Best Storage Drawers in 2024 Reviews

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A place for everything, there will be those times where you have too much stuff and no place to put it. One of the top 13 best storage drawers in 2024 can help you out. These top storage drawers provide you with that needed extra storage space.

Plus, they help you get your things organized so they are easy to find. With the extra space, your surplus of things can be out of sight in no time. Then your home will be livable, looking neat and should impress your friends.

When you have a top storage drawer unit in your home, a lot of your domestic issues will be solved and you can focus on more important issues. These top storage drawers help you take care of the little problems.

List of Our Best storage Drawers in 2024

13. STERILITE Wide 3 Drawer Cart

13. STERILITE 29308001 Wide 3 Drawer Cart, White

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One handy little design item on this 3 drawer storage drawer, are its little wheels. You do not have to carry this drawer set anywhere. Just roll it in and out of position when you need to use it. That makes storing your items easier, and smoother to do.

On top of that, you have 24 by 15 by 22 inches of extra storage space to help you out of a jam. You should be able to divide your clothes etc., up evenly and find a place for everything in no time.

Plus, the drawers are transparent which makes finding what you want a lot faster. Then with the flat cabinet top, you can place odd shaped items on top and still free up extra space around your home.

12. Akro-Mils Drawer Plastic Storage Cabinet

12. Akro-Mils 10124 24 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet

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It is not just large items that need a place to sit when not in use. Small parts, screws, bolts, nuts, and other small items need a place to call home as well. This little storage cabinet should be the ideal

[place for them.

Measuring about 20 by 6 by 16 inches in size, you have 24 drawers to organize your hardware or your craft items. Each drawer is about 4 by 2 by 5 inches in size and holds a lot of little things for you.

In addition, the drawers are said to be so strong that they cannot break. That is an attractive feature when you want this drawer storage cabinet to last you a long time. Drawer dividers help provide you with extra storage space if you have a lot of items to stick inside.

11. HOMZ Plastic 5 Drawer Medium Storage Tower

11. HOMZ Plastic 5 Drawer Medium Storage Tower, Black Frame

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You may not have a lot of space available, width wise, to use normal storage drawers. That is okay as this set of 5 drawer storage drawers take your items to the sky. They go up instead of out.

Two small drawers on top are for those less bulky items you have around the house. Then the 3 larger drawers will handle a variety of items without complaint. Measuring approx. 12 by 14 by 32 inches in size, your storage issues should be solved in no time once you employ these two storage bins.

A recessed shelf on the top lets you put other items like important papers etc., on top of these bins. You can finally get organized when you have these two top storage drawers on hand.

10. fortuner shop Drawer Storage Weave Cart

10. 3 Drawer Storage Weave Cart Set of 2 Espresso Plastic Storage Box Organizer NEW

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Spruce up your attic or basement’s look with these espresso colored storage drawers. Not only do they look good but they can hold a lot of unneeded items with ease. Once your drawers are full, the easy to use handles make pulling and pushing those drawers very simple.

Also, you have lots of room inside. The cabinets measure about 24 by 13 by 15 inches in size and provide you with lots of drawer space. This set of 2 makes sure your extra items are protected by its hard plastic exterior.

Then the weave design adds a little decorative touch to your overall interior look. The drawers are not that heavy and can be moved easily by just about anyone.

9. STERILITE 4 Drawer Heavy Duty Storage Unit

9. STERILITE 4 Drawer Heavy Duty Storage Unit-Grey

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Having a heavy duty storage drawer unit on hand is a good thing. You can have a little peace of mind knowing your items are well protected when they are inside. With 4 drawers, your toughest decision will be what to put where.

On top of that, you have a nice drawer top that is flat and can accommodate other items that cannot be used at any time soon. The approx. 25 by 19 by 35 inch storage drawer unit is large enough to hold a lot of items. It is also small enough to fit into tiny little corners you have free.

With easy to grab handles, those drawers slide out smoothly so you have easy access to the contents. The drawer should be made of strong yet lightweight plastic.

8. DEVAISE 7-Drawer Chest

8. DEVAISE 7-Drawer Chest, Wood Storage Dresser Cabinet with Wheels, White

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Wood construction always adds a special touch to any room it is placed. It just makes everything else look good. Plus, you get a sturdy storage drawer when it is made from wood materials. This one comes with wood and easy to use holes for opening and closing.

After you get this storage drawer home, you will have 7 drawers to fill. That may not be too hard for some people. Measuring about 34 by 16 by 19 inches in size, you have a storage spot that handles a variety of items.

The removable castor wheels make relocating the drawer unit easy. Plus, when you do not want it to roll away you can lock two of those wheels. With an 18 pound per drawer weight limit, lots of items can go inside.

7. Sorbus Dresser with Drawers

7. Sorbus Dresser with Drawers - Furniture Storage Tower Unit for Bedroom

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A storage drawer unit does not have to look bland or like a storage drawer. They can look like a very functional piece of furniture that is decorative and stylish, like this unit. Your home will look better once you place this drawer unit inside.

