Top 10 Best Smart Home Theater Projectors in 2024

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Has taken a technological twist. With one of the top 10 best smart home theater projectors in 2024, you do not need a lot of distance to see your images. That makes viewing movies at home a lot better.

On some, you do not even need to install projector mounts. They just sit on your table and beam your movie against a wall or a screen. Even with that short distance, these top projectors provide you with a great image.

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List Of Top 10 Best Smart Home Theater Projectors in 2024

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10. LG Ultra Short Throw Smart Home Theater Projectors

LG PF1000UW Ultra Short

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With no mounts to install, this smart home theater projector makes it easy to view your favorite movies. It is easy to use, just lay it about 15 inches from your wall to get a one hundred inch image.

Once you power this projector up, your images will come out in 1920 by 1080 quality using about 1,000 lumens to brighten your wall with vivid color. 2 USB, 1 LAN, and 1 HD connection allow you to program whatever show you want to watch. Even your home movies.

The light bulb inside is rated to last you 30,000 hours or more than 10 years under normal use. With its Bluetooth capability, you can hear the sound without stringing a lot of wires.

9. Cacacol 4K Laser TV Projector

4K Laser TV Projector

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How big an image you get depends on how close you set this projector to the wall. A 5-inch distance gives you an 80-inch image. Then a 10-inch distance, roughly, can give you up to 100 inches of viewing pleasure.

With 4K HDTV capability, you will be looking at your movies at 3840 by 2160 p quality. In addition to that, the manufacturer has preset this device to meet Global or international settings.

Plus, the projector sends those images out in 2200 lumens to make sure you do not have any shadows, etc. If you do not have a white wall to use, a regular screen will handle the job. You get great, clear, clean images in low or no light conditions.

8. ViewSonic 4K Projector

ViewSonic 4K Projector

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After you get this smart home theater projector home you can enjoy the built-in HDR and HDTV capabilities without hassles. Once you turn it on, your images appear in up to 3840 by 2160 p quality broadcast through 3500 lumens.

Plus, you can set this projector near to or far from your wall and still get up to 300 inches of images to view. With a 15,000 hour light bulb handling the viewing chores, you should not have to replace it for a long time.

Then a wide compatibility range gives you entertainment options. You are not stuck just watching movies. You can play your games, listen to music and a lot more. The easy to use control panel makes it all happen for you. All you need is one fingertip to have hours of fun.

7. Icanzuo 4K Projector

4K Projector

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You can feel like you are in the Star Trek or Star Wars eras once you employ this smart home theater projector to help you with your entertainment time. It’s RGBB 4 color technology is second to none.

Also, it projects your images in 8,3 million pixels, using 4K UHD technology and 1500 lumens. A +/- 45 degrees vertical and horizontal feature lets you get the image you want where you want it to be. Plus, you have access to HDR10 and HLG decoding to broaden your viewing pleasure.

In addition to all of that, the projector is compact in size. It should not take up a lot of room on your table or other flat surfaces. One push of a button and the projector powers right up.

6. BenQ Short Throw Home Theater Projector

 BenQ W770ST

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To enhance your movie watching fun, it would be great if your projector did not use a lot of energy. That feature is found in this top of the line smart home theater projector. You save energy making your movie time more relaxing.

Plus with HD compatibility ranging between 480i and 1080 you get great images no matter what you are projecting on your wall. After you get the projector in position, the easy to use control panel has all the buttons you need to access all the features inside.

Once you are ready to go, you can project images between 30 and 300 inches, depending on how far you place it from the wall. This smart home theater projector is easy to use and your entertainment time should be enhanced by far.

5. Icanzuo Smart Laser TV Home Theater Projector

4K Projector, LiveTV.Direct

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With native 4K HD capabilities, you can view whatever you want to watch in high-quality formats. A 3840 by 2160 p image quality makes sure you do not miss any item in the movie. This projector uses the latest technology so you have more fun.

Plus, you can get up to a 100-inch image on your wall just by placing this home projector far enough away. Between 6 to 8 inches should do the trick. The 2000 ANSI lumens make sure that the image is clearly seen no matter how bright or dark your room is.

On top of that, this projector uses Bluetooth to get the sound to you. Remote control handles all the setup and function duties you need. To power, the remote just place 2 AAA batteries inside.

4. LG Laser Smart Home Theater CineBeam Projector

LG HU80KA 4K UHD Laser

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This may not be a brand new home theater projector but it does the same great job as a new one. Once you get this projector out of the box, you can view your images in 3840 by 2160 p quality.

2 dials help you tune in your images to make sure you have the sharpest viewing experience possible. Then the 2500 lumens ensure that you see your movies, etc., clearly in any light. With the right placement, you can get over 12 feet of images to look at.

Also, a remote control provides the access you need to set up this smart home theater projector to play the way you want it to play. Your home entertainment won’t be the same ever again.

3. Epson Home Cinema Ultra Short-throw Projector

Epson Home Cinema

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3 HDMI ports bring unity to your entertainment options. You can plug all your devices into this smart home theater projector at the same time. Your hardest decision will be which one to use when you want to be entertained.

Then with its 3 LCD chip design, you get the perfect color almost every time. With 4,000 lumens casting a bright image you should see the smallest item in your favorite show with ease.

Once you set it up, the remote lets you navigate through the features easily. Just put AA batteries inside to make the remote work, You will have to deal with a power cord but that is minor compared to the performance you get from this Smart home theater projector.

2. BenQ Home Theater Projector

BenQ TK800M 4K UHD

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Watching your home movies or your favorite shows is not like when your grandmother or mother used to watch home movies. Technology has upgraded the home theater projector to make your home entertainment system better than ever.

After you have plugged this projector in you get images in 4K quality that make your grandmother’s images look like cartoon drawings. Plus, the 3,000 lumens make sure those images stay bright and clear throughout your show.

Once you are set up, just place the projector about 12 feet away from the screen or your wall to get a 100-inch image. That is something your mother’s projector could not do. There is also a sports mode to help you get the picture just right.

1. Optoma Smart Home Theater Projector

Optoma UHD51ALV True

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After you view movies through this projector, you won’t want to return to any previous format ever again. This smart home theater projector works with both Alexa and Google assistant to make your viewing much easier.

Also, with 3,000 lumens and 4k UHD brightness and quality, your shows will be extremely clear and lifelike. With HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 connectivity, your entertainment options just multiplied greatly. 4k video playback is another key feature of this projector.

On top of all that, you also get HDR10 for the best color possible. All you have to do is place the projector at the right distance away from your wall 140-inch images. Nothing but the best will do for your entertainment time.


Watching movies today is not like watching them when your parents were children. Technology has taken each of the top 10 best smart home theater projectors and made them better.

Whether they are a long or a short-throw, you get images in top quality formats that have no rivals. Plus, you can hook up a variety of electrical devices to enhance your entertainment time.

That is what using the best gets you.

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