Top 10 Best Tool Vests in 2022

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Safety vests are a necessary gear that guarantees the safety of the construction or heavy-duty personnel during the work. Apart from that, these vests also provide the ease of storing the equipment frequently required during the process.

The more features a vest has both functional and comfortable, the better it is for the efficiency of the construction worker. For you to make the right decision while buying a safety vest, we have rounded up the top 10 multipurpose vests.

Best Tool Vests to Buy in 2022

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10. Bucket Boss Canvas Extra Large Super Vest

Bucket Boss Tool Vests

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If you are into heavy-duty construction and looking for a sturdy and functional vest, then consider buying Bucket Boss Vest. The vest is made of heavy-duty duck wear canvas and is one of the best alternatives for the shop aprons.

With center zipper and full mesh back for proper moisture absorption, this vest provides comfort. Moreover, it has elastic sides for the flexible fit, and padded shoulders support the weight of the tools in the pockets. You would not regret the decision of siding with this super comfortable yet heavy-duty vest from Bucket Boss.

Key Features

  • Adjustable and removable pockets for customizing as per the who is wearing
  • The vest is available in two sizes and comes with a web hammer loop
  • Elastic sides for proper fitting and padded shoulder to support the weight of the tools
  • Full-Zip front and built for the heavy-duty work

9. ZujaKnitted Reflective Stripes 5 Pockets Safety Vests


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With reflective stripes, these vests are just what you need for a heavy-duty job. Further, to ensure the safety, the stripes are on the entire vest, making you visible in the dark. For the hazardous work, you have five sizes to choose from, ensuring that the vests are comfortable throughout the work.

One of the best features of this vest is its multi-functionality for outdoor utility, metro construction, toll work, indoors, schools, etc. ZujaKnitted made of 100% polyester; the vest fits both men and women for all sorts of outdoor jobs that mark hazardous.

Key Features

  • Reflective silver strips wrapped around the jacket for safety
  • Available in 5 different sizes for the right size and comfortable fit
  • Durable, breathable, lightweight and made of 100% polyester
  • Easy to maintain and can be washed in the machine
  • Velcro fasteners for a quick take-off and on without any complexity of hooks and loops

8. Niche Multiple Organizer Water Repellent Tool Vest

Niche Tool Vests

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A very sturdy and flexible design, this tool vest is made of niche material and can load all your equipment. The vest is engineered in such a way that there is an equal distribution of the weight around. Moreover, the size adjustments can be made in the vest for customizing it accordingly.

All you need to do is to adjust with the help of straps on the waist. Further, the reflective stripes on the shoulders, chest, and back ensure maximum safety. Other necessary and advantageous features include belt holders; webbing looks just in case you want to attach an extra bag.

Key Features

  • Made of niche material with multiple pockets for carrying the tool easily
  • Reflective material on the shoulder, back, and chest for ensuring maximum safety even during the night
  • Size can be adjusted therefore making the vest for the unisex purpose
  • Durable construction for equal weight distribution without pressure on the shoulders and back.

7. Terra Grit Removable Tool Pouch Multipurpose Vest


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If you are looking for a multipurpose tool that is lightweight but sturdy at the same time, then Terra Grit multipurpose vest is the right choice for you. Not only it has multiple pockets, but it also ensures that multiple tools do not exert additional pressure on the shoulders.

The high quality and sturdy built of the vest guarantees comfort as well as easy breathing during the work. Further, the reflective strips both on the front and back ensure that you are safe while also working in the traffic areas.

Key Features

  • Multipurpose vest for outdoor activities with an easily removable pouch
  • Both shoulder and side straps are adjustable for fitting all sizes
  • Multiple tool compartments to ensure all the required equipment are easily accessible
  • Sturdy and breathable material for comfort throughout the work
  • The vest is made of 100% polyester and therefore is durable

6. Occidental Leather Lower Back Support Tool Vests

Occidental Leather Tool Vests

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The brand does not compromise on the quality and customer loyalty, the two qualities that are reflected in this vest by Occidental Leather. Being in the space for over 30 years now, Occidental is known for creating an intuitive and practical design.

You get 17 pockets and holders that are sufficient for holding all commonly used pocket tools. Moreover, there is extra space for keeping valuable items such as note pads, calculators, and cell phones. Further, you get a 3-inch-wide leather belt that can be detached easily. Moreover, the user can adjust the straps for a comfortable fit for most.

