Top 10 Best Diaper Changing Tables Reviews In 2022

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When you have kids, you can bear me witness that they need constant care. When you get to change them, where do you find you have stored what they use? That is when you find it difficult to handle their diapers and other changing accessories at the same time. The diaper changing tables make to enable you to have all these accessories and the baby al at the same point. The baby at the changing pad, and the accessories on the shelves. What else will you miss?

Top 10 Best Diaper Changing Tables Reviews

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10-Graco Lauren Changing Table with Water-Resistant Change Pad and Safety Strap

Graco Lauren Changing Tables with Water-Resistant Change Pad and Safety Strap, Pebble Gray, Multi Open Storage Nursery Changing Tables for Infants or Babies

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These are hanging tables that design to offer a convenient place that you can use to change and even dress your baby in the best style ever. It makes with 2 large shelves that will ensure that you have enough space that you will use to store your baby supplies and other necessities that you need in an easy to reach the place. The diaper changing tables design with four table wheels whereby 2 of them lock for that stability you need.


  • Its designs with an open make that ensures easier accessibility
  • The two open shelves also give you ample storage spaces
  • Comes with a convenient changing pad and a fitted safety strap
  • Two locking wheels that it has ensured the safety of mobility in the house

9-Dream On Me Liberty Collection 3 Drawer Changing Table, White

Dream On Me Liberty Collection 3 Drawer Changing Tables, White

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How about you get the best table that can assist you in handling your nursery at home in the best or unique manner possible? This is the solid kind of table that makes for you right here. The comfy changing pad that it makes with is also a unique one as it adds up to the comfort of the baby while changing him/her. The classic straps and sleigh design are rated top in their class in ensuring that you get a table that never fails you at all.


  • It is a stylish table that is also practical but with a price that is affordable
  • Inclusion of mattress pad offers better comfort
  • Safety straps ensure the safety of the baby is not compromised
  • 3 spacious drawers ensure enough kid necessity carriage

8-Bable Baby Changing Table with Two Open Shelves for Storage- Modern Diaper Changing Station

Bable Baby Changing Tables with Two Open Shelves for Storage- Modern Diaper Changing Station with Pad to Protect Mom's Waist, Wooden White Changing Tables Has Sturdy Straps Guardrail, Safe to Dress Baby

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For those that have taken care of babies, they will educate you that kids use at least 6-8 diapers in a single day. That is why this kind of baby changing table will ensure that that kind of job makes to be quick and also easy. Its designs to be 36.61 inches high so that you don’t strain back to the ground as you change your kid. You will find this table suitable eve for mum that has recently undergone a C-section.


  • Designed with 2 white openings that will enable you to keep babies stationary
  • Fitted with straps that will prevent your baby from rolling off during changing time
  • It has been made from wood that can be easily wiped clean
  • Made from a solid manufactured wood that will ensure you get to enjoy its service for longer

7-South Shore Cotton Candy Changing Table with Removable Changing Station, Soft Gray

South Shore Furniture 3250333 South Shore Convertible Changing Tables with Storage Drawers and Removable Changing Station, Pure White

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The newest tablet in the block that makes with 3 practical kinds of drawers that will ensure that your kids belong is all kept safe and accessible. The best and unique part is that the changing station can be removed and then changed to a chest. That is one thing that other kinds of tables’ will not offer you at all. The metal knobs that it makes with also ensure you get to enjoy that unique finish of brushed nickel. That makes it look smart.


  • Fitted with 2 sliding shelves that will be held in storing baby care items
  • It has been made from a non-toxic kind of laminated particleboard
  • It comes with assembling tools for you to use
  • Changing station is removable for easier change into a chest

6-Baby Changing Table, Kealive Wooden Diaper Changing Table with 2 Shelves Open Storage

Baby Changing Tables, Kealive Wooden Diaper Changing Tables with 2 Shelves Open Storage, Infant Changing Tables Nursery Dresser with Pad and Safety Belt for Baby, Black

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If you are in need of a table that you can use to change your kids’ supplies and even change them, why not get this kind of table that is here. This is a kind of furniture that is smartly organized thus ensuring that you get a practical place that you can use of diaper changing. The materials used are all non-toxic, BPA free, and made from natural wood. That makes it to provide the best kind of comfort your kid at all times.


