Top 10 Best Magnetic Knife Holders Reviews In 2022

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Knives in the kitchen are always a must-have, they are tools that assist us to handle cuttings in the kitchen. Yes, they are tools we won’t do without. At the same time, they are the most dangerous ones if not handled and stored with care. Careless kind of storage will mean that you might encounter injuries due to cuts. With magnetic knife holders, all that is kept at bay as the knives will be properly stored in a safe place that you always see them.

Top 10 Best Magnetic Knife Holders Reviews

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10-Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip

Powerful Magnetic Knife Strip, Holders Made in USA (Wenge, 20 inches)

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These magnetic kinds of holders have been made to ensure that you are able to add beauty to any home, room where magnetic storage and organization have been made to be used. They will never look out of place as they are able to be secured into the wall or even fit in a drawer. This kind of holder is able to assist you in doing different kinds of tasks that other things won’t manage including holding virtually anything that you want to hold up there, so long as it is magnetically compatible.


  • It has been designed with a scratch-free kind of surface
  • The magnetic kind of force works from edge to edge
  • They ensure that you have more space on the counter
  • They hold as many knives as you have

9-Magnetic Knife Strip Holder 16 inch Self Adhesive with Powerful Magnetic Pull

Magnetic Knife Strip Holders 16 inch Self Adhesive with Powerful Magnetic Pull Force (Upgraded Version)

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When you want something that will ensure that your kitchen is pretty and saves space, this space knife holder saver is what you have been looking for. The magnetic knife holders made with the least kind of technology that won’t let you down as you get to organize your kitchen. The item has been made with a strong kind of magnet that will hold as many knives across the bar as possible. That will ensure they get organized pretty well.


  • It is able to stick on to a flat surface in no time, making it an easy item to install
  • Designed with an extended length that will allow you to hold more knives
  • The item has been completely powered by a neodymium kind of magnetic that is strong
  • Covered in high-grade stainless steel finish that makes it clean all the time

8-Walnut Wood Magnetic Knife Block

Walnut Wood Magnetic Knife Block, (MKB 749) Made of Real Walnut Wood, Encrusted With Magnets To Beautifully Showcase Your Knives

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After getting to hear from our customers, we decided to do improvements and change in this kind of product that we have for you. The initial had some magnets that were too strong to hold down the knives. That made it difficult for them to remove knives because of the twist and pull force needed. With this one, the magnet has been reduced a bit so that you are able to get to accomplish your knife taking without getting too much force.


  • It has been made with a reduced magnetic strength
  • Cleaning the item is always easy, no stains will be noticed or accommodated
  • Walnut wood is what has been used in making it, a durable kind of material
  • Assembling the item is needed but it can all be done in an easy manner

7-Norpro 18-Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar

Norpro 18-Inch Aluminum Magnetic Knife Bar

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The best kind of magnetic knife holders is one that will grip your knife in an easy manner but when you want the knife, ensure that you are able to take the knife also easily. That is what is found here with our product. This is a practical kind of holder that just looks gorgeous in all kinds of situations ad places that you install it. That way, it will make you feel organized as it carries out its work efficiently.


  • It grips knives in a secure manner but ensures they are also released easily
  • They ensure your knife blades are protected from damage
  • The extra strength kind of magnet that it has is one that is permanent
  • Installation is easy and it comes with screws for use

6-Imperial Collection IM-MGN5-W Stainless Steel Knife Set

Imperial Collection IM-MGN5-W Stainless Steel Knife Set with Magnetic Knife Block Featuring Embossed Blades with Non-Stick Coating, Ergonomic Soft Grip (6-Piece Set of Knives, Black Handles)

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The kitchen is one of the unique places that are at every home and when you are there, you always need to have a better experience. That is what you will just get with this kind of holder. It is able to take care of up to 6 knives, hence ensures better safe and secure storage. Holder does not get to suffer from stains, thanks to its stainless make. Arrange your knives well and keep them on the holder as you place it at some corner,


  • The strong and lightweight kind of handles ensure that each knife is given that proper weight and also balance
  • The non-stick coating won’t allow ay food to get into the appliance and stick there
  • It is easy to maintain item because of its ease of washing

5-Knife Holder Magnetic Universal Kitchen Knife Organizer

Knife Holders Magnetic Universal Kitchen Knife Block Natural Wood Knife Stand Large Capacity Knife Organizer with Double Side Storage

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If you want to make your kitchen countertop to look more organized, then let this magnetic knife holder be your kitchen accessory. The product is great for keeping your kitchen safe when cooking. The open-air design will let your knives dry and clean. Maintaining the holder is hassle-free by simply wiping with a damp cloth and no bacteria or mold will ever grow in your knife holder. The anti-skid felt pad will prevent sliding, skidding, slipping or wobbling around.


