Best Electric Winch in 2021

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When you are driving a vehicle, you should be prepared for the worst possible scenario. An electric winch kit is something you should carry to face unforeseen circumstances. For example, when your vehicle gets stuck in the mud during off-road driving, you will need an electric winch for recovery. There are various versatile applications of electric winch for repairing and maintenance. There are different types of electric winches available. The following list contains such top 10 best electric winches to choose from.

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List Of Top 10 Best Electric Winch in 2021

10. Dutton-Lainson Company Electric Winch

Dutton-Lainson Company

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Equipped with double line operation, this electric winch has a massive load capacity of 4000 pounds. This also has a deadweight load of 2700 pounds with the single, and you can use it according to your needs. Moreover, this comes with a corded remote and lets you make the most out of it.

Additionally, this requires a cool downtime of 15 minutes when there is a continuous operation for three minutes. This includes all the necessary attachments and comes ready to use. Furthermore, this is a highly reliable product and goes into different applications. You can easily use it for ventilation systems, light towers, and dumb waiters.

Reasons To Buy

  • Handheld controller for easy controlling.
  • Increased 4000 pound capacity under two-channel operation.
  • Multiple user benefits with an inbuilt remote system.

9. Rough Country PRO Series Electric Winch

 Rough Country 9,500

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With a massive load capacity of 9500 pounds, this one will let you use it for multiple applications. The electric winch comes with easy operation and lets you have an effortless loading of items. Moreover, this includes all the necessary attachments including wired remote, synthetic rope, clevis hook, and hawse fairlead.

Furthermore, this comes in waterproof construction, and it is also resistant to dust. It has three-stage planetary and features in-drum braking. Additionally, this will make your life easier, and it comes in a durable construction. The electric winch has rugged performance and delivers efficient performance even at higher speeds. It also has high torque and comes with hand control.

Reasons To Buy

  • 5.5HP powerful motor with 3-steps universal round shift gear.
  • Remotely controllable synthetic rope, clevis hook.
  • Maximum effect with less effort, with all-weather support.

8. WARN Electric Winch

 WARN 96800 VR8 Electric

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Available in a low-profile design, this electric winch has a separate control pack. This will offer you multiple mounting options and comes in a durable construction. Additionally, this has easy operation and comes in a low-profile design. Moreover, it can easily go with different types of vehicles including SUVs, trucks, and jeeps.

This will let you have easy winching control as this comes in an exclusive brake design. Furthermore, this also includes a series-wound motor that offers better power as well as fast line speed. This has a reliable and smooth gear train and can be a perfect replacement for your existing winch. It has multiple key features and includes a structural base.

Reasons To Buy

  • Effortless and dependable with well-founded three-stage gear.
  • Incompatible brake design for complete and powerful control.
  • Capacity to hold calculated loads with a unique motor for power and speed.

7. X-BULL Wireless Electric Winch

 X-BULL12V Wireless Steel

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Here is an electric winch that comes in an easy to use design as this comes with one-hand operation. The product also comes with a wireless remote control providing you with better convenience. Furthermore, this will let you have positive load control as this comes with a powerful motor. Additionally, this includes a durable stainless steel cable of 26 meters and comes in a complete set so that you can have easy installation.

This is extremely durable so that you can use it for a long time. Moreover, this is also waterproof and dustproof and features three-stage planetary gear. It comes in a portable design and offers you better convenience.

Reasons To Buy

  • In and out power motor for good load control.
  • Steel cable with clamp for fast rope layout.
  • One-hand operation with wireless remote control.

6. ZESUPER Electric Winch Kit

 ZESUPER 12V 13000-lb Load

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This electric winch comes with high performance, and it has a durable construction. This comes in waterproof construction, and you can easily use it on different types of vehicles like multi-purpose utility trailers, trucks, cars, boats, and jeeps. Moreover, it has high efficiency and features three-stage planetary gear. Furthermore, this has a fast circuit speed and lets you have an easy operation with the remote control.

The product comes with a unique brake design and includes a winding clutch. Additionally, this includes a strong synthetic rope of 22 feet and includes all the necessary attachments. This has a massive winching power of 13000 pounds and features a clutch lever.

Reasons To Buy

  • Both manual and remote-controlled with an exclusively designed break.
  • All-weather purpose with powerful 6.4 HP motor.
  • Outstanding performance and cost-effectiveness.

