and more. This basket offers a perfect fit for most of the standard-width stairs.

You can also use this basket as a container for your kid’s toys. Furthermore, the durable wooden handles increase the functionality of this storage bin. Therefore, you can carry this basket along with you almost everywhere. This bin feels light in weight yet offers enough durability and weight-bearing capacity. The 2-tier storage space has enough room for magazines and newspapers.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Chic and suitable for placement.
  • Handles for storing magazines, books, toys.
  • Perfect for the miscellaneous items.


7 Trademark Innovations Braided Rope Stair Basket


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The braided-style weaving pattern of this stair baskets add a vintage-style rustic look to this unique handcrafted piece. The 16-inch storage bin also has a design to fit most of the standard-width stairs. Moreover, from clearing floor space to clutter management, this basket is an artistic solution to hide the mess. The hyacinth rope with sea-grass weaving pattern makes this bin look pretty unique the other wicker baskets.

The durable iron frame also works as a hard-wearing skeleton for this basket. Therefore, the 5-inch high handles offer a comfortable grip while shifting this bin from one place to another. The hyacinth fibers of this basket are both sustainable and eco-friendly. The self-balancing design of this bin stays stable on different grounds.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Suits firmly on standard width stairs.
  • Striking looks and lessens clutter.
  • Equipped with sturdy iron wire.


6 Kouboo Brown Stair Basket

KOUBOO 1060066 Wicker Stair Step Basket in Wash, 15" x 9.5" x 15.75", Dark Brown

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With the length of 15-inch, this stair basket fits most of the standard-width stairs of residential spaces. This open storage bin is also an ideal addition to your limited living space. Moreover, the durable metal frame and hand-woven wicker pattern design increase both the stability and durability of this bin. The plant-derived material construction makes this bin extremely eco-friendly.

The top-open design also lets you put items inside of it without any trouble. Furthermore, the durable handles help users to move this basket from one step to another with no hassle. The flawless wicker weaving pattern increases the aesthetic value of this basket. You can carry this basket to your picnic spots and other outdoor spaces. From kid’s toys to magazines, this bin has plenty of space for stuff.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Equipped with a robust structure
  • Suits firmly on standard width stairs.
  • Convenient handles and decreases clutter.


5 Trademark Innovations Stair Basket with Fabric Liner


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Utilize your stair space by using this stair basket for keeping day-to-day objects. The fine-looking wicker weaving pattern of this open storage bin also replicates the soul of artisans. Moreover, this bin has a detachable fabric liner. So, you can simply remove this liner and throw this into your washing machine for instant cleaning. The design of this bin generally fits most of the standard-width stairs.

The carry handles also allow users to move this basket from one place to another. Furthermore, you can use this bin to store small toys, newspapers, remotes, chargers, and other small objects. The metal frame ensures the stability and longevity of this wicker basket. This 14-inch storage bin keeps floor space free of clutters.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Features machine washable gentle cycle
  • Includes a removable fabric liner.
  • Suits firmly on standard width stairs.


4 Trademark Innovations Storage Stair Basket With Handle


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Hand-woven from the fibers of treated Kraft papers, this stair basket is a pure object of art. The excellent craftsmanship behind this storage bin also reflects through its intricate pattern. Moreover, a carry handle lets users move this basket from one place to another without any difficulty. The durable iron wire frame increases the weight-bearing capacity of this wicker storage bin.

This paper-rope basket also helps homeowners to keep their workspace clean of day-to-day clutters. Furthermore, the universal size of this basket offers a perfect fit for most of the standard-width stairs. You can even paint or stain on the surface of this storage bin to enhance its beauty. The 2-tier bin has a lid to have easy access to the stored objects.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Striking looks and decreases clutter.
  • Features a paper rope structure.
  • Equipped with strong iron wire frame.


3 KOUBOO Wicker Step Basket


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Handcrafted with love, this stair baskets have the wicker weaving pattern of rattan. With an intricate weaving, this open storage bin also looks pretty eye-catching and decorative. Moreover, the eco-friendly material construction makes this basket as an ideal alternative to the cheap and toxic plastic baskets. The clear lacquer coating on this bin increases the life-expectancy of this storage bin.

The top-open design also helps users to throw large to small objects without any difficulty. Furthermore, the moisture-resistant, mold, and mildew-resistant properties of this basket retain its shape for years. The step height of this bin is about 7-7/8-inch. This bin has 2 separate compartments for storing everyday objects. By using a damp cloth, you can clean this storage bin conveniently.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Features coated with clear lacquer.
  • Hand-woven, sturdy with 2 compartments.
  • Sits handsomely on the stairs.


2 Household Essentials Wicker Stair Step Basket


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The intricacy of this stair baskets are the sole thing an artist can talk about. With an intricate weaving pattern of wicker, this open storage bin also makes a perfect addition to your residence. Moreover, this interior basket comes with an open-top design. So, you can your children can keep the floor space clutter-free together. From small to large objects, this basket provides ample room for a few knickknacks.

This lightweight yet durable basket also keeps your magazines, newspapers, toys, and other objects in one place. Furthermore, the sea-grass pattern weaving increases the aesthetic value of this storage bin. The 2-tier compartment simply fits between 2 steps of stairs. This versatile bin-basket includes a pair of tough handles. So, you can carry this bin to outdoor spaces.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Lightweight with metal frame for firmness.
  • Extra storage and easy to carry.
  • Open top offers simple access.


1 Creative Co-op BacBac Leaf Stair Basket


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Crafted with pure craftsmanship, this stair basket is a piece of art by human artists. Made of Bacbac, the leaves of hemp plants, this open storage bin also looks pretty good on stairs. Moreover, the braided pattern weaving style enhances the exquisiteness of this basket. The perfectly-designed container simply fits between 2 steps of the stairs. You will love the natural rustic color of this 16-inch tall basket.

The 2 separate compartments of this top-loading bin also offer plenty of space for magazines, newspapers, and more. Furthermore, the inbuilt handles of this basket are 6.5-inch high. So, you can carry this bin along with you comfortably. To save your valuable floor space, this functional, handmade basket accommodates both large and small objects.

Reasons To Buy –

  • Lessens clutter and convenient handles.
  • Suits large and small objects.
  • Sits securely on two steps.


Buying Guide For Stair Baskets–

Check out the following points when you check stair baskets.


The size is one of the most important things that you will always have to consider while buying  stair baskets. You need to get the one according to your requirements. Go for the one that comes in a space-saving design and has better stability. It must let you use it safely and must not topple over.

Build Up:

The buildup has to be strong enough so that you can use it for a long time. It must come in a versatile design, and you need to see if it has tight weaving that makes it last longer. You will have to go for the one, which does not require any assembling.


Always go for the one that comes in a portable design so that you can have a better advantage. You will have to get the one that comes in a lightweight design and offers you superior comfort when you carry it.


You need to consider the design carefully and see if it allows you to organize your items properly. Some of it can come with a removable divider and have easy organization. It can either come with lids or have an open design. If it comes with lockable lids, then and you can lock it and have better security. In addition to this, see if it comes in an attractive design and is suitable for accommodating different types of items.

Easy Access:

Make sure that the stair baskets allow you to have easy access to your items. It must have the ability to reduce clutter and ensure that it does not block the entrance.


Conclusion –

There are different sizes and styles of stair baskets available on the list. You should choose as per your needs and preferences. However, when you decide to buy one, you should use the parameters on the buying guide to judge and evaluate the product. In fact, you should compare them based on those parameters and choose the one that offers the value for your money. Hence, take your time out to go through all and pick the perfect one.

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