Also, you have 4 small drawers and 3 large drawers to hold anything you want. Within reason of course. Fabric, wood, and possibly metal come together to give you a fashionable storage drawer unit. The top can be used for a variety of items as well.

Elevated legs provide a little protection against any water levels that may flood your home when a pipe breaks. The 25 by 12 by 29 inch approx. Drawer set does need some assembly but all the hardware is provided for you.

6. Juvale Clothes Storage Organizer Drawers

6. Juvale 4-Tier Dresser Drawer Organizer, Storage Bins

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Closets see a lot of mess thrown inside and left in piles. You can relieve that situation by placing this 33 inch tall storage drawer cabinet inside your kids’ closets. The 4 fabric drawers should keep those piles to a minimum.

On top of that, you have 16 by 33 inches for each drawer. Think about what you can get inside them. No more mess when this storage drawer unit is on the job. Elevated legs make sure the bottom drawer opens and closes with ease.

Setting up this drawer unit is not going to take you a lot of time. Once it is done you have that needed storage space you always wanted. Fabric handles should be sturdy and durable. The tough stitching should keep them in place allowing you to open and close those drawers fast.

5. ROMOON 4 Drawer Fabric Dresser Storage Tower

5. ROMOON Dresser Organizer with 4 Drawers, Fabric Dresser Tower for Bedroom

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Using a storage drawer tower is perfect for tall people. They do not have to hurt themselves bending over to get something from the drawers. This 18 by 12 by 36 inch approx. Storage drawers lift unneeded items up so when they are needed they are easy to get to.

In addition, you have 8 by 16 by 11 inches of drawer space to pack. Your storage issue should not be that difficult to solve when you have this tall unit on hand. The whole unit can handle about 50 pounds of weight at one time.

If you need extra storage space, the flat top provides it as well. Wood-like handles make opening and closing this storage drawer set easy and with the elevated feet, the bottom drawer should be a cinch to maneuver.

4. IRIS 4-Drawer Rolling Storage Cart

4. IRIS USA 4-Drawer Rolling Storage Cart with Organizer Top

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Having castor wheels on your storage drawer sets is not only a good thing, they just make life a little simpler. You can relocate these drawers just about anywhere you need them. That mobility is god when the drawers are filled with arts and craft supplies or car tools, etc.

The top is divided so you can organize those little items that do not belong in a drawer, Then the small drawers can hold paper, paints, etc. Leaving the larger drawers for those bulkier items that do not fit anywhere else.

With a 2 1/2 to 10 pound weight limit, you can still store a lot of items and keep them close to your work station. When not needed just roll them into a closet until the next time.

3. Sterilite 01986P01 3 Weave Drawer Unit

3. Sterilite 01986P01 3 Weave Drawer Unit, Espresso with Driftwood Handles and Legs

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The weave look helps keep your room’s decor looking its best. Plus, it adds a nice touch to show your character and personality. Once in your home, you have 3 drawers that you can fill with those items that need looking after.

It’s easy to use handles to make opening and closing the drawers a snap. Just make sure not to overfill them for easier use. The 19 by 20 by 29 inch storage drawer is not that heavy and can be relocated with little hassle. Little plastic feet elevate the drawer for better use.

Then a flat top provides extra room for those items that do not need to be stored in a drawer. Maximize your storage space by letting this top storage drawer set handle your extra unused items.

2. Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart

2. Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer with 12 Plastic Drawers

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If you have hobbies you like to pursue, this handy little storage drawer unit ca help you out. It comes with easy to grasp handles and 4 castor wheels. You can roll this in and out of place comfortably and without hurting or straining yourself.

After you get it in place, the 12 drawers can organize your hobby bits and pieces. This lets you find what you want in a hurry. Your hobby doe snot gets delayed because you can’t find some little piece. Everything will have a place and be in it.

Also, the flat top lets you add flowers, pictures, or whatever to help decorate any room you place this storage shelf unit in. It measures 15 by 25 by 32 inches in size and packs a great organizational punch.

1. Seville Classics 10-Drawer Organizer Cart

1. Seville Classics 10-Drawer Multipurpose Mobile Rolling Utility Storage Organizer

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Add a little color to your storage solution. This 10 drawer storage drawer set comes in 5 unique colors to help you color-code your items. Measuring about 13 by 15 by 38 inches overall, you have a tall storage drawer set that keeps you well organized and ready for action.

The drawers are all open for easy access except for the top drawer which comes with a lid. 2 locking caster wheels hold all 4 wheels and this cabinet in place till you need to move it again.

The metal frame looks good and helps accent the colorful drawers. Each drawer can hold just over 3 pounds. Metal channels make sliding the drawers in and out easily and without problems.

Some final words

When you have too many items for your regular drawers to hold. Turn to one of the top 13 best storage drawers in 2024 to solve your problem. These drawers hold a lot of items from clothes to crafts. They help make your life easier.

Plus, some even roll making relocation simple and easy to do. When you go with the best, you get the accessories that help you out instead of making things worse.

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