Best Massage Tables in 2022 Reviews

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Massage therapy is wonderful you get to rid yourself of tension, tight muscles, and relieve deep down tissues of their aches and pains. When you need a massage you can supply your own massage table. Just pick one from the top 13 best massage tables in 2022.

These top tables are comfortable, easy to unfold and relocate. Your message should go better when you use a top massage table. Plus, they are also fairly durable, lasting you for many years before you need to replace them.

When you want a great massage part of the massage equation is using a top massage table to keep you nice and comfortable throughout the process.

List of Our Best Massage Tables in 2022

13. Massage Imperial® Deluxe Lightweight Portable Massage Table

13. Massage Imperial® Deluxe Lightweight Ivory White

Read while you are relaxing. This 3 section massage table comes with a little shelf to place your reading material. Stay caught up with your business data or just relax by reading a good book. The face down pad makes sure your eyes can see what is on the shelf below.

On top of that, this 77 by 28 inch massage table provides padded armrests so your whole body relaxes while the massage takes place. Plus, with the adjustable height, you can accommodate those masseuses who are not all at the same height.

The really good news is that when it is not needed, this massage table folds up nice and small. It can be carried just about anywhere you need a massage or store the table. The table holds about 600 pounds at one time

12. New Black 73in Portable Massage Table

12. New Black 73in Portable Massage Table

A carrying case is included in your purchase. Once folded up your massage table fits inside and lets you carry this massage table to home or your next appointment. Adjustable wood legs provide the strength you need in a massage table. This unit is strong enough to hold 450 pounds.

In addition, you have a comfortable table that provides thick padding throughout. Not only does your body get comfort so does your arms and head. Also, the 73 inch long table needs no tools for assembly. Just unfold it and it is ready for work.

An adjustable shelf underneath lets you read or watch your iPhone, etc. You can stay in contact with your office or take a break and improve your mind. This massage table weighs only about 28 pounds making it very easy to carry.

11. Artechworks Professional 3 Folding Portable Massage Table

11. Artechworks 28 Wide Professional 3 Folding Portable Massage Table Facial Salon Spa Tattoo Bed

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Get the position you need to relieve sore muscles and minor aches and pains. Once you adjust this massage table to meet your needs, all you have to do is lie down and let the masseuse do their thing.

Adjustable legs give you the height you need to make sure your message is better than ever. With 2 1/2 inch thick foam padding your muscles and bones should not be hurt as you go through the massage process.

The lightweight massage table uses aluminum legs to help keep the weight down. This makes the table easy to relocate measuring about 73 by 28 inches in size, there should be room for your body on this table. The head rest adds another 10 inches. Then this massage table holds about 500 pounds.

10. Angel USA Ultra Light Weight Portable Massage Table

10. Angel USA Ultra Light Weight Sturdy Aluminum Frame

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Most people can fit on this 83 inch massage table. It is long and wide enough to accommodate a variety of body designs making everyone comfortable and relaxed. With an 11 inch height adjustment, this table should meet most masseuse’s needs when doing their work.

Plus, the aluminum table may only weigh 28 pounds but it can hold up to 600 without complaint. Complete with padded head and arm rests your body should be able to relax and shed those tight sore muscles in no time.

Then when not needed, the table folds up fast and lets you carry it away to your next appointment or put it away somewhere small. When needed, no assembly or tools are required. Just fold it out and it should be good to go. Plastic feet protect your floors.

9. BestComfort Height Adjustable Massage Table

9. Portable Massage Table, BestComfort Height Adjustable Massage Table

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Massage tables are pretty straight forward. They hold a lot of weight, this one up to 550 pounds, they come with lots of padded areas, this one arms, head, and body, and they adjust. What more can you ask of a massage table?

In addition, this massage table comes with a little shelf so you can do other activities while getting a top massage. Adjustable legs, 9 inches, make sure you are placed at optimum heights and where your massage does the most good.

Everything about this massage table spells comfort and relief. Your tired, tight sore muscles do not stand a chance once you are on this model. The wiring underneath keeps the table nice and stable as you enjoy your relaxing massage. It is also easy to use and unfolding is the most difficult work associated with this table.

8. Yaheetech Massage Table

8. Yaheetech Massage Table Portable Massage Bed Massage Therapy Table Spa Bed

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Once you unfold this massage table you have 84 inches to work with.the padded face pillow makes sure you have lots of room to get a massage. After your face is in the position you can close your eyes and go to sleep, or you can read.

On top of that, you have an easy to set up a table that makes sure you do not lose any quality massage time. Unfolding and folding it back up again should not take more than a few seconds to do. No tools are needed for any assembly work that needs to be done.

Then when it is up and ready this table holds about 550 pounds on its padded surface. That padding is thick and includes the armrests. Every part of your body can relax once on top of this top massage table.

