Top 15 Best Portable Food Warmers Reviews in 2022

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Portable food warmers will ensure that you say goodbye to consuming cold and Lukewarm food, especially on the cold winter days. These devices are more convenient and will not consume more power compared to your microwave. Some of these portable food warmers will come with two power options that will give you the liberty to either plug your food warmer to the AC socket at your home or office. The other power option is via a 12-dc volt outlet that is ideal for those who would love to warm their food while traveling. They are portable and a perfect gift choice.

15. UUTO Electric Lunch Box, Portable Food Warmer for Car/Truck/Home

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UUTO electric heating lunch box will support both 12V and 110V power supplies. This portable food warmer will ensure you enjoy a healthy lunch at any time in the car, at the office, school, or home.

The food warmer features food-grade plastic and 304 stainless steel container that will have a strong resistance to heat and meets all the dietary materials standards,

Cleaning the portable food warmer is easy. You will even put it in a refrigerator. It is easy to use; you will plug in this device for 25 to 40 minutes to ensure your food tastes well.

14. Aotto Personal Portable Oven 12V Car Food Warmer for Reheating Meal & Raw Food Cooking Lunch Warmer

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This portable food warmer enables you to reheat your already prepared meals in 1-2 hours while using less energy than a microwave. Using the food warmer is simple since you will plug in this portable food warmer into your car and have your food warm.

The portable food warmer is ideal for the use in the job site, office, campsite, and outdoor you will need a power outlet and your already cooked food.

It is compatible with any flat-bottomed food container, and it will slowly and evenly heat your meal to preserve moisture and enhance flavor.

13. car Electric Lunch Box, Portable Food Warmer Heating, Food-Grade Stainless Steel Container

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You will prepare your favorite meal and then choose a car use cable or home use cable to plug in the lunch box to warm your food at your convenience time. The portable food warmer has an Indicator light that turns on while your food is heating.

This portable food warmer features food grade PP plastic and 304 stainless steel container that is strong enough to resist heat and is durable.

Another exciting feature is that it has a built-in high quality 304 stainless steel tray that makes it easy to clean, safe, and non-toxic. You can also wash stainless steel trays in a dishwasher.

12. Electric Lunch Box 2 in 1, Electric Lunch Box Food Heater Car and Home Use Portable Lunch Heater

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The portable food warmer will come with two different plugs, one for Work/Home 110V that you will plug directly into the wall and another one for Cars Trucks 12V hence ensuring you enjoy warm food even while traveling.

Cleaning it is very simple because it has a removable stainless-steel tray that you will clean it with ease. Its parts are dishwasher friendly.

The food warmer has a large capacity and has a removable plastic compartment in case you want to separate different types of food. A spoon is in this package and is free.

11. WISH Mini Portable Oven 12V Personal Food Warmer with Lunch Bag

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This 12 Volts portable food warmer is exceptionally compact, and you will take it with you anywhere want, for example, in a picnic, car trip, gym, family travel office, as long as you will either have a 12-volt socket outlet.

It features an automatic temperature control system that will ensure that your food will not overheat, and this will help in preserving moisture and enhancing flavor, and your meals will warm within one hour.

The portable food warmer features a design with a front pocket that will hold your utensils and an inner cord pocket to store the power cord in the tidiest way with no risk of cord damage.  It has an aluminum lining for better heat retention.

10. Personal Portable Oven, Mini Food Warmer Electric Lunch Box

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This food warmer is compact; hence will not take a lot of space. You will carry it where you is suitable for office, travel, potlucks, and home kitchen.

The portable food warmer will have three carrying positions. You will grapple it in your hands, working as a shoulder bag or hanging on the straps of your backpack.

It features an automatic temperature control design that ensures you will not worry about the overheating of your food.  You will plug-in power, and you can do other things when your food is warm; it will automatically turn itself off.

9. Electric Lunch Box for Car and Home 110V & 12V 40W – Removable Stainless-Steel

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You will conveniently and safely reliably warm your food since this food warmer features food grade PP material and stainless-steel body that is non-toxic and healthy.

It is a two way, and you will either use a 12V car use adapter and 110V home use adapter that will come in the package. You will conveniently heat your meal at the office, during travel, or at home.

The portable food warmer has a removable stainless-steel container, and therefore it is easy to clean. Also included in this package is a removable plastic compartment in case you want to separate different types of food.

