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Radiant tube heaters have the ability to warm the surface. It is perfect for different applications and works with the help of natural gas and oil. There are different types of radiant tube heaters, and you will have to get to know the features before you make your buy. It comes with multiple benefits and makes sure there will be efficient performance. It is in use for decades in factories and warehouses. Check out the top 10 best radiant tube heater below along with the buying guide.


10, SunStar Garage Tube Heater

SunStar Heating Products Garage Tube Heater - LP, 45,000 BTU, Model Number SIR45-15-L TOP 10 BEST RADIANT TUBE HEATERS IN 2022 REVIEWS

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With the help of 45000-BTU of heat, the radiant tube heater keeps a room warm up to 2000-square feet. From residential garages, entryways, vestibules, enclosed patios to small greenhouses, the heating unit is also very much functional. Moreover, the unit comes with a maximum length of 110-inch to support simple and fast installation. The combustion chamber utilizes a vacuum pulling system to provide leak-proof combustion.

This heating unit also comes along with a safe electronic direct spark ignition system. Furthermore, it is better to install this heating unit from 8-foot above the ground for optimal heating. The aluminum reflectors prevent heat loss. You can simply control this heater by using a 24-volt thermostat. Therefore, this heating unit with low-intensity operation saves a lot of fuel during operation.

  • Easy installation due to compact size.
  • Efficient performance and CSA certification.
  • Safe for use with the combustion chamber.
  • It is a completely new product.


9, SunStar Heating Products Tube Heater

SunStar Heating Products Garage Tube Heater - NG, 25,000 BTU, Model Number SIR25-15-N

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With the length of 110-inch, this radiant tube heater supports hassle-free installation. You also have to install this unit minimum 8-foot above from the floor. Moreover, the combustion chamber comes with a vacuum system pulling to offer safe combustion every time. With the help of robust and mirror-polished aluminum reflectors, this heater efficiently prevents heat loss. The heating unit is able to produce up to 25000-BTU of heat.

This unit is suitable for keeping an area warm up to 15000-square feet. Furthermore, the machine comes along with an electronic direct spark ignition system. With the help of 100 gas safety shut-off control, this unit supports safe, fire-free heating every time. Therefore, the combustion chamber of this heater prevents the gases from leaking.

  • Vacuum system for high performance.
  • High performance and prevents leakages.
  • Compact size and easy installation.
  • This is another new product.


8, SunStar Heater Infrared Tube

SunStar Natural Gas Heater Infrared Tube 125000 BTU 30L

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This energy-efficient radiant tube heater conserves up to 70% of your fuel other than the ordinary heating units. With the 120-volt of power supply, this heating unit is also perfect for heating a complete building. Moreover, the heater is able to generate up to 125000-BTU of heat. The radiant heat-producing machine produces the heat by simply pressurizing the combustion chamber.

The direct spark ignition system also makes this heater reliable and safe to use. Furthermore, this unit comes along with gas shut-off safety control. So, you do not have to monitor the heating system every time. The glossy and mirror-polished aluminum reflectors of this heating unit put a stop to heat loss. Therefore, the robust draft-duty inducer assembly comes with a maintenance-free and permanently-lubricated motor for simple operation.

  • Easy operation with the infrared feature.
  • High performance and cast iron burner.
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use.
  • It has no review to judge.

7,RHT-65-40-N Two-Stage Natural Gas 65,000 BTU 40′ Long Radiant Tube Heater

RHT-65-40-N Two-Stage Natural Gas 65,000 BTU 40' Long Radiant Tube Heater

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The radiant tube heater comes along with a quartz tube heating element. This highly-efficient unit is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Moreover, this equipment produces medium-length infrared electromagnetic waves for the safe heating process. The machine supports both suspended and ceiling-mounting installations. You can effortlessly change the heating beam angle up to 60-degree. This unit comes with a brown powder-coated finish to offer durability.

