Top 10 Best Small Chest Freezers Reviews In 2024

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We sometimes treat life differently, but one thing that you need to understand is that life is always exquisite and we need it at all times. That is why dealing with food that has gone bad will calculate to wasting your time buying enough food to use at home, only to throw it away. With this kind of small chest freezers, wherever you will be and you realize you have a small space, you will still have a freezer with you at all times that will freeze your food for longer usage.

Top 10 Best Small Chest Freezers Reviews

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10-5cf Chest Freezer Deep 5 Cu Ft Compact Dorm Upright Apartment Home Food Storage

5cf Chest Freezers Deep 5 Cu Ft Compact Dorm Upright Apartment Home Food Storage Compact Space Saving Energy Efficient

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If you want a freezer that is affordable and great, then you cannot go wrong with what is here for you. It is able to fit in those small spaces that you have so that it keeps your food better for use. One thing that you will love about it is that it gets really cold and it ensures that things are frozen more quickly than even the large type of freezers that you have. Finished with a black color that also ensures it fits in your kitchen décor.


  • It has a small size that does not take up much of your space
  • Designed to be a top loader freezer, but won’t need you to bend so deep in
  • It has a lightweight of about 60 lbs., making an easy one to carry and put in a place that you need
  • The freezer comes with instructions and a manual for use

9-3.5 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer with Removable Basket

3.5 Cubic Feet Chest Freezers with Removable Basket, from 6.8℉ to -4℉ Free Standing Compact Fridge Freezers for Home/Kitchen/Office/Bar (WHITE)…

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If you are looking for extra freezer space, then you got those ones to handle your most desired need. It has a perfect size that is able to fit any small person that needs a light kind of freezer. Temperature management of the freezer is also one simple task to accomplish because of the thermostat that can adjust. You can control the temperature from -4℉ to 6.8℉. When you power it on, there’s a light that will show you that there is power and everything is working as needed.


  • It has a 3.5 cu. Ft capacity that will provide you with the extra space for storage
  • The thermostat can adjust to control the temperature
  • Designed with defrost water drain that will allow water traveling when defrosting is taking place
  • The door handle is recessed that will allow easy opening and closing

8-midea WHS-129C1 Single Door Chest Freezer, 3.5 Cubic Feet, White

midea WHS-129C1 Single Door Chest Freezers, 3.5 Cubic Feet, White

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This unit has been built with the ability to support a wide range of temperature from an ice-cold of -12 all the way to a positive arctic of -28. That will mean that any good that you had for your freezer will be locked in your food for longer. The interior part has been designed pretty well so that there is an easy to clean process at anyone you feel like the item needs cleaning.


  • Designed with a door that opens in increments of between45-75 degrees for ease of opening
  • It has a storage basket that can remove, meaning that you will have a complete accessing ability
  • It can control mechanically with an adjustment of the thermostat
  • The door made with a hinge style can be open between 45 and 75 degrees
  • The best to use for small apartments and also spaces

7-Euhomy Mini Freezer Countertop, Energy Star 1.1 Cubic Feet Single Door Compact Upright Freezers

Euhomy Mini Freezers Countertop, Energy Star 1.1 Cubic Feet Single Door Compact Upright Freezers with Reversible Stainless Steel Door(Silver)

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Do you need some extra frozen food storage? The upright kind of freeze that we have here for you will never take tasks lightly for you, it will just ensure that it completes your freezing needs. If you have small spaces when you are living in an apartment, vacation condos, homes, and many other places, let this freezer be the one that will take care of your food. It has a lighter weight that will be easier for transportation.


  • An energy star freezer means low energy consumption for you
  • It has a large capacity of 1.1 cubic feet that will provide you with that additional food storage space
  • They are convenient and will be moved easily
  • It ensures that your different types of foods are kept well organized and accessible

6-5 cu ft Chest Freezer for Your House, Garage, Basement, Apartment, Kitchen

5 cu ft Chest Freezers for Your House, Garage, Basement, Apartment, Kitchen, Cabin, Lake House, Timeshare, or Business

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Why are you looking for freezers that are large when you have this small one here with a large space of 5.0 cubic ft.? One thing that it will not stop doing is its ability to just fit in any mall space that it encounters. Whenever that you will put it, it will just look extremely wonderful. Buy it and let your food be stored in a proper manner.


