Top 10 Best Table Fans in 2022

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Ceiling fans might be widely used by people globally, but table fans promise better coverage of airflow across the room. A table fan is also portable, compact, and the best choice when you love to wish for airflow in parts of the room (such as corners) that are non-reachable by a ceiling fan. If your room size is more prominent and your place hotter, it becomes indispensable to purchase a good table fan to keep you cool.

There are several brands in the market competing against each other, and it becomes essential to buy a good-quality fan that lasts long. You need to focus on crucial factors such as fan speed, fan size, air delivery rate, features, and oscillation angle before concluding on your purchase.

In this review, we talk about the top ten best table fans in 2022 that are in demand.

Best Table Fans A Complete Guide:

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10. Woozoo Circulator Fan

Woozoo Table Fans

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The Woozoo fan is a value-addition to any living space as it is compact, elegant, and convenient to use, providing maximum cooling power in the minimal space available. The fan is provided with six different vertical settings that help in directing airflow to any preferred direction of your choice.

There are three different speed settings provided to accommodate every user’s cooling need, and the area covered is also quite extensive, serving many individuals seated across the room. You could circulate hot or cool air depending on the season of use, thereby helping individuals regulate body temperature in tune with room temperature.

Key Features

  • Built-in handles promise easy transportation and portability of the fan to any place of your choice
  • Smart fan blades design provide powerful and quiet airflow
  • Easy to clean, wipe and maintain as the fan comes with a polished finish

9. Ozeri High-velocity Desk Fan


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Every fan depends on its motor for efficiency and best results, and the Ozeri fan is fitted with a new, 4-speed motor that delivers automatic vertical and horizontal motion for providing a maximum cooling effect. The remote control helps users in shifting between dual oscillation (up/down and left/right) as well as a horizontal oscillation (left/right).

You could change the setting to non-oscillation mode to direct airflow to one place continuously. It has a 4-hour timer, after which the auto cut-off button stops the functioning of the fan while you sleep peacefully.

Key Features

  • The aerodynamic design of the fan produces ultra-quiet working of the blades without any noise
  • Compact and stylish with an elegant design that adds beauty to the room space in which it is placed
  • Comes fully assembled

8. Aluan Personal Table Fan

Aluan Table Fans

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The lightweight and compact fan are made of premium-quality material that delivers a modern look and exceptional performance. Use it beside your bed, at the office, or even at the study desk to enjoy the cool flow of breeze from every angle. The fan comes with two adjustable speed settings that could be changed with the press of a button. The product is also provided with a USB cable that’s compatible with any USB-enabled power supply as well as your computers and power banks.

The copper-finish brushless motor guarantees more extended durability than standard motors and supports high-speed running of blades. The front of the fan has a fluid mechanical design that promises maximal airflow to the area covered.

Key Features

  • 360-degree rotatable head helps in delivering airflow to any part of the body from any angle cooling you down rapidly and efficiently.
  • Excellent design and construction as the fan come fixed with four non-slip mats at the bottom of the pedestal, which minimizes vibrations, thereby lowering the noise generated. This also stops any movement of the fan while spinning at higher speeds
  • The strong motor fixed is a highlight of this fan as it brings about rapid cooling and also decreases your AC running costs

7. AmazonBasics Small Room Fan


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All your concerns about energy efficiency and heatwaves stop right here when you purchase the AmazonBasics room fan. Beat the heat or increase airflow in a small room using this 11-inch fan, which exists as the ideal choice for your office, home, or outdoor use.

The fan is smartly designed to offer powerful yet efficient energy consumption. You could easily carry it along to any place of your liking using the built-in handles that permit easy transportation. A back-mounted control panel helps you operate the device conveniently.

Key Features

  • Comes with three different speed settings low, medium and high which helps you enjoy maximum airflow and coolness
  • The fan’s 90-degree variable tilt head enables you to change airflow direction as per your convenience and also provides long-range circulation of air
  • The plastic body of the fan makes it easy to maintain it dust-free. You can easily clean it using a soft, wet cloth

6. HOLMES Copper Desk Fan

Holmes Table Fans

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Whoa! One would be surprised whether the fan is an actual working model or a vintage collection sitting out at your office desk or living room space. The copper-colored heritage fan is a beauty to the eyes coming with a stylish metal finish that accommodates a classic look.

The fan is compact, stylish, and lightweight with all-metal construction and promises easy portability with a carry handle. Coming with a 2-speed setting, it helps you enjoy optimal airflow.