The heating unit also delivers heat up to the room of 10-feet. Furthermore, this infrared heating unit is suitable to use for loosening oil-based residues or drying adhesives. The steel housing material helps to generate the heat faster and uniformly way. This heating unit is very much power-conserving. The infrared heater comes along with a frosted lamp.

  • Full set and long cord.
  • High performance and wide coverage.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • There is no con as of now.

6, RH-100-40-N Single Stage Natural Gas 100,000 BTU 40′ Long Radiant Tube Heater

RH-100-40-N Single Stage Natural Gas 100,000 BTU 40' Long Radiant Tube Heater

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With the help of 75000-BTU of heat, this radiant tube heater is perfect for any kind of residential heating purpose. The heating equipment also comes with a direct spark ignition system. Moreover, the unit comes along with black-coated aluminized steel emitter tubes. With the help of highly-polished reflectors, the heater effectively prevents heat loss. So, the unit is energy-efficient heating equipment for every building room.

The emitted tubes also come with a maximum length of 20-feet. Furthermore, you can use both natural gas and propane fuel to run the heating process. The equipment involves the construction of heavy-duty material to offer an extended lifespan. Therefore, this unit is suitable for most of the building rooms or residential workspaces.

  • Polished reflectors for better performance.
  • 20 feet range and direct spark ignition.
  • Long-lasting use with durable construction.
  • There is no review to judge the product.

5, SunStar Propane Heater

SunStar Propane Heater Infrared Positive Pressure Straight Tube, 175000 Btu 40L

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This radiant tube heater with a positive pressure system effectively creates pressure to the combustion chamber. The highly-efficient unit also offers perfect and equally-distributed heating for an entire building room. Moreover, the unit runs with a maximum operational noise of 60-dB. The machine runs with a power output of 120-volt. The gas and electric connections of this heating equipment come at the same point.

The machine also consists of highly-functional aluminum reflectors. Furthermore, the robust cast-iron burners make this heater exceptionally durable and heat-generating. This positive pressure straight tube is able to produce up to 175000-BTU of heat. The heavy-duty steel tube comes with a maximum length of 40-feet. This machine consists of a long-lasting and permanently-lubricated blower motor with ball-bearing.

  • Superior performance with high BTU.
  • Infrared feature and 4Tube construction.
  • Convenient length of 40 feet.
  • The product description is quite minimal.

4, HeatStar Radiant Tube Heater

HeatStar Low-Intensity Radiant Tube Heater - 80,000 BTU, Model Number ERXL80N

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With a heating capacity of 80,000-BTU, this radiant tube heater is suitable for heating a large space. The heating equipment also delivers line-of-sight radiant heating to heat the floor-level objects. Moreover, with a power output of 120-volt, this heater is very much energy-efficient. The best mounting height range of this powerful heating unit starts from 12 to 15-feet.

You can also use propane or natural gas to run the heating function. Furthermore, the heater comes along with 16-gauge aluminized tubing. The unit has gas shut-off safety control to offer ultimate safety while operating. This heating equipment supports direct spark ignition. So you can enjoy faster heating at any indoor space. You can simply mount this heater at horizontal or 45-degree angular positions.

  • Low-intensity performance for user advantage.
  • Lightweight construction and high performance.
  • Easy to use and durable construction.
  • There is no such con.

3, RHT-175-60-N Two-Stage Natural Gas 175,000 BTU 60′ Long Radiant Tube Heater


RHT-175-60-N Two-Stage Natural Gas 175,000 BTU 60' Long Radiant Tube Heater

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The radiant tube heater produces up to 175000-BTU of heat. With a huge heating capacity, this heating equipment is also perfect for warming up large spaces. Moreover, the overhead ceiling-mounting design of this unit allows you to install it with ease. The electronic ignition system makes this equipment very much efficient in heating a space. This unit does not over-dry the air of your room. So, your skin does not feel dry even after hours of heating.

