Top 10 Best Foot Spa Baths Reviews In 2022

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The daily kind of jobs that we do every day always keep us busy most of the time. That is why we don’t get enough time to relax and even have some leisure. But that should not be a problem anymore. After having to deal with a long day at work and going home with exhausted bodies, we need something that will relax us off right from when we get to sit down. That is why we have brought you these Foot Spa Baths that will work wonders for you.

Top 10 Best Foot Spa Baths Reviews

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10-Belmint Home Foot Spa Bath Massager

Belmint Home Foot Spa Baths Massager - All in 1, Automatic Water Jets, Bubble Massaging with 2x Loofahs for Scrubbing, Baths Salt Holder - Soak Your Feet, Deep Stress Relief Feet Tub

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Get this foot spa baths and it will offer you a complete spa session right at your home. This foot massager will melt your stress away without pinning your wallet. If you want your feet to be softer, then you better invest in these foot spa baths. The device features two loofah disks designed to rejuvenate your skin via gentle exfoliation. When it is me-time, this foot spa bath will help you to relax, re-balance, as well as, enhance your quality time.


  • It has a one-knob easy operation to let you use your foot spa bath easy
  • The Shiatsu roller wheels work with the bubbles from the water jets giving you a stress-relieving massage at your home
  • The product has two loofahs disks that will soften and rejuvenate your skin by giving you a gentle exfoliation
  • The antibacterial infrared mode will kill germs on contact and leave your feet refreshed

9-All in One Foot Spa Bath Massager with Heat

All in One Foot Spa Baths Massager with Heat, Motorized Shiatsu Roller and Bubble Jets, Rolling Massage Adjustable Time & Temperature Relieve Foot Pressure

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These foot spa baths are great for relieving sore and pain in your muscles and joints, ankles, toes, and heels of your feet at your home. In addition, the product has red light heat designed to remove dangerous particles on your feet. The product is also great at promoting blood circulation, improving metabolism, and relieving fatigue and sore and aching. The aging resistance design will let you have a foot spa bath for several years of use.


  • The temperature is adjustable to allow you to have the best feet massage experience at your home
  • The device is made of heavy-duty ABS material making it to be high-temperature resistance
  • The sturdy design plus overheating protection makes this device a must-have for every home
  • The massager can be used to relieve fatigue by promoting blood circulation leaving you to refresh and rejuvenate

8-LiveFine Foot Spa w/Adjustable Speed Aqua Air Jets

LiveFine Foot Spa w/Adjustable Speed Aqua Air Jets - Home Heated (108°) Baths, Massage Rollers, Bubbles, Pumice Stone

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This device features 5-in-1 functions which include warming function, bubble jets, pumice stone, stimulating nodes, and manual massaging rollers to let you get top class massaging experience at the comfort of your home. In addition, it has a removable roller ball that will soothe your fatigued soles leaving them softer and relaxed. These foot spa baths are the best gift for hard-working men, spa-loving women, teens, kid’s spa themed birthday, and more.


  • The unit has a 5-in-1 design to allow you to get the best massage experience at your home without using a single coin at your salon
  • It has a convenient heat option that warms the water up to 108-degree and let you have a comforting Jacuzzi effect
  • The light indicator is perfect for your safety and allows you to use your foot spa bath with peace of mind
  • The adjustable knob will let you set a perfect vibration or airflow from low to high and it will make you feel refresh after a long day

7-All in one-massager w/heat, HF vibration, O2 bubbles red light

All in one foot spa baths massager w/heat, HF vibration, O2 bubbles red light (Pink)

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These are the safest foot spa baths with electric leakage protection to let you enjoy your spa experience without moving out of your home. The device is big enough to fit the feet of both men and women. It offers an effective way of promoting blood circulation, relieving fatigue and improving metabolism, as well as smoothening the meridians. This is a great device for hard-working men and women, nurses, and athletes. It is also good for personal use and gift for others.


  • It uses quality PTC heating semiconductor and this allows the device to maintain a constant temperature for optimal results
  • It has two active massage rollers that when used, they can eliminate fatigue
  • The body of the bath is made of high-quality plastic making the device to be high temperature resistant and aging resistant
  • It has a beautiful and elegant look that makes the foot spa bath to be a good item for personal use and also as a perfect gift for loved ones

6-Foot Spa Misiki with Heat Bubbles Vibration

Foot Spa Misiki Foot Baths Massager with Heat Bubbles Vibration and Auto Shut-off, 4 Massage Rollers and Pedicure Stone for Acupressure Shiatsu Massage to Relieve Feet Muscle Pain

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Get this device and it will improve your sleeping quality by relieving stress and fatigue. The device will also offer you a great way to smooth your heel and feet. The adjustable heating temperature of the device is a great way of enhancing the therapeutic effect and helps you to relieve muscle soreness, as well as, the pain of soles. The bottom of the tub has an attached foot stone and you can use it to remove calluses, corns, and dead skin. Keep your feet fresh and smooth by owning this device.