Key Features

  • 6-inch blades deliver powerful and cool breeze across your face wherever you are seated, at home or office
  • Provided with a tilt-adjustable retro fan head that directs airflow precisely towards the person wherever you might be
  • Operating the fan is simple as it comes with a manual on/off switch

5. Vornado Vintage White Fan


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Here is a fan that brings together sturdy metal construction and authentic Vornado VFAN styling to bring the best output possible. Though it looks like a kid’s play toy when you look at it initially given its petite size, the Vortex action of the fan and its 2-speed settings deliver excellent airflow performance that makes you wonder how size never plays a role in delivering outstanding performance.

Twin air cones fitted in the direct fan air neatly to the blades, both of which in combination promise farther airflow than most other fans.

Key Features

  • 5 years warranty promise that’s rarely provided for table fans assures the top-notch quality of the product
  • A fully active pivot head that’s adjustable helps in delivering airflow to your preferred direction
  • Vornado’s signature Vortex air circulation provides uncompromised airflow throughout the room

4. Rowenta Turbo Silence Fan

Rowenta Table Fans

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One of the quietest and powerful desk fans by the manufacturer, the fan boasts of five different speed settings that provide a comfortable experience at any place where you wish to place it. The fan comes with a user-friendly control panel that’s simple, convenient, and comfortable to use.

The company has taken every step in making the fan’s usage as comfortable as possible, and hence, they have provided a sleek remote control that could be stored on the fan itself adeptly. The fan is lightweight, compact, and easy to carry with the help of ergonomically designed transport handles at the top that supports easy transport.

Key Features

  • Included in the 5-speed setting are Turbo boost for extra power and Silent Night mode for helping you sleep soundly in a noiseless manner
  • Comes with five highly efficient blades that are designed to deliver steady airflow in an ultra-silent manner making it ideal for both, home as well as office use
  • Excellent metallic-silver finish that brings about a modern touch to the fan

3. Genesis Convertible Table Fan


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Looking to get some cool breeze in a quiet place while you swiftly work away on your laptop or focus on your calculations? Don’t forget to try the Avalon pure white fan that provides you coolness doing away with the warmness surrounding you. The fan could be used as a table fan that sits compactly on your desk or a clip-on fan that’s sure to keep you comfortable from any angle preferred by you.

You could even switch between table or clip-on use very easily by loosening the butterfly screw on the fan head and fitting your desired base.

Key Features

  • Adjustable head and rotating neck in the fan help in customizing direction of airflow or provide cooling benefits to multiple people in the room
  • The fan is supplied with a sturdy and robust grip clamp which ensures that airflow moves forward in the right direction without any disruption
  • Two different settings-powerful and light-help you sleep away peacefully in the bedroom without any noise generated

2. Holmes Oscillating Table Fan

Holmes Table Fans

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Enjoy ultimate comfort and a serene home environment using the Holmes table fan that integrates the perfect blend of value, design, and performance in helping you achieve good airflow quality. You could carry it with you while traveling or place it compactly on the table to enjoy comprehensive area coverage due to the fan’s oscillating potential.

You could use it in your living room, kitchen, or even bedroom as the fan is lightweight and could be carried around very quickly. Besides, it is stylish and designed well to suit the aesthetics of any room in which it is placed. Help yourself with the best airflow directly from the fan by tilting the adjustable head according to your convenience.

Key Features

  • 2 different powerful speed settings and oscillation potential of the fan enables rapid and wide-spread cooling of the space
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • The front grill is removable making it easy to clean and maintain

1. Honeywell TurboForce Power Black Table Fan


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Coming from the home of Honeywell, a cooling icon that’s been ruling the market for more than two decades, the fan has an aerodynamic turbo design to maximize air movement, thereby helping in cooling the room quickly and producing energy-saving air circulation. Air-conditioners might be essential for hot summer days, but it is better to give them a break failing, which could break our savings the right means is by using a table fan that minimizes energy consumption and cost.

The TurboForce fan is compact, portable, and powerful to help you relax and enjoy in your room while the fan takes care of the room’s airflow needs in a quiet way.

Key Features

  • The blades of the TurboForce Power Air Circulator fan are so powerful that you can enjoy its breeze well away up to 27 feet. It also helps you save up to 20% on electricity bills during summer by cooling the room and during winter by warming the room
  • The fan has a 3-speed setting and can rotate up to 90 degrees keeping you cool and comfortable in rooms that are small or medium-sized
  • Unique blade design causes less noise but the more powerful rotation

Choose the best table fan from the above-motioned list and feel the difference today. For an excellent cooling effect and versatile airflow, a good table fan is a must-have in your home/office.

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