The machine also offers ultra-quiet operation, so you can simply install this to any quiet space. Furthermore, this non-corrosive material construction makes this unit extremely durable. The heating equipment offers odor-free heating. This radiant heater is perfect for installing in your garages, construction sites, and more other places.

  • Eliminates the need for moving parts.
  • Electric ignition feature for user convenience.
  • Includes low voltage transformer for better performance.
  • It is a relatively new product.

2, Mr. Heater F272800 40,000 BTU Natural Gas Garage Heater #MH40NG,Multi

Mr. Heater F272800 40,000 BTU Natural Gas Garage Heater #MH40NG,Multi

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This radiant tube heater is suitable for heating an area up to 600-square feet. The highly energy-efficient gadget is also responsible for producing up to 25000-BTU of heat. Moreover, the machine is perfect for buildings with a maximum ceiling height of 8-feet. The noiseless heating equipment comes along with a fuel tank. This tank can hold up to 40-lbs of propane gas.

With the help of an effective infrared heating element, the equipment also instantly generates and distributes the heat. Furthermore, you can easily use this heater for commercial places, like egg-rooms, poultry houses, and so on. This unit is even suitable for keeping your garages, barns, construction sites, and more other places. The non-corrosive housing of this unit lasts for years.

  • Overhead design for saving space.
  • Easy setup and CSA certification.
  • Thermostatic control to eliminate power requirements.
  • It puts out a lot of moisture.

1, TPI Corporation Electric Infrared Heater

TPI Corporation OCH46-120V-SS Quartz Electric Infrared Heater – Outdoor/Indoor Rated, Stainless Steel, 1500W, 120V. High Standard Heating Equipment

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The radiant tube heater comes along with gold-anodized aluminum reflectors. This durable heating equipment also offers resistance against corrosion. Moreover, this commercial-grade unit is resistant to moisture. So, you can hassle-freely use this equipment for damp or harsh environmental elements. The unit offers three main heating transfers, and these are convection, radiation, and conduction. This equipment delivers consistent heating from ceiling to floor.

This indoor space heater is also suitable for heating outdoor spots, garages, and other residential places. Furthermore, the heating unit produces up to 5120-BTU of heat. The power-saving unit comes with a handy design. Therefore, you can travel with this heating equipment to protect yourself from freezing winter. By simply wiping this unit with a damp cloth, you can prevent it from dust and damages.

  • Stainless steel construction for long-lasting use.
  • Travel-friendly design and easy care.
  • Lightweight construction and aluminum reflectors.
  • The average rating is low.


Buying Guide For Radiant Tube Heater –

The following factors are what you need to keep in mind while checking out radiant tube heaters.


There are different types of radiant tube heaters including infrared heaters, electric heaters, ceramic heater, and centralized heating. Infrared heater uses electromagnetic radiation and is safe for use. When it comes to electric heaters, they have electrical resistors that transform electricity into heat. The ceramic heater comes in a portable design that allows you to move it easily. Centralized heating is perfect for the entire building and comes with a single operating model.


For long-lasting use, you need to get a radiant tube heater that comes with durable construction. See the overall construction and ensure that it allows you to use it hassle-free. Look for the one that comes in a space-saving design.


If you want a heater that delivers reliable performance, then get the one that is safe to use. Look for the one that comes with infrared heating options and some can even come with the feature of auto-shutoff. Make sure that it does not tip off accidentally.


This is very important, and you need to see if it let you use it with ease. Complex units can be difficult to operate, and you may find it tough to use. Look for the one that comes with an adjustable thermostat and includes a digital display panel.


One of the primary features that you need to see is the heat settings. Choose a model that comes with multiple heat settings that let you use it according to your requirements. There can also be many other features, and you need to see if it fits your needs.

There are so many areas where radiant tube heaters find their application starting from warehouses to poultry and even home. They come with various parameters and therefore, we have provided a buying guide so that you can understand the products better. Once you understand the features well, you can compare and make a better purchasing decision based on your needs and budget.

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