Best Leather Accent Chairs in 2022

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By adding a unique leather chair to your room’s decor. One of the top 15 best leather accent chairs in 2022 will fill that quest with ease. These chairs are made from fine quality materials that bring a more professional tone to your office.

Also, these chairs are nice and comfortable. You can relax after a hard day at work and rejuvenate while sitting inside one. When you want to bring a touch of class to your home or office, you turn to the best accent chair around.

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List Of Top 10 Best Leather Accent Chairs in 2022

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10. DIVANO ROMA FURNITURE Classic Bonded Leather Accent Chair


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To look more professional and have people take you and your work seriously, you need to add this classic leather accent chair to your office. Its scroll arm design speaks measures about your professional ability.

Plus, it only measures 31 by 44 by 33 inches in size and should fit your office with ease. The removable cushion makes cleaning this chair simple. Built-in solid wood legs, you get a firm foundation to sit on.

Then the overstuffed chair provides you or your client a soft, comfortable place to sit while you talk business. Making the right impression is the first step in creating new business for you and your firm. A pillow is included with your purchase to add to the comfort level this chair provides.

9. Wrigley Genuine Leather Executive Chair

Wrigley Genuine Leather

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You are an important business executive so it stands to reason that you would have this leather accent chair behind your desk. Its overall look shows your visitors that you are someone they want to deal with.

Also, it is soft and comfortable to sit in as you do your work. In addition to that, the 5 star aluminum base is sturdy as it rests on top quality castor wheels. You shouldn’t have trouble moving about with this chair underneath you.

Once you feel the balance and firmness of this chair, you will not look at another one. Then the 24 by 28 by 47 1/2 inch accent chair adjusts to 51 inches high. Next, all the controls are easy to use and reach.

8. Pemberly Row Faux Leather Accent Chair

Pemberly Row Faux

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Brown is a safe color to add to your office. A brown chair goes with any decor you have and still lets you keep a professional look. This brown leather accent chair has a traditional look that says you are all business.

In addition to that look, you get 4 solid wood legs to rest on. This firm foundation makes this chair very durable and long-lasting. Also, the chrome nailheads add a distinct touch to the overall look of the chair. Your visitors should be impressed when they see it in your office.

On top of all that, you get a comfortable fully padded chair that makes doing office work a pleasure. The faux leather accent chair should upgrade your office and help build your business reputation.

7. Best Selling Tufted Brown Leather Club Chair

Best Selling Tufted Brown

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This is probably the style of leather accent chair your grandfather had in his office. Nothing says tradition and stability like this leather accent chair. Your visitors will see that you intend to be around for a long time when they view this chair for the first time.

Measuring from the floor to the seat, you get about 17 inches of legroom and then the 36 inch back supports your body easily. It is fully stuffed, comfortable and a very firm chair to sit in.

In case you are overweight, this chair should hold about 300 pounds give or take about 5 to 10 pounds. After you put this leather accent chair in your office, your production should rise as it is a comfortable place to sit in.

6. Safavieh Mercer Collection Mario Leather Arm Chair

Safavieh Mercer Collection

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Leather accent chairs come in all sizes and shapes. Not all have to be reminders of traditional business values. Some, like this leather accent chair, brighten a room and give you a place to think.

You can start to think outside the box once you place yourself in this 23 by 26 by 39 inch, approx., leather accent chair. Its fine styling lets you concentrate on your affairs while making you comfortable with its 20-inch seat height.

Made from Birch wood you get a solid cream color chair that accents the room  while making sure you are stable and fully supported. This chair holds your weight with ease as long as your weight hits the reasonable side of the scale. Plus, it is very durable making it a vital part of your home or office for years to come.

5. Zuri Furniture Modern Leather Chair

Zuri Furniture Modern

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Creating a modern look to your office is what this leather accent chair is all about. Not every client appreciates traditional office chairs and having a modern style in your office puts them at ease.

Once in your office, this leather accent chair provides a lot of comfort to all who sit on it. The microfiber leather construction materials are soft to the touch and give the person inside the freedom of movement.

After you sit in this 42 by 42 by the 32-inch chair you will feel the difference between it and other accent chairs. The kiln dry hardwood frame is solid, stable and strong. You or your clients can sit n it with confidence and focus on the business at hand.

4. Best Selling Gregory Tufted Leather Club Chair

Best Selling Gregory Tufted

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Sometimes the best business decisions are made when sitting in a leather accent chair. One’s mind gets to relax and able to explore all business options without feeling any pressure. That is the atmosphere this leather accent chair brings to your business life.

Once inside, you will fill the soft padded arms, the full cushions and the comfortable supportive backrest. These conditions help you look at your business dealings from a better perspective. That is after you do some small assembly work.

With the studded accents running up and down the arms, you still get a good business look to your office. Plus, your clients will see that you like quality over quantity. A key characteristic to have when you want to succeed.

3. Simpli Home Wide Contemporary Accent Chair

Simpli Home AXCCHR

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It is a good thing that leather accent chairs come in all shapes and sizes. The reason for that is people come in all shapes and sizes and find comfort in an assortment of accent chairs. This unit will attract those people who want more freedom to move their arms.

This armless leather accent chair measures about 24 by 32 by 29 inches in size and can handle those people who like to use their hands when they speak. Plus, the faux leather fabric combines with the kiln-dried solid brown colored wood legs to bring you freedom and stability. Not to mention durability.

Once this leather accent chair is in your home or office your visitors will see the real you and want to be associated with you.

2. Simple Living Products Swivel Chair

Swivel Chair with Barrel Back

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You can get a lot of work done when you sit in this leather accent chair. Not only does it look good, but it also swivels so you can reach the table behind you. You can grab important pieces of paper with a slight push of the legs.

In addition to that little feature, you get a chair that is designed for comfort with its overstuffed interior. On top of that this leather accent chair can double as a dining room table chair. Getting to and from your place at the table is easy.

With this 30 by 31 by 29-inch leather accent chair in your home, you can accommodate those guests that weigh up to 300 pounds.

1. Rivet Jamie Mid-Century Modern Leather Accent Chair

 Rivet Leather Low Arm

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Leather accent chairs do not have to be formal. They can bring a nice casual look and feel to your home as well. That is what this chair does and its tan coloring lightens and brightens any room it is placed.

Plus, its mid-century design adds a lot of value to your home with its attractive low arm styling. Measuring only 31 by 32 by 35 inches in size, there should be an empty spot in your home for this leather accent chair.

Solid wood legs help keep this easy to clean chair stable and durable. The legs are made from hardwood and should be able to hold your weight, within reason, with ease.


Sprucing up your home or office is not a difficult task anymore. Not when you have one of the top 10 best leather accent chairs in 2022 to use. These chairs are made from top-quality construction materials that have any home or office looking great.

Plus, they are very stable and durable. Characteristics that you want in a good looking leather accent chair. Your guests should be impressed.

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