Top 10 Best Electric Trailer Jacks | Trailer Tongue Jackes Reviews In 2024

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Most of the time we need great information to make smart purchases. This article works to provide information on the high functioning electric trailer jacks available. The electric trailer jacks are essential that you know what works well and what can let you down. This is something that can guide you. Look out for great qualities in what you buy. Some have wonderful finishing that ensures durability. Others have both manual and electrical functioning so that you keep working even when you run out of power. Other features to look for are LED lighting and weight accommodation. A lot of the products here work well with a variety of A- frame trailers. This means that you are able to put the products in use severally. Be sure that you are getting something that will not rust. Other qualities like weather proof parts should also be considered.

Top 10 Best Electric Trailer Jacks Reviews

10-ZENY Electric Power Tongue Jacks 12V 3500 lb Capacity RV Boat Jet Ski Solid A

ZENY Electric Power Tongue Jacks 12V 3500 lb Capacity RV Boat Jet Ski Solid A-Frame Trailer Camper

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This is an item that most environmentalists can enjoy. The varnish used is safe for the environment and provides a perfect use. It also offers rust-resistant features that you will enjoy as time goes. The steel used is solid to give a strong build. It works with generous capacity that allows you to lift your trailer so as to load or unload.


  • It can be used or a variety of reasons ranging from boats to RVs.
  • This is a product that adequately fits trailer tongues that have an A-frame.
  • You can be sure that installation is not a problem with this item.
  • It is a perfect item to use at night with a functional LED sidelight.

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9-Goplus 3500 lb Capacity Electric Power Tongue

Goplus 3500 lb Capacity Electric Power Tongue, Electric Tongue Jacks, RV Trailer Jacks, Boat Jet Ski Trailer Camper, 12V (New Model)

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If you are looking for something that you can operate simply then this is what you need. It works with buttons that are efficient and easy to use. With such a function you get to save time as well as energy. You can adjust the height to suit your needs in a smart way. The design is thoughtful enough to let you use even at night. This is made possible by the functioning lights on each side.


  • It has a smooth swivel design that is strong even under pressure.
  • The weight of the item ensures you are able to carry it without straining. It comes in just 21 pounds that is easy to carry.
  • Storage is simple.

8-F2C Adjustable Height 3500 Lb 12-Volt A

F2C Adjustable Height 3500 Lb 12-Volt A-Frame RV Trailer Jacks Electric Power Tongue

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The lifting capacity of this product is something to go for. It can handle enough weight to ensure the stability of your trailer. Adjustment is simple with a switch used to lift. The powder coat finishes on the product is a perfect way to ensure no rust attacks. It uses three bolts to mount any standard A-frame trailer coupler. The footpad on the product is removable to give you convenience.


  • There is no need to worry when your battery goes dead due to hand crank on the item.
  • It also ensures you get no strain as you operate the product.
  • It can be used on multiple items and not just trailers alone.

7-LIBRA 3500lbs Trailer/RV Electric Power A-Frame Tongue Jacks 26042

LIBRA 3500lbs Trailer/RV Electric Power A-Frame Tongue Jacks 26042

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This is another durable item that you can purchase. The inner tube is zinc plated to ensure no formation of rust occurs. The design ensures you save storage space as it comes in a slim size. It works 20 % faster than other products. With such a feature you are sure to get a jack that works well. The product also operates in a powerful way while remaining quiet. You do not have to worry about making noise while working at night.


  • The LED light is perfectly bright to offer accurate viewing as you work.
  • There are buttons that offer motor cover and rain proofing.
  • You get accurate mounting wear with your buy.
  • The footplate has holes that help drain rainwater.

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6-Buyers Products 0093500 3,500 lb. 12 Volt Electric Trailer Jacks

Buyers Products 0093500 3,500 lb. 12 Volt Electric Jacks, Medium,Black

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If you are looking for a product that comes with a leveling gauge then you may want this option. You also get a quick operation with a single plug. The connector ensures an effective power supply. It is a product that makes powering easy even with heavy tough weights. There is convenient night use made possible by good quality lighting. There is a manual crank that can be used instead of the electrical operation.


