Top 10 Best Child Carrier Backpacks in 2024

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There is nothing beautiful than visiting new places with your kid and making memories. However, there are places where you need to go for hiking and others, and your kid may not be able to do it for obvious reasons. For such situations, the child carrier backpack will come extremely useful. You can carry your kid in the backpack without anyone’s discomfort. Carrying your kid in the backpack will be a very different feeling and a memory you can cherish for long. Check out the top 10 best child carrier backpacks below.

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List Of Top 10 Best Child Carrier Backpacks in 2024

10. Kelty Journey Child Carrier Backpacks

 Kelty Journey PerfectFIT

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This child carrier backpack comes with the construction of ripstop 420D waterproof polyester fabric. With the help of a perfect-fit suspension system, this bag also allows everyone to customize the fitting independently. Moreover, this bag has a large zipper compartment and stretchable interior pockets for the perfect luggage organization.

This bag also includes extra storage pockets to keep snacks and toys close to your hands. Furthermore, the seat of this carrier comes along with a 5-point safety harness. Therefore, your kid can sit safely in any condition. The padded Aluminum roll-cage of the seat helps you to trek or climb hilly terrain with no difficulty. This bag includes multiple lifts, shift, and settling handles for convenient traveling.

Reasons To Buy

  • The seat with a 5-point safety harness.
  • Includes a snug-fit suspension system.
  • Includes a roomy zippered compartment.

9. Osprey Poco AG Plus Child Carrier Backpacks

 Osprey Packs Poco

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The adjustable hip belt is extendable up to 5-inch on each side. So, you can simply hold the backpack on your back without stressing lumbar. Moreover, the shoulder straps and waist belt offer enough breathability and comfort while traveling with your kid. With the help of the Aluminum frame, you can let your baby sit with safety. The bag comes with the construction of heavy-duty and waterproof nylon fabric.

The Aluminum frame of this carrier also keeps it in a stable position while placing your kid on the seat. Furthermore, this bag has two large-sized stretchable mesh side pockets and one main compartment. So, this bag can hold up to 48.5-pounds of luggage.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Consists of a steady Aluminum kickstand.
  • Comes with a super-fluffy waist belt.
  • Includes multiple mesh side pockets.

8. Osprey Poco AG Child Carrier Backpacks

 Osprey Packs Poco AG

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Derived from high-quality nylon material, this child carrier backpack stands for sturdiness and reliability. With the help of a robust Aluminum kickstand, the backpack also stays steady on different grounds with your kid. Moreover, this bag comes with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 48.5-pounds. This carrier consists of a torso adjustment of 6-inch. This backpack includes an easily manageable built-in sunshade.

This backpack also comes with a fully-framed seat and a cushioned cockpit to offer safety to your baby while sleeping. Furthermore, with the help of a dual-halo harness, this carrier allows you to adjust the tightness of the harness accordingly. This bag comes with multiple zippered storage compartments. The adjustable hip belt and shoulder straps make this bag exceptionally reliable.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with a dual-halo harness.
  • Has an inbuilt, manageable sunshade.
  • Consists of an adjustable hip belt.

7. Chicco SmartSupport Backpack Carrier

Chicco SmartSupport

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With the help of an inbuilt and sturdy metal kickstand, this child carrier backpack offers stability on different ground. Therefore, you can also keep your tot comfortable and safe in any condition. Moreover, the seat includes a 5-point safety harness. So, you can safely walk while keeping your baby surrounded by this safety harness.

The lightweight Aluminum frame of this backpack also makes it suitable for camping, hiking, trekking, and traveling. Furthermore, this bag has padded shoulder straps and waist straps with adjustable function. So, you can simply adjust the tightness of these straps accordingly. This child carrier bag includes a padded and breathable lumbar support to keep your back fatigue-free.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Perfect for any outdoor activity.
  • Has comfortable lumbar support.
  • Comes with tightness adjustable straps.

6. Hiking Child Carrier Backpack by Be Mindful

Hiking Child Carrier Backpack

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This child carrier backpack comes with a robust metal stand to keep the carrier stable at any condition. The fire-retardant and lead-free bag is also suitable for difficulty trekking with your child. Moreover, this bag is perfect for the tots up to 40-lbs. Therefore, you can simply use this carrier to carry a kid from 6-months to 4-years old. This backpack includes a large duffle bag and comes with FDA-approval.

The waist belt is also suitable for the people with a waist circumference of 27 to 48-inch. Furthermore, with the help of safety 4-point harness, the seat of this bag helps your child sit comfortably at any condition. The maintain compartment comes with a storage of one cubic-feet.