  • Designed with a removable basket that can remove for ease of food access or cleaning
  • Finished with a sleek black color that will blend easily with any room décor that you put it in
  • It is an energy-efficient freezer that will not consume much of your energy

5-TAVATA Compact Chest Upright Freezers Single Door

TAVATA Compact Chest Upright Freezers Single Door Reversible Stainless Steel Door, Compact Adjustable Removable Shelves for Home Office (Black, 3.0 cu.ft)

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This is the best small chest freezer that is perfect for home use. It has space-saving design enabling the freezer to fit perfectly in compact spaces. You can place it on a short countertop or tight areas and it will give you nice services. It is equipped with an efficient compressor with a quick cooling effect at the same time enabling you to enjoy the quiet environment. This mini freezer will freeze your food quickly and evenly. The product is ideal for basements, kitchens, apartments, and offices.


  • It has a reversible door to let you reinstall it whenever you desire
  • The manual defrost feature is ideal for getting rid of ice
  • Its built-in door handle will let you to easily access your frozen food
  • The thermostat control is adjustable enabling you to easily set the ideal temperature you desire

4-Northair Chest Freezers 7.0 Cubic Feet

Northair Chest Freezers 7.0 Cubic Feet with Removable Basket Free-Standing Top Open Door Freezers -4℉ to 6.8℉ Adjustable Temperature/Front Defrost Water Drain/Energy-saving/UL Certified

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This is another must-have freezer that is compact but surprisingly spacious enough to hold a large quantity of food. The unit has a balanced hinge-style door that can remain open from 45-90-degree angles to let access your food easily. Its adjustable thermostat makes it ideal for storing frozen food, ice, and ice cream. It embosses aluminum liner with corrosion resistance feature making the freezer a suitable unit for home use.


  • It has a single storage basket that slides effortlessly to let you see your items underneath
  • Its recessed door handle makes closing and opening hassle-free
  • The power-on light and run light will let you know the proper functioning of your freezer
  • The interior is easy to clean and this will make your cleaning time effortless

3-Antarctic Star Compact Chest Upright Freezers Single Door Reversible

Antarctic Star Compact Chest Upright Freezers Single Door Reversible Stainless Steel Door, Compact Adjustable Removable Shelves for Home Office, 2.1 cu. ft.

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Get this compact freezer with surprising features and it will be your ideal addition to your home, dorm, cottage, or workplace. The classic color of the unit makes it easy to match to any of your furniture. The reversible door of this unit will let you store your favorite canned beverages. Its adjustable door will let you open from the left or right. The healthy material used to make this freezer makes the unit eco-friendly and you can use it with confidence.


  • It has an adjustable thermostat to let you set your preferred temperature
  • Its compact size with smooth back design makes this unit perfect for small spaces
  • It as a removable slide-out frame to let you store more food
  • It has a liner made of food-grade material making the unit healthy and safe

2-Eqtemp VT44 3.5 cu. ft.44; -30 deg C Freestanding Chest Freezers

Eqtemp VT44 3.5 cu. ft.44; -30 deg C Freestanding Chest Freezers for Replaces FCL44

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The Eqtemp Freestanding Chest Freezer is designed for general purpose storage in the laboratory, institutional, or other medical settings. The product has a digital thermostat to offer you intuitive temperature control. The low-temperature operation is suitable for select pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and frozen goods. The easy and accurate temperature management will let you keep your unit’s contents under suitable conditions.


  • It uses static manual defrost operation letting you store items at 30-degree C
  • The easy-to-fit footprint making the freezer a perfect storage solution for those with limited spaces
  • The lid stays open when it is lifted beyond a certain point and this guarantee safer and hassle-free loading or cleaning of the unit
  • The counterbalanced hinges make the freezer stable and convenient to use

1-Smad Single Door Chest Freezer LPG Freezers with Thermostat

Smad Single Door Chest Freezers LPG 110V 12V Freezers with Thermostat and Indicator Light for Camping RV Boat, 2.5 cu.ft.

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Smad Single Door Chest Freezer is made for outdoor use since it has three power options. You can use it for household use, or a car or camper and enjoy its convenient services. Its absorption cooling technology makes the freezer to run completely noise-free. The side of the unit has a hanging ring to let you move your unit easily. It has one storage basket to give you more storage space. Get this small chest freezer and enjoy your outdoor activities.


  • It has a special absorption unit cooling system with no vibration, no noise, no pollution, and no Freon
  • The lock catch will let you protect your contents when moving the freezer
  • The two hanging rings make the unit easy to move from place to place
  • The adjustable thermostat control lets you set your suitable temperature

When you need to have food for your use all time, you need to put it in the freezer and you will have managed to lock in those ingredients that will wash away. The freezers above are compact and design to be easily used in any small space that they come across. Don’t be left behind, make your order.

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