7. MaxKare Portable Massage Table

7. MaxKare Massage Table Lash Bed Professional

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Unfolded you have a massage table that measures 73 by 28 by 35 inches give or take a few inches for the height adjustment. Folded it is 28 by 36 by 7 inches. These measurements tell you how much room you need to use this table or store it.

An eleven inch lift or reduction is what you get with this massage table. Then the thick foam padding takes over and gets your body ready for your relaxing massage. Soon your aches and pains should be a thing of the past.

Also, its oil and water proof leather exterior you do not have much cleaning to do. Nor do you need to worry about germs or bacteria from other users. They wipe away quickly. The table can hold about 500 pounds give or take a few either way.

6. Saloniture Basic Portable Folding Massage Table

6. Saloniture Basic Portable Folding Massage Table - Black

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Spice up your massage time by picking one of the 7 brilliant colors this massage table comes in. You can match up your room decor or make it brighter and more interesting with some of those colors.

Then once you are on the table the non slip and non scratching feet protect your floors and keep the table still. With 2 inches of protective and comfortable foam, your body should let go of its stress and tension with ease. Also, the table holds roughly 450 pounds.

This is a simple basic table for those people who like simple and basic items. There are no fancy attachments, just an all-round top massage table that is always ready for work. The cover is oil and water proof to make sure you are protected from any bacteria or spills that take place.

5. Master Massage Montclair Professional Portable Massage Table

5. Master Massage 31 Montclair Professional Portable Massage Table Package

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The cheery stained wood legs look good and brighten any room this massage table is placed. Not only is that a good color to have on a massage table, but you can also pick from 4opthers to make sure your massage room stays color coordinated.

In addition, you have one tough massage table on your hands. The legs hold about 750 pounds without really trying. Then two carry handles help you relocate this table when it is not needed. A 10 inch adjustment gives you some height options to work with.

A soft face pillow lets you breathe as you massage. If you are up to it a little shelf provides more options for you as you lay down and enjoy releasing your stress.

4. BestMassage Massage Table

4. Massage Table Massage Bed Spa Bed 73 Inch Heigh Adjustable 2 Fold Portable Massage

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The accessories that come with this top massage table are what helps it to stand out from the crowd. First, you get different sized pillows to focus different muscle groups. Then there is the little pouch to the side. You can keep your phone and keys with you as you get a massage.

Third, are the padded armrests that make sure your whole body relaxes during your massage time. Finally, you have a soft face pillow that makes sure your neck does not get sore or stiff while you lie there.

Made with solid beech wood, you can get 450 pounds on top of this top quality massage table with ease. No tools are needed to put this top table together.

3. Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table

3. Saloniture Professional Portable Massage Table with Backrest - Black

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Hardwood frames are a great way to go. Not only do they look good they are stable and sturdy as well. Plus, they can hold a lot of weight. This one handles about 450 pounds with ease.

Then no slip and no scratch feet make sure your floors stay in top condition. On top of that, you have an oil and waterproof cover that makes sure the table remains clean for multiple uses. The 3 inch foam padding adds additional comfort to your massage time.

Once you do not need the table anymore, you can fold it up and slip it away into a tight small corner of your home. All accessories can detach and be put out of the way when not needed.

2. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table

2. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Table HARMONY DX

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Measuring 73 by 30 inches in size, you have a lot of room to get a good massage. Your body size should not matter as this table is wide enough to handle the differences. Then 2 1/2 inches of foam padding make sure your body does not suffer any discomfort while you are under the care of your masseuse.

A built-in carry handle makes sure that once this table is folded up it can be carried to its next destination with ease. A 10 inch height adjustment adds a little convenience to your massage time.

Then the gel-filled face pillow makes your head nice and comfortable. You may feel like you are floating on a cloud with this massage table around.

1. Sierra Comfort Basic Portable Massage Table

1. SierraComfort Basic Portable Massage Table, Black

This is a simple massage table for those people who like simple things. There are no accessories or bells and whistles to play with. Just your basic table that holds about 400 pounds.

Putting this table away will not be too strenuous as it only weighs 30 pounds approx., and comes with 2 carrying handles. Measuring 73 by 28 inches in size, you have enough room to hold a variety of body styles. Then the 2 inch thick foam keeps everyone who uses this table nice and comfortable.

On top of all this, this hardwood frame is light colored helping your room look larger than ever. Plus, it is a sturdy frame that provides A-1 stability. Everyone should be safe when laying on this top massage table.

Some final words

Massage tables are the most important aspect of the massage process. They provide the height, the width, and the comfort that makes a massage good. One of the top 13 best massage tables in 2022 will help your massages be better than ever.

They have the weight limit, the strength, the stability, and the padding to make everyone who lies on it nice and comfortable. They also clean up nice and easily as well.

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