  • The switches are perfectly sealed to ensure you have this product for a long time.
  • An oversized zinc plated foot ensures you accurately prevent divots.
  • It has a perfect weight that does not stress you during storage.
  • It has a black color that is classy.

5-RAM Trailer Products EJ-3520-BBX Black Electric Trailer Jacks

RAM Trailer Products EJ-3520-BBX Blacks Electric Trailer Jacks with Drop Leg (3500 lb.)

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This is a professionally time-saving item that is wonderful to have. You can increase the lift by using the drop leg made available for raising as well as lowering. Focusing on your coupler is also made simple with the light having a downward angle. This means that you do not need constant adjustments as the light shines exactly where you need it most. Manual operation is made easy by the emergency crank that is included in the product. Operating this product is fun due to the toggle switches located on the front of the housing. Installing this product is simple using a bolt-on method. Perfect level products are used to build the product.

4-Husky HB4500 4500 lbs. Brute Power Jacks


Husky HB4500 4500 lbs. Brute Power Jacks, Hammer Gray Finish

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A perfect way to reduce wear is by using this perfect item. The drop-down leg is easily adjustable to allow you to set the jack. With such a simple mechanism, you are sure to reduce wear during use. The hitch and spring bar area are easily illuminated using the functioning LED light. There is a ball screw that enables friction reduction effectively. It is also highly economical


  • It works well for a variety of terrains so as not to limit the user.
  • This is an item that is wonderful ravel speed with a full range.
  • Using brute strength is a sure way to lift with less effort.
  • There is a storage bracket that connects well.
  • The steel gears are weather protected.

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3-Quick Products Black JQ-3500B Electric Tongue Jacks

Quick Products Black JQ-3500B Electric Tongue Jacks

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The maximum weight capacity on this product is essential for high weight users. The electric components are built to last. There are steel gears that are perfectly hardened. It is a product that is easy to level due to the way the leveling cap works. Attaching the product to your trailer is a simple task that does not strain the user. There is a vinyl cover that is highly weatherproof.


  • The housing is made of sleek plastic that covers the electric components perfectly.
  • The cap has a bubble style that ensures you get work done well.
  • There are mounting holes on the product that makes installation easy.
  • It carries a high capacity in weight.

2-Lippert Components 285318 3500LB Power Tongue Jack Black

Lippert 285318 3500LB Power Tongue Jacks Black

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The leveling mode of this item is simple with just the push of a button. It requires no hard or complicated tasks. Getting this item ensures that you do not have any chips or cracks. This is made possible by the textured casing that provides protection. The lighting provided is excellent with a high function LED light. There is perfect noise reduction by the gears. This makes it possible for you to operate efficiently.


  • It is easily extended to give optimum performance.
  • The black color is perfect as it matches most RV’s.
  • The design on this item ensures that you do not have to manually crank the jack.
  • It is a perfect way to save effort while working.

1-Uriah Products UC500010 Electric Trailer Jacks

Uriah Products UC500010 Electric Trailer Jacks (7-Way Connector, 5000 lb. 12V DC)

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This is an item that ensures you keep the water out even during harsh weather. This feature ensures that you are able to use the item at all times. There is a 7-way connector that works well. Installation is fast so as to use the item as soon as you need it. The cap keeps dust out which enables longer use when compared to other items.


  • You get extra stability with this product as an option. This is made possible by the footplate that is oversized.
  • Anyone with a utility or cargo trailer can use this product as it is highly compatible.
  • Lift efficiency is increased by the brake motor design.

Knowing the right thing to buy does not have to be a hassle you can simply use the information in this piece to decide. The different brands come in different colors that can suit your look. You are in good hands with such enlightening information. Durability is always key when making a purchase. The brands also have features that are enticing at great prices. There are items that have large foot pedals which are appropriate and efficient. Another thing to consider is the adjustability of the product which accommodates different heights. Most items here are easy to put up and come with manuals to guide you. This is great, especially for first-time users. The sizes also help in storage with minimum space occupied when not in use. Share this piece with others looking to buy quality jacks.

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