Top 10 Best Cedar Grilling Planks Reviews In 2022

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Everybody wants to maintain good health as it is one of the factors that determine a long life. Food plays a big role in making sure this is effected hence human beings are adopting healthy eating habits and meals. For one to achieve a well-cooked meal, a good cooking method should be adopted. The cedar grilling planks have become a favorite for a majority as it has been proven to be a healthy cooking method. Through grilling food, there is direct heat meaning bacteria and excess fats will be killed to bring out healthy meals.

The only thing that was missing was the flavor of the cooked meal and human beings being natural inventors came up with the grilling planks. Not only do they come with rich smoky flavors but they also serve as a heat shield to the food being grilled. They come with different features and capabilities. Read on to get an insight and more understanding of the cedar grilling planks.

Top 10 Best Cedar Grilling Planks Reviews

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10-Grilling Planks – 4 Pack Cedar – Premium 5.5 x 11.5

Grilling Planks - 4 Pack Cedar - Premium 5.5 x 11.5 Western Cedar for Barbecue Salmon, Seafood, Steak, Burgers, Pork Chops, Vegetables and More!

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If you have never cooked on a cedar plank, trust me you are missing out. Made with finesse from the cedar plant, these planks have an extra thickness that brings out a nice light and smoky flavor to your dishes. Measuring 5.5-inch by 11.5-inch by 3/8-inch, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, their use is versatile hence they can be used to grill anything that ranges from all your meat proteins to vegetables.


  • They obtain from the high-quality cedar plant that is perfect for adding flavor as they are cut with extra thickness.
  • They are easy to use i.e. they need to be soaked in flavored water for at least an hour before use for more incredible results.
  • The cedar grilling planks are strong.
  • They are re-usable. With a good wash and ample drying, use them for another two times before discarding.

9-Fire & Flavor 15″ Cedar Grilling Planks 2 count

Fire & Flavor 15" Cedar Grilling Planks 2 count

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All grill masters will attest to the incredible quality things planks come with. First and foremost their strong nature comes from the fact that they have been obtained from the western red cedar. Its manufacturers have made your work easier by flavoring them a factor that adds exotic nice flavors to your beef chicken and salmon dishes.


  • They do not need any maintenance as they are disposable.
  • They come already flavored.
  • It can use to grill a variety and both meat and vegetable dishes.
  • They measure 15 x 7.5 x 5.5 inches making them perfect for family-size meals.
  • It is pretty affordable.

8-Outdoor Gourmet Medium Cedar Grilling Planks

Outdoor Gourmet Medium Cedar Grilling Planks (2nds) 30 Pack 6"x8"

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Grill to perfection with the Outdoor Gourmet Medium Cedar Grilling Planks that become an excellent cooking companion. They manufacture from the high-quality cedar plant and come with an added touch of great flavor and scent. Enjoy the fact that they are easy to use and are the perfect solution for all your grillable dishes giving them a great taste and adding a perfect golden color.


  • They can use to grill both vegetables and animal proteins
  • It is easy to use.
  • They are affordable.
  • They can use on both gas and oven grill.

7-6 Pack Cedar Grilling Planks

6 Pack Cedar Grilling Planks - Adds Smoky Cedar Flavor to Salmon, Chicken, Veggies and More.

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Are you a health enthusiast? If the answer is yes, 6 Pack Cedar Grilling Planks is a perfect choice for you. An addition to their high-quality manufacturing is that they have no chemicals or additives added to them. They are 100 percent natural and this factor can be proven with the fact that they are certified by the food safety body. With this fact, enjoy healthy grilled and moist dishes with yummy smoky flavors.


  • The wood planks are compatible with both the oven and gas grill.
  • A perfect grilling solution for both vegetables and meat proteins.
  • The grill planks are sizeable to fit a reasonable amount of food per grilling session.
  • The grilling planks are re-usable.

6-Cedar Grilling Planks – 12 Pack

Cedar Grilling Planks - 12 Pack

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Do you want to show off your grilling techniques to your family and friends? Go no further than the Cedar Grilling Planks – 12 pack. Making this planks your companion in the kitchen will be the best decision you will ever make as they are equipped to add that great smoky flavor to your dishes. For first time users, this will also be a perfect pick for you as it comes with guidelines and instructions on how they use.