Reasons To Buy

  • This bag is fire-retardant.
  • Consists of a duffle bag.
  • Offers an ample storage space.

5. Thule Sapling Child Carrier Backpacks

Thule Sapling Child

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With the help of an adjustable panel at back, this child carrier backpack offers a customizable fit for adults. Along with the waist belt, this carrier also offers ultimate safety for your tot. Moreover, this bag includes dual-access loading. Therefore, you can simply let your child sit on the top or side of the bag. The seat is height adjustable. So, the child can sit as per their comfort.

With the help of load-stabilizing straps, the backpack also lets you conveniently adjust the position of it while traveling. Furthermore, the quick-access pockets on the hip belt allow you to store foods and other items. This backpack comes with a detachable sunshade.

Reasons To Buy 

  • Offers a dual-access loading.
  • Consists of load-stabilizing straps.
  • The hip belt includes several pockets.

4. Kelty Journey Elite Child Carrier Backpacks

Kelty Journey

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This child carrier backpack comes with a perfect-fit suspension system. Therefore, the system also helps parents to easily adjust with the backpack to make them feel comfortable. Moreover, this carrier has a large zippered pocket and internal stretch pockets to hold a few knickknacks. With the help of an integrated sunshade, this backpack helps your child to feel comfortable under the sun.

This backpack also includes a zippered dirty compartment. So, you can easily clean dirt and mess from your child’s body. Furthermore, this backpack includes a 5-point safety harness. With the help of Aluminum roll-cage and proper padding, this carrier makes your trekking easy with a child. This bag has a reservoir sleeve to keep water close to your hands.

Reasons To Buy

  • A separate compartment for dirty diapers.
  • Includes a reservoir sleeve for bottles.
  • Comes with an Aluminum roll-cage.

3. TeckCool_Store Toddler Backpack Carrier

Baby Toddler Hiking

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Derived from heavy-duty 600D oxford fabric, this child carrier backpack stands for durability and safety. With the help of a padded waist belt and shoulder straps, the backpack also helps parents to carry their child gracefully.

Moreover, this 4-point safety belt and dual-protection safety jacket allow the child to feel safe inside this bag. The metal frame of this backpack offers stability to the construction to make it more reliable.

This backpack is also suitable for camping, walking, and hiking. Furthermore, the cocoon-style sitting spot helps your tot to feel comfortable while traveling. This bag is suitable for the kids from 6-months to 4-years old. This carrier folds down conveniently for compact storage and transportability.

Reasons To Buy

  • Has a dual-protection safety jacket.
  • Offers a cocoon-style sitting spot.
  • Comes with padded straps and a belt.

2. Luvdbaby Baby Backpack Carrier

 Luvdbaby Premium

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This child carrier backpack involves the construction of the water-resistant and ripstop polyester fabric. The backpack also comes with a sturdy and durable Aluminum kick-out stand. Moreover, the padded cocoon-style padded seat of this carrier helps your baby feel safe. This bag has padded stirrups and straps. Therefore, parents can carry their kids with proper safety and comfort.

This bag also comes along with a foldable diaper pad for convenient diaper changing while traveling. Furthermore, the height-adjustable function of this backpack makes it very comfortable for long-term carrying. This carrier includes multiple storage compartments, mesh pockets, and one detachable stowable sun visor. The waist-belt comes with a storage pocket for a cellphone.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with a foldable diaper pad.
  • Includes a stowable sun visor.
  • Consists of an aluminum kickstand.

1. ClevrPlus Child Carrier Backpacks

ClevrPlus Urban Explorer

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With the utmost comfort, this child carrier backpack does not make your tot feel disturbing on your back. With the help of an adjustable seat, this backpack also makes a good place for your growing child. Moreover, the lightweight frame design of this carrier feels cozy for you and your little one. Therefore, you can carry your baby without hurting your back.

The padded hip belt and straps of the backpack also help parents to move comfortably and safely with their baby.

Furthermore, this carrier offers sufficient place for the kids from 9 to 48-months. Equipped with an energy-absorbing lumbar pad, the carrier efficiently reduces fatigue. This backpack includes a washable drool pad, sun canopy, rain cover, and several storage compartments.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comes with an ultra-light Aluminum frame.
  • Consists of a cleanable drool pad.
  • Keeps your baby contented.


There are different types of child carrier backpacks available on the list. There are a few factors you need to check before you opt for one. First, you need to check the weight capacity and the overall dimension so that your kid can fit in perfectly. Then the comfort factors come into the scene. The backpack has to be comfortable with padded straps, and the carrier has to be soft for the kid to sit perfectly. Considering all of these, we have picked the best child carrier backpacks.

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