  • Assembling the table can be accomplished in an easy manner
  • Cleaning it is also easy, just use mild soap and a damp cloth
  • It can be used to serve you for a long time, even when the kids grow up
  • It is a large changing table that will give you ample space

5-Jonti-Craft 5131JC Changing Table with Stairs

Jonti-Craft 5131JC Changing Tables with Stairs, Left

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Here is a changing table designed with children in mind. The table features three generous supply shelves where one is fixed and the other two are adjustable. It also comes with a paper roll dispenser that can accommodate up to 15” paper roll and attached to either end of your table. It also comes with a changing pad and safety strap to ensure safety when using this changing table. The pull-out stairs can be glided under the table when you don’t need it.


  • Extra deep rails that are designed with safety in mind
  • Three generous shelves to accommodate your items and the adjustable shelves will hold your larger personal stuff such as tissues
  • Strong construction of the changing table ensures durability and expect no weakening at the joints
  • The ultraviolet acrylic coating is touch and environmentally friendly and highly resistant to daily wear

4-Little Seeds Monarch Hill Ivy Metal Changing Table

Little Seeds Monarch Hill Ivy Metal Changing Tables, Gold

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Get ready to keep your changing items organized on this elegant changing table. The item makes of strong metal and features non-toxic gold finis. It will add a fun twist to your little one’s décor. The two open shelves will let you organize your little one’s wipes, diapers, and other items. It only needs two adults to assemble it. Each shelf is sturdy enough to support items up to 50 lbs and so you will not worry when your little climbers play on it.


  • Non-toxic gold painted steel construction is strong and stable to withstand daily abuse
  • The high-quality finish can resist scuff and scratches leaving your changing table new just the way you bought it the other day
  • The storage shelves are sturdy enough to hold everything needed when changing your baby
  • Sturdy construction that doesn’t wobble or creak when working on it

3-Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table & Waterproof Baby and Infant Diaper Changing Pad

Delta Children Eclipse Changing Tables, Black Cherry and Waterproof Baby and Infant Diaper Changing Pad, Beautyrest Platinum, White

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Here is another best changing table that features superb construction that doesn’t wobble when working on it. The table is super easy to assemble and it looks incredibly nice in little one’s décor. The product is tested for lead and other unwanted toxic elements that can harm you and your baby. At the core, there is a foam construction that ensures that you and your baby get comfort and stability. The contoured sides will gently cradle your little one.


  • The changing pad has a soft fabric cover that is waterproof to ensure the effortless cleanup
  • The safety belt will keep your baby securely in place
  • Nonskid bottom will keep your changing table in place leaving you working comfortably
  • The changing table has two contoured sides that will gently cradle your baby

2-HONEY JOY Baby Changing Table

HONEY JOY Baby Changing Tables, Diaper Storage Nursery Station with Hamper and 3 Baskets (White+Pink)

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If you need the best well-made changing table then you need to try this one. This product will let you keep all of your little one’s stuff in place. It offers a safe and convenient place that you can change and also dress your little one. The safety rails are enclosed on both sides to ensure safety. Furthermore, there is a safety belt that offers added security to your little one when changing a diaper. The removable hamper will perfectly meet your storage requirements.


  • The changing table has an ample storage room to meet your storage requirements
  • The four sides of the changing area have safety rails to ensure safe operation
  • The included safety belt offers added security to your active baby and you can change her diaper without any assistance from others

1-New MTN-G Cherry Infant Baby Changing Table

New MTN-G Cherry Infant Baby Changing Tables w/3 Basket Hamper Diaper Storage Nursery

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Get ready to keep everything well organized and concealed with this changing table. The product comes with a large hamper to let you store bulk packs of blankets, toys, and diapers. The hamper can also use for temporary keeping dirty duds. Furthermore, the hamper can remove from the shelf and you can easily carry it to the laundry room. The changing pad and safety belt include letting you change your little one diaper without any assistance.


  • It comes with baskets that are fully removable for use away from the changing table
  • The high-quality changing table has an ample storage ideal for the nursery
  • It comes with safety belt and changing pad to let you change your little one diapers with ease

Grab one of the above best-changing tables and you will keep your nursery tidy and organized. There is no need for assistance when changing your little one’s diaper because these changing tables come with safety belts. If you have an active baby who crawls when changing diaper, then don’t hesitate to add the above changing tables to your cart, and changing time will be hassle-free.

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