Key Features

  • Unisex Vest with 17 pockets for storing all the commonly used equipment
  • Engineered intuitively to reduce the fatigue and lower back pain
  • Extra space for storing valuables such as mobile phones and note pads
  • Wide leather belt for fastening and can be removed easily

5. Jorestech Adjustable Side Strap Reflective Strip Tool Vest


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With Jorestech utility vest, you are ready for any project, whether indoor or outdoor. The superior built quality makes this vest a perfect one for all sorts of outdoor work, be it construction or repair. The nylon material of the vest, along with other features such as multiple loops and pockets for big tools, make it an ideal vest for the construction workers.

Apart from that, you get adjustable straps to fit any body size and smooth zipper closure in the front. You can select from the orange, green, and neon stripes available in the vests for ensuring high visibility even in the dark.

Key Features

  • Made of nylon material providing extra heavy-duty tool vest
  • Multiple loops and pockets for keeping the common as well as the valuable equipment during the work
  • Gear loops and clip points make sure that work gear is secure at the time of working
  • Available with Orange, Green, and Neon trims to choose from

4. Occidental Leather Intuitive Pockets Tool Holder Vest

Occidental Leather Tool Vests

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One of the highest quality vests, this product from Occidental Leather, meets all the quality checks and even more. Moreover, the vest is designed in a way that carrying the tools does not put any extra pressure on your shoulders. For keeping the equal weight of distribution, the vest ensures that there is minimum fatigue when you are working for long hours.

Moreover, the open-back design guarantees proper airflow along with 28 pockets and tool holders. You can carry, tape measure, pencils, notepads, speed square and a torpedo level in the pockets.

Key Features

  • It is a lightweight multipurpose vest made of leather
  • The vest comes with 28 pockets for keeping the required equipment and other tools
  • The useful construct of the vest ensures equal distribution of weight and less fatigue
  • Open back design guarantees the proper flow of air

3. Vhouse–us Breathe Easy General Equipment Multipurpose Vest


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A multipurpose tool vest, this vest from Vhouse, is suitable for storing all the equipment that you need to be easily accessible during the construction work. Moreover, you get a personal storage compartment for keeping personal items such as iPods, cell phones, calculators, note pads, and so on.

To allow easy passage of air, absorption of sweat, and comfort, the material used is air mesh. You can adjust the size and fit according to the shoulder strap for maximum comfort and fit. Moreover, there are two removable pockets along with the hammer brackets that can be removed as per the requirement.

Key Features

  • Removable Pockets and hammer brackets as per the requirement
  • Two versatile option pockets either attached to the vest or semi adhesive
  • Silver strips wrapped around the jacket that are visible in the dark

2. Holmes Multiple Tool Pocket Workwear Mesh Back Vest

Holmes Tool Vests

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The tool vest from Holmes comes with the multiple tool pockets and pouches for storing all the equipment that should be easily accessible during the construction job. The vest is made of 100% polyester with reflective stripes that can glow in the dark.

Moreover, the straps on the shoulder and side are easily adjustable to fit the size. In addition to that, there are features such as hammer loop, mesh back for easy work and comfort, hammer loop, and a hanging loop at the neckline along with the removable tool pouch.

Key Features

  • The vest is made of 100% polyester and wrapped with reflective stripes to glow in the dark
  • Side and shoulder straps are adjustable according to the size
  • Made of breathable mesh back for proper flow of air and comfort during the work
  • Multiple tool pockets and pouches for the ease of storage and other processes

1. Stanley Fatmax Air Mesh Material Multipurpose Tool Vest


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Stanley Fatmax made from air mesh material; the vest promises quality, comfort, and functionality for the users. Further, the adjustable shoulder straps and multiple compartments ensure less fatigue during the heavy-duty construction work.

Just keeping in mind the safety of the users, there are reflective stripes wrapped around the jacket for those who work during the night hours and dark.

Key Features

  • Tools storage for all sort of multipurpose tools apart from storage compartments
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable for a comfortable fit
  • Reflective stripes for those who work in the dark

Pick the best versatile tool vest from our list that guarantees your safety and also ease of storing the equipment needed frequently during the construction job.

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