5. WARN Electric Utility Winch

 WARN 85330 1500AC

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This electric winch comes with a load capacity of 1500 pounds. It has industrial planetary gearing that offers smooth and reliable operation. Moreover, metal housing improves durability allowing you to use it for a long time. Additionally, this includes a vented end cap that improves cooling efficiency.

The product comes in a complete set and has extended motor life. Furthermore, the product has a lightweight construction allowing you to have easy portability. The product comes with a permanent magnet motor that delivers outstanding performance and lets you have an easy operation.

Reasons To Buy

  • Magnet motor with state of art motor cooling system.
  • Potential to pull 1500 pounds of weight.
  • 10-foot power cord for easy operation.

4. Electric Recovery Winch by TRIBLE SIX

12000lbs 12V Electric

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The massive load capacity of 12000 pounds makes this electric winch deliver outstanding performance. This comes with easy operation and is resistant to corrosion. Moreover, it is resistant to water and includes a wireless remote control for easy operation. Furthermore, this is a highly reliable product and lets you use it for different applications.

This offers reliable pulling performance and comes with electric capstan assembling. This is available in a complete set, and it features bolt pattern mounting. Additionally, it also includes an accessories box and features a long cable of 28 meters. It lets you have improved control and includes three-stage planetary gears.

Reasons To Buy

  • 12000lbs pull power for easy working.
  • Dual control system remote & automatic.
  • Comprise of an electronic revolving cylinder.

3. ORCISH Electric Jeep Truck Winch

ORCISH IP67 Waterproof

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If you are looking for an electric winch that comes in waterproof construction, then your search ends here. This will let you have peace of mind as it comes with overload protection. The electric winch has a massive load capacity of 13000 pounds and allows you to attach it to multiple types of vehicles. Moreover, it features strong sealed contractors and includes a pair of gloves.

Additionally, this comes with a pair of gloves that protect your hands. It also comes with a long synthetic rope that lets you have easy hauling. Furthermore, it offers you positive load control and comes in a complete set. You can also have an easy operation as this includes a user manual.

Reasons To Buy

  • In-out power system for definite load management.
  • Sealed heavy duty switch with protection against overloading.
  • Pair of gloves and effective high power steel cable.

2. WARN Electric Winch

WARN 94000 4000 DC

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Providing you with the power to have an effortless movement of loading, the electric winch lets you have a comfortable experience. This has a massive load capacity of 4000 pounds and comes with effortless operation. It features a permanent magnet DC motor and has a three-stage planetary gear train. Furthermore, it has outstanding performance and can go with different types of vehicles.

Moreover, this will let you have easy portability as it comes in a lightweight housing. It includes all the necessary attachments including a hook and clasp. This has an outstanding duty cycle as this comes in a versatile construction. It has an impressive pulling capacity and has multiple features. This will make your task easier on the job site and make sure there will be easy hauling of your items.

Reasons To Buy

  • 4000DC with 1.5HP for pulling heavy loads comfortably.
  • 12-volt power and 3-step universal gear for motility.
  • Powerful and adaptable steel rope with clamp and hook.

1. KEEPER Electric Winch

KEEPER 1500 lb

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The electric winch comes with ETL approval, and this will let you have an easy operation due to the wired remote control. The product comes with an emergency shutoff feature that lets you have peace of mind. Moreover, this also has a thermal overload reset, and this can be perfect for garage or workshop use. Additionally, it features quick-change brush caps and includes a cable tension plate as well as a base plate for better performance.

Furthermore, this includes an automatic holding brake as well as a planetary gearbox providing you better convenience. It has a massive pulling power of 1500 pounds, and you can easily plug it into a standard power outlet. This is a highly reliable product and comes in a portable design.

Reasons To Buy

  • Protective switch during emergency and circuit break.
  • Dual-mode controller with the plate for cable pressure.
  • Invigorate rope with safety bar and hook.


There are a few things you should check before you choose one electric winch. The factors such as the availability of rope or cable, the controls, the pulling power, mounting options, and power usage are something you should keep in mind. The electric winch should be perfect for your vehicle, and as far as the quality goes, we have enlisted the best possible electric winches for you to get the best value for your money.

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