  • They textured to emit more smoke and its exotic flavors.
  • Manufactured for a single-use a factor that greatly saves you from maintenance costs.
  • They measure 5.5″ x 11.00″ x 1/3″ and are sizeable enough to fit family-size meals.
  • Enjoy a quick soaking time of about 3 to 4 hours.

5-Wildwood Grilling Premium (2-Pack)

Wildwood Grilling Premium Cedar Grilling Planks (2-Pack)

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Make your camping experience unique and exciting by cooking with the Wildwood Grilling Premium Cedar Grilling Planks that will enhance the flavor of your dishes and at the same time maintaining their moistness. Not only are they perfect for outdoor use but they can also be used in our homes as they are compatible with oven grilling. Enjoy a wide variety of grilling recipes by following the link that is inscribed on the wood planks package.


  • Use of untreated wood that gives the natural and spicy cedar smoke flavor.
  • The wood planks are a healthier option i.e. no additives or chemical infusion.
  • They come with instructions and guidelines on how to use making them perfect for first-time users.
  • They are re-usable.

4-TrueFire Gourmet TFplanks

TrueFire Gourmet TFplanks12-2 2-Pack Cedar Grilling Planks, 7 by 12-Inch

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TrueFire Gourmet TFplanks features a very unique design on the edges to give you easy cooking time and ensuring no mess happens. Being that they are source from the red cedarwood, they are strong and are perfect to bring out natural sweet and smoky flavors to your dishes creating an exciting and memorable experience to your family and friends.


  • They are perfect for all types of meat proteins and grilled vegetables.
  • The planks come branded with instructions on how to use it.
  • They are light in weight making them portable and highly efficient.
  • They are perfect for oven, charcoal, and gas use.

3-Natures Cuisine NC004-210

Natures Cuisine NC004-210 Cedar Grilling Planks, 5-1/2-Inch by 10-Inch by 5/16-Inch, 2 Count

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Natures Cuisine NC004-210 Cedar Grilling Planks made with profound quality. Its clean appearance is so appealing making this wood planks perfect even for high end cooking events. They have been outsourced from different tree species i.e. red cedar, red alder, and Oregon maple and shagbark hickory tree species. Additionally, wood planks have been constructed with over the stop care by completely drying and kilning them to ensure they are safe for use.


  • The wood planks bring sweet smoky and spicy aromas to your dishes.
  • They are compatible with both oven and gas grilling.
  • This is easy to use as they come with instructions and recipes that you can incorporate when preparing your dishes.
  • They are strong and can be reused.

2-Outdoor Gourmet 7 by 12-Inch

Outdoor Gourmet 7 by 12-Inch Cedar Grilling Planks, 2-Pack

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Enjoy grill cooking used by the use of Outdoor Gourmet 7 by 12-Inch Cedar Grilling Planks that is compatible with a wide variety of meat proteins and all sorts of grillable vegetables. This grilling planks come with inscribed instructions and guidelines on how to use and will be a perfect choice for first time user, home, and outdoor use.


  • They are 100 percent natural and free from chemicals and additives that are harmful to our health.
  • It is strong and can be reused.
  • Upgraded thickness that is responsible for the smoky-sweet flavors they give our dishes.
  • They are compatible with gas, oven, and microwave grilling.

1-Cedar Grill Plank Set of 6

Cedar Grill Planks Set of 6

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If you want to save money and at the same time acquire a good quality brand of grilling planks, Cedar Grill Plank Set of 6 is the plug. These grilling planks come with an added sense of strength and quality. They have been proven to be durable as they can be reused up to ten times but will good cleaning and ample dryness. In fact, the more you use them the greater the exotic smoky flavors it adds to your dishes.


  • They are perfect for both home and outdoor use.
  • They are sizeable enough to perfectly fit a good amount of food at a go.
  • Compatibility with both oven and gas grill.
  • They are natural and contain no added additives.

The grilling method of cooking takes place in almost every household. Hence, grilling planks are a must-have. Acquiring the best grilling plank is not an easy task. With unverified information all over and people whispering in your ears, it becomes very difficult to make a decision and settle on one brand. Worry no more as I have compiled the best grilling planks in our market today. From the above, I hope that you will find one that suits your taste and preference.

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