Best Wooden Boxes in 2022 Reviews

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Wood boxes are some of the strongest boxes you can use. They come in all sizes and shapes and are very dependable and durable. These top 12 wooden boxes in 2022 also can hold a variety of items for you.

No matter if those items are big or small, there is a top wooden box to hold it. The best part is that the wood can be carved to make it more attractive. When you turn to a wood box to store your valuable items, you are getting a very versatile container that just makes everything around it look better.

Wood is natural, eco-friendly and easy to move when the time comes.

List Of Our Wooden Boxes Review On Amazon.Com

#12. vrinda Wooden Hand Carved Tree of Life Box

 vrinda Wooden Hand Carved Tree of Life Box 8 inch x 5 inch

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This exquisitely carved box comes with the design of the tree of life on it. This design helps the box stand out and let you know that there is something good inside. With its 8 by 5 by almost 3-inch size, there is room for jewelry, keys and a lot more.

All 5 exposed sides come with unique carvings to let you know that this wooden box is something special. Made in India, it should have a hologram on the bottom to let you know it is a genuine Indian product.

The hinges should also be top-notch and move when you need them to.

#11. Livememory Foldable Storage Bin

 Livememory Foldable Storage Bin Storage Box with Lid and Handles for Office, Bedroom, Closet

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Non woven fabric and cardboard make up the construction materials on this wooden box. Those materials are strong and prevent collapse even after long term use. When not needed you can fold the box up and slip it away until you need it again.

Measuring roughly 16 by 12 by 8 inches in size you should have plenty of room to store paperwork, toys, or whatever. Its rope handles should be sturdy and strong as well. Their flexibility means that they won’t create storage issues by adding extra space.

This multi-function box comes with a lid to keep uninvited guests out.

#10. Walnut Hollow Unfinished Wooden Boxes

 Walnut Hollow Unfinished Wood Classic Box with Hinged Lid for Arts

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This Basswood box’ simplicity is what make sit look so good. This simple box comes with clear lines that make it very attractive. Plus, it has durable hinges that should not block you from opening the lid at any time.

This almost 6 by 2 1/2 by the 4-inch box is handy when it comes to storing needed craft or other small items. The good news is that you can finish this wooden box yourself. It is ready for whatever stain or paints you want to put on it.

Made from Basswood, this box should stand up to the test of time and be in your home for many years.

#9. Zen Earth Bamboo Storage Box

 Zen Earth Bamboo Storage Box Tea Chest

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This little storage box works best as a tea chest. It comes with 8 compartments designed to hold a variety of teabags. You can put whatever brand or flavor you like inside this handy little wooden box.

On top of that, you have a tea chest that looks really good. The wood construction material is offset and highlighted by the brass hardware attached to it. You get a nice antique look without paying antique prices.

Then the bamboo wood is tough, durable and should be able to handle normal daily bumps and impacts with ease. With the 90-degree lid opening, you should be able to choose the flavor of tea you want with ease.

#8. Blake & Lake Tree of Life Wooden Boxes

 Blake & Lake Tree of Life Wood Stash Box

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When you need to stash something away for a rainy day, you may want to consider this wooden box. It may be small but it can hold enough bills for when those unexpected events take place.

Fitted with beautiful brass hinges, the lid should remain open while you retrieve or place your stash inside this box. The 8 1/2 by 6 by almost 3-inch size provides you with plenty of room for money, cards, and more.

What makes this box look good, is the full tree emblem on top of the lid. The roots provide you with stability and inspire you to lay down your own roots.

#7. US Art Supply Small Beechwood Artist Tool and Brush Storage Box

 US Art Supply Small Beechwood Artist Tool and Brush Storage Box

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It isn’t just the wood that makes this wooden box so special. It is the specially designed brass latch that fits perfectly on the front and keeps your hidden treasures safe. The curved bottom adds a distinct elegant decorative touch to the box as well.

In addition, you have 2 straps to hold paintbrushes and a removable divider to help you organize the bottom compartment. With interlocking sides, this box should be durable and strong to handle what you put inside.

Then this Beechwood box comes unfinished, letting you use your creative juices to apply your own design to it.

#6. SICOHOME Treasure Wooden Boxes


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You do not have to use a treasure map to find the treasure stored inside this small wooden box. The brass highlights make this box feel like it is coming from the 16th ad 17th centuries when pirates roamed the seas.

Once you open the lid, you will find a single compartment inside. This compartment should be large enough to hold whatever you want. The approx. 9 by 6 by 4-inch wooden box has the room for those small items you treasure.

Then the lid latches shut with ease. No locks are necessary as the latch is strong and very secure.

#5. Swag gear Locking Stash Box

 Locking Stash Box with Rolling Tray

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A brass key brings you the access and security you want in a small storage wooden box. After you open this box up you will see several compartments inside. One of those compartments can hold small items in the lid.

With a removable holder, you can customize how this box looks and what it holds. Made from pine, this approx. 8 by 8 by the 3-inch wooden box is yours to decorate as you see fit. Pine can be painted, stained or lets you add stickers to its exterior.

When you need a small box to hold small things, this is the top quality box that should do the job for you.

#4. Vintiquewise(TM) Decorative Treasure Wooden Boxes

 Vintiquewise(TM) Decorative Treasure Box

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When you have this little Wooden Boxes around, people will think you have a little treasure inside. Measuring about 11 by 7 by 5 inches in size, you can fit a small treasure inside or at least valuable papers that need top protection.

An old fashioned fabric and brass design have this modern box looking like it came to form the era of pirates. A little handle lets you transport this box from place to place with ease.

What makes this wooden box so good is its curved lid. That design lets you store odd-shaped items a lot easier.

#3. Juvale Small Wood Desktop Organizer Storage Box

 Juvale Small Wood Desktop Organizer Storage Box with Drawers

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Give your business a traditional and stable look when you employ this top wooden box in your office. Its darker finish brings that traditional atmosphere any business needs. On top of that, you have cut out handles to open the 2 drawers.

With about 10 by 7 by 5 inches of room, you can get important papers inside for safekeeping. A label area reminds you of what is inside each drawer. The French words are added for more decoration and an air of sophistication.

This solid wood storage box should hold up under normal treatment and last for years.

#2. Blake & Lake Wood Stash Box

Blake & Lake Wood Stash Box with Rolling Tray

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Interlocking sides make sure this wooden box meets your storage needs and durability expectations. Then with the pull-off lid, no uninvited guests should find their way inside and ruin your stash.

With an 11 by8 by 4 1/2 inch size, there should be plenty of room inside to hold your valuables. Also, this hand made box is made from Bamboo. That wood adds an extra level of toughness to your storage needs.

The box is simple to use and adds a simple decorative touch that doe snot overshadow any other item in your home.

#1. WE Games Old World Wooden Treasure Box

 WE Games Old World Wooden Treasure Box with Brass Latch-Wooden Boxes

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These wooden boxes come with the look that it has been in your family for generations. It has a classy yet simple look that uses a nice brass latch to keep the contents safe inside.

With its almost 11 by 9 by 2-inch size, you have more than enough space to place a myriad of items. A felt-lined bottom adds a little protective layer when you store fragile items in this top wooden box.

When closed the box looks like it is holding a million dollars under its lid.

Some final words

When you have valuable and important items to store, nothing beats a top 12 wooden box in 2022. These top boxes are easy to use and come with a simple look that won’t overpower a room.

There is a top wooden box for you on this list.

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