  • The device has four removable massage rollers to offer you a deep kneading massage experience on your feet
  • The adjustable heating temperature ranges from 95-degree F to 118-degree F and will let you choose the suitable temperature that works best for you during the foot spa massage process
  • The tub has an additional footstone which is attached at the bottom of the device to give you the best pedicure and exfoliation
  • The unit has a built-in timer that will auto shut off after 60-minutes of nonstop use and this is perfect for safety concerns

5-Turejo Foot Spa- Foot Bath Massager with Heat, Upgraded

Turejo Foot Spa- Foot Baths Massager with Heat, Upgraded 6 Motorized Massage Rollers & Pedicure Attachments, Pumice Stone, Bubbles, Time & Temprature Control, Soothe Your Tired Feet

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This is a unique foot masseur that has been equipped with a unique kind of rotating pedicure stone that will ensure that your feet and foot are always taken care of in the best manner possible ever. The item cokes with an included nail brush and file that will give you an added advantage that will better your foot spa and massage. It is a product that has been designed to ensure your health is always at a checkpoint


  • It has been made with an ultimate time function that will give you an opportunity of deciding the time you will need to be in that massage and it will automatically go off
  • The invisible handle that it came with an automatic drain will ensure that you get to drain the tub easily
  • It is approved for use as it has passed all the safety kind of standards
  • You can set the heating temperature to what you need and love most, that is between 35℃ ~ 48 ° C

4-Steam Foot Bath/Sauna Tub with 3 Heat Levels and 2 Adjustable Timers

Steam Foot Baths/Spa Massager Foot Sauna Tub with 3 Heat Levels and 2 Adjustable Timers, No Water Pouring, 4 Pedicure Massage Rollers and Imitated Pebble Pedal Detachable, New Method for Stress Relief

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You might be having less to no time to spare for a foot sauna. That takes you to the next level where now you have to have your foot taken care of right at home. The spa foot massager that you will find here with us never forgot the traditional methods that were used initially. What it has done is just simple but unique, combined the traditional methods with modern technology all in one. You can now embrace your feet in the soothing steam.


  • It has been designed with a one-touch kind of operation, making it an intelligent and simple machine to use
  • You just need a small cup of water to complete your spa experience. The machine will save you a lot in time and water wastage
  • The pedal has been designed with an ergonomic kind of design that will ensure that the curves of your foot are taken care of
  • Designed with a drawer type of water collection, making it an easy process of draining water

3-Conair Foot Spa/Pedicure Spa with Massaging Bubbles

Conair Foot Spa/Pedicure Spa with Massaging Bubbles Includes 3 Attachments

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Your feet are always in the move and they need to be invigorated. This is the unit that will take care of you completely. It has been designed with a one-touch kind of pad control that will ensure that bubbles and heat are all better controlled. It is one of the greatest units that you can come across. The unique styling that the item is made to ensure better item usage with no side effects encountered.


  • Designed with a heat feature control mechanism that will maintain the temperature of the water
  • The toe-touch control technology that has been fitted with this system will ensure activation of bubbles and the heat feature
  • The nonslip feet feature has been used in the item for added kind of stability
  • It is an extra deep item that has foot nodes for a deep kind of massage

2-yosager with Heat, Bubbles Foot Bath Tub, Foot Massager

yosager Foot Spa with Heat, Bubbles Foot Baths Tub, Foot Massager with Infrared Relieve Stress, Pedicure Spa, Preserve Invariable Temperature, 4 Massage Rollers

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The kind of massager that is right here is one that has the ability to ensure that your tension is soaked away with some water massage. What will happen is simple but unique, your feet will be re-energized again in no minutes. One thing that you need to know is that if you don’t have some happy kind of feet, then your overall health will be tampered with. The easy operation that the massager here has been designed with is what makes it something you need to have right at home.


  • Designed with a high-quality PTC heating semiconductor that is used to ensure the there is fast heating
  • The semiconductor is also able to maintain the same constant kind of temperature so that you have that better spa process
  • It is easy to operate item that has been designed with four knobs for different functions
  • Massage roller used here are able to stimulate the acupoints found on the foot

1-Giantex Heated Foot Spa Bath Massager Collapsible Design

Giantex Heated Foot Spa Baths Massager Collapsible Design, 3 in 1 Footbath Tub with Motorized Rollers Pumice Stone Scrub Brush, Easy Storage, Foldable Foot Soaking Tub for Feet Stress Relief

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You don’t have to buy anything for a few members of the family, that won’t work nicely for you. Get this item that everyone in the family can use. Therefore, it is a safe and unique item that you can use. It has been made uniquely with a foldable and easy to use space kind of design that will save you space when the item is not in use.


  • The bubble massage is able to constantly stimulate al the acupuncture points of the feet
  • The scrub, pumice stone, and roller massager will help you in removing the dead skin on the feet
  • The metal support rods are retractable but solid and durable

You will now have saved much of your time out there going to the spas looking for assistance and such as massager services. All this can be done right from home. What you need is to make a choice of your best item form the above-given choices and let your days end well always.

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