8. Hot Logic 16801045-BLK Food Warming Tote 12V

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The hot logic portable food warmer will evenly cook or reheat your food. You will prepare all kinds of food, ranging from frozen meats to vegetables, and you will achieve all this without burning your food.

This food warmer is ideal for preparing healthy meals and the comfort and convenience of your home. Its 12 volts DC power input is suitable for truck drivers, business travelers, or off-site workers.

You will not monitor the food warmer since it is plug and play and will automatically switch off when your food is ready

7. Gideon Heated Electric Lunch Box 12-Volt Portable Stove for Car, Truck, Camping, Etc

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This Gideon portable food warmer quickly warms up meals and conveniently.  You will plug into any cigarette lighter or other 12-volt power source and will promptly heat food up to 300 degrees in the comfort of your vehicle.

It is perfect for long road trips, work, camping, tailgating, and is extremely safe for use. It has a heat resistant case that always stays cool-to-the-touch and stays tightly closed with the front closure effectively preventing food spillage.

The food warmer is insulated and helps lock in the temperature, keeping the food hot for longer.  You will Warm up your meal while driving and then take it along to your work area, camping area, etc. Always have a hot nourishing and healthy meal

6. Carlisle PC300N03 Cateraide End-Loading Insulated Food Pan Carrier

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Carlisle PC300N03 Cateraide portable food warmer will hold up to five full-sized pans in a variety of arrangements that will adapt to meet the changing needs.

This portable food warmer features superior insulation that has reinforced commercial-grade polyurethane insulation that will maximize your food temperatures retention.

The food warmer will keep your food cold or hot for up to 6 hours. It also has ergonomic handles for secure carrying that will even allow two people to carry at a go.

5. Yescom 1.5L Portable Electric Heating Lunch Box Food Storage Warmer

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Yescom portable food warmer features food graded plastic and 304 stainless steel inner linings that will help retain your food temperatures. The plastic is permitted and is safe for use.

It is lightweight and has a compact size and will wit an ergonomic handle that makes it convenient to carry and handle.

The food warmer features a protective mechanism that will prevent your food from being overheated hence ensuring your food retains the perfect moisture and getting the ideal taste.

4. TRAVELISIMO Electric Lunch Box 2 in 1 for Car/Truck and Work 110V & 12V 40W

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with this food warmer, you will either heat your food from your car using the 12 volts outlet or at the convenience of your office or home via the 110 volts power outlet. Hence giving you two options.

It will come with two plastic compartments, which are easily removable and will ensure you will not mix your food. Your food will always remain warm at all times.

This portable food warmer will come with a removable stainless-steel tray that you will clean easily, and also, it is dishwasher safe. The package will include a free spoon.

3. Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer, Red

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Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer is portable and has a large capacity of 20 ounces and is a perfect capacity and size for personal portion lunches.

It is convenient to use, and its exteriors do not get hot while in use. It is dishwasher safe and also has a spill-proof lid.

Carrying it to your preferred location is easy thanks to its ergonomic handle and a compact size that will even fit in your small and compact spaces.

2. Hot Logic 16801060004 Food Warming Tote, Lunch, Blue

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This portable food warmer is suitable for preparing healthy meals and warm food at the comfort of your home, office, or parties or other outdoor gatherings.

It Requires no monitoring – place your meal inside, plug it in, and go about your day, whether it’s work or play You will Evenly cook or reheats fresh or frozen meats and vegetables -even leftovers – without burning or drying your food

The food warmer is Compatible with most flat-bottom containers with sealable lids, including glass, plastic, Tupperware, metal, aluminum foil, and cardboard

1. Black – Food Warmer and Heater

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This portable food warmer is ideal and suitable for preparing healthy meals at the convenience and comfort of your home. You will use it at your office, gatherings, outdoor fun and camping too.

You will evenly cook and reheat your food, including your frozen meat or vegetables. You will not control or monitor anything, and the food warmer will not burn or dry your food.

The portable food warmer is compatible with the majority of flat bottom containers that have sealable lids. It is compatible with glass, plastic, Tupperware, metal, cardboard, and aluminum foil.


After the review above, we can comfortably say that you will not rely again on conventional ways of heating food, such as the use of a microwave while you have such fantastic options of portable food warmers at your disposal. These devices will come in various designs, and you should ensure you get the best food warmer for you. For example, if you travel a lot, and you will love to warm your food from your car, select the food warmer that will have the option to draw power from a 12V power outlet. These portable food warmers will save you the hassles of queuing for the microwave in your office to heat your food. You will also save on electricity bill since it does not consume much electricity.

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