  • The clever technology will let you insert and remove your knives keeping your kitchen safer when cooking
  • The magnetic knife holder is made of wood that creates a natural style for your home
  • The non-slip base makes the holder safer to be used on slippery countertops

4-Luxury Magnetic Knife Block Holder with Enhanced Double Side Magnets

Luxury Magnetic Knife Block Holders with Enhanced Double Side Magnets, Eco-friendly ABS, Colture Cutlery Display Stand and Storage Rack, Large Capacity, Easy to Reach, Easy to Clean (Color : Black)

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This magnetic knife holder has a gorgeous design and it will let you store your kitchen knives up to 7.3” safely. The magnet is powerful and this will make it to hold a lot of kitchen knives securely in place. It will let you reach your knife easily, quickly and safely. The product is great for common household kitchen cutters such as fruit knife, bread knife, or kitchen knife. The rectangular design makes it safer to use in slippery kitchen counter tips.


  • The double-sided storage will let you store up to ten knives at least but depending on the size of your knives
  • The block has a smooth surface to protect the blade of your knives and make cleaning a breeze
  • The rectangular design will let your magnetic knife holder stay in place even when you place it on a slippery countertops

3-Blocks & Roll Bags, Stainless Steel Strip Wall Mounting

Blocks & Roll Bags - Stainless Steel Knife Holders Magnetic Strip Wall Mounting 40 Cm D Tidy Magne - Bag Rack Kitchen Bags Rack Roof The Panel Knife Knife Block Knife Knife Holders Dish Knife Or

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Here is another magnetic knife holder with a unique design. It is easy to use and it will let you organize a lot of kitchen knives, bread knives, or fruit knives with ease. The product also has a powerful magnet that will hold your knives securely in place. It is a great choice for every kitchen and it will let you reach your knife easily, quickly, and safely. The gorgeous design will make your kitchen look classy and above all, makes you safe when cooking.


  • It will offer you various combinations which are ideal for an increased space utilization
  • It has fast drying design and this will make your knives dry faster a reduce chances of growth of bacteria
  • The simple appearance and sophisticated technology will let you love using your magnetic knife holder

2-SPACECARE Magnetic Knife Holder,

SPACECARE Magnetic Knife Holders,Knife Strip,Knife Rack Double-Bar Rack Stainless Steel Wall-mounted With 6 Removable Hooks

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This magnetic knife holder has clever technology that will keep your kitchen knives tidy and clean. It will leave your work surface neat and well-aligned. The holder has a simple appearance yet sophisticated and built to last. This magnetic holder will help your kitchen knives to dry faster and reduce the favorable environment for the breeding of bacteria. It has six removable hooks that can be used to hold nonmagnetic kitchen accessories.


  • The knife holder has space-efficient construction to let you organize several knives and make your kitchen clean
  • It has six solid hooks which are ideal for extra storage management and will make your kitchen well-aligned
  • The strong magnet will hold even the heavy knives securely in place

1-CMS Magnetics 14.25 inch Strong Magnet Kitchen Knife Strip in Stainless Steel

CMS Magnetics 14.25 inch Strong Magnet Kitchen Knife Strip in Stainless Steel

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This premium magnetic strip will offer you an elegant solution for hygienic kitchen tasks. The magnetic strip will let you organize your kitchen accessories. The stainless steel finish makes the holder long-lasting by enabling it to resist corrosion, chemical damage, and heat damage. The product comes with mounting hardware to make the installation of your magnetic knife holder hassle-free. The holder is also easy to clean.


  • The magnetic strip is versatile and can be used to organize and hold tools or art supplies
  • The no-drill design makes installation and cleaning easy
  • The stainless steel finish enables the magnetic knife holder last long by resisting heat damage and other elements

These magnetic knife holders are made of high-quality materials and their powerful magnetic will enable you to store your kitchen cutters securely in place. You don’t have to worry about your safety when cooking because these magnetic knife holders will make accessing your kitchen knife to be easier, quicker, and safer. Grab your magnetic knife holder right away and let it make your kitchen to be more aligned.

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