Top 10 Best TV Wall Mounts in 2022

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Will depend on where you mount your new television. With one of the top 10 best tv wall mounts in 2022, you can mount your new television just about anywhere in the room.

Plus, these wall mounts help you combat the glare from the sun by being so versatile. In addition to that mounting versatility, you get tilt, swivel and vertical lift to help you win the viewing wars.

On top of all that, these top rated mounts are durable, strong and should be long lasting.

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List Of Top 10 Best TV Wall Mounts in 2022

10. MantelMount MM700 Pro Series TV Wall Mounts

MantelMount MM700 Pro

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If you do not like your fireplace or how it looks, the solution is easy. Just install this above fireplace tv mount and pull your tv 26 inches down to block the view. Once this tv mount is in place you get a variety of positions to put it in.

From the 35 to 60 degree swivel to the 3 degree tilt, your viewing options should keep the screen free from glare and other obstacles. Made from 3 mm steel this tv mount can hold a television weighing between 30 and 115 pounds. It will also work with 50 to 100 inch televisions.

Once this television mount is on the job, your tv viewing will be upgraded and more fun.

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9. MantelMount MM750 Above Fireplace TV Wall Mounts

MantelMount MM750 Above

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4 gas positions helps you locate your television better than ever/ This pull down tv mount van be placed above your fireplace or other furniture, then be pulled down up to 30 1/2 inches. This gives you better viewing exposure and makes your favorite shows more fun to watch.

Also, you get up to 25 degrees of swivel to help you keep the glare of the sun and lights out of your tv screen. Plus a 17 1/2 to 24 inch off the wall motion helps bring your shows closer to you.

After you install this tv mount where you want it, it will hold roughly 30 to 125 pounds while fitting a 55 to 100 inch television set. Stop anywhere positioning provides you with plenty of location opportunities.

8. MantelMount MM540 Pull Down TV Mount

 MantelMount MM540

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It may not look as great as its counterparts but this pull down tv mount still does the same job. Its 29 inch vertical range couples with the 35 degree swivel and 8 degree tilt to give you a lot of viewing pleasure.

Then the almost 19 inch off the wall position lets you cover the fireplace or other obstacles without damaging your tv or other items in your home. A cable management system makes sure you don’t trip over cords and other important connections.

Also, a paint able wall cover lets you keep the design of your room intact. You can paint the cover the same color as your walls or match them with a complementary tone. Holds 44 to 88 inch tv weighing between 20 and 90 pounds with ease.

7. OmniMount PLAY40 Flat Screen TV Mount

OmniMount PLAY40

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After you install this tv wall mount where you want it, you are supposed to get continuous movement. This feature ensures that you can find that perfect viewing spot with little trouble, Once it is in place, it will extend 24 inches from the wall while retracting to 5 1/2 inches.

A gravity function provides you with the tilt action while vertical movement extends up to 20 inches. With a 180 degree rotation capability everyone in the room should have a clear view.

In addition to those features, this television mount can hold 18 to 40 pounds and 30 to 55 inch televisions. Installation shouldn’t take all day and it won’t belong before you can enjoy your television again.

6. Kanto PDX680W Full Motion Mount

 Kanto PDX680W

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The white color on this television mount should not clash with your room’s decor. Instead it should help highlight key features and keep your room looking good. After you get it installed on the wall you want, you get a lot of functions that enhance your tv viewing.

Once the wall mount is secured, you can get up to 125 pounds on it. Plus, a television measuring between 39 and 80 inches fits comfortably. On top of those abilities, this tv mount can swivel up to 85 degrees and tilt between 3 and 15 degrees.

Its 27 inch wide mounting function makes sure you can use this in  your home even if the studs are 24 inches on center.

5. Kanto FMC4 Full Motion Mount

 Kanto FMC4 Full Motion

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Get a full range of motion once you attach this handy and easy to use tv mount to your wall. The adjustable pivot feature handles 30 to 60 inch televisions without breaking a sweat. After you get the television in place, you can pull it out another 26 inches from the wall.

On top of that, your 30 to 60 inch television needs to weigh 100 pounds or less to work on this mount. A 135 degree rotation makes sure no one’s view is hindered by the sun’s glare. Lights can be blocked from spoiling the view as well.

A 20 degree tilt adds to your viewing experience making sure you do not strain your neck looking up at the screen.

4. Aeon Stands and Mounts Full Motion Wall Mount

Aeon Stands and Mounts

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Be a part of the tv or movie action by pulling your television out 29 inches from the wall. Not only will you feel like your part of the show, you gt a very clear view of the action. Then its almost universal compatibility lets you use a variety of televisions with this unit.

Also, most televisions measuring abut 32 to 65 inches in size should be able to fit on this tv mount. Just make sure they do not weigh more than 70 pounds. Tests have proven up to 280 pound tv can be held by this wall mount. But be careful and do not risk it.

After you get this wall mount home, you only need one stud to attach it to your wall. Your swivel and tilt features will vary depending on the size of your television set.

3. OmniMount OS120FM Full Motion TV Mount

OmniMount OS120FM

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You and your room may benefit from using this low profile television mount. Once install;ed on your wall, this tv mount keeps your tv close to the wall. That will make sure you have plenty of room to walk in the room.

When it is ready to hold a television set, you need to make sure it meets the 120 pound weight capacity and measures between 37 and 70 inches in size. If your tv meets those requirements then your viewing time has been successfully upgraded.

It is also possible to get a 12 inch rotation to make sure nothing obstructs your view of the screen. Besides coming close to the wall, you can pull your tv out another 9 inches if you want.

2.  Aeon Stands and Mounts TV Wall Mount

Full Motion TV Wall Mount

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A 32 inch extension makes sure you get better viewing access. Just pull your tv out and you should not have to strain your eyes if you favorite chair is across the room. Then the 14 inch horizontal movement provides even greater viewing options.

Fitting tvs measuring between 37 and 80 inches your television experience will only get better. If you do not want to use the extension, the mount fold sup to about 3 inches away from the wall.

While it holds up to 150 pounds of weight, you can only install this tv mount on 16 inch on center studs. Any wider space studs and this tv mount will not work in your home. Other than that, it is a great tv mount to purchase and use.

1. Balt 27678 iTeach Flat Panel TV Wall Mount

 Balt 27678 iTeach

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This tv mount comes to your home coated in a platinum colored power coat. This coating makes sure the tv mount does not rust or grow weak through corruption. In addition to that, this electrical powered tv mount adjusts up to 18 inches for a better viewing option.

One button on the wired remote does it all for you. On top of that you get plenty of mounting options letting you be in control of where your television sits on the wall. Once this mount is in place, you can hang televisions measuring up to 80 inches and weighing up to 200 pounds on it.

When you want a top quality television viewing experience, you turn to this top rated tv wall mount to make it happen.

Some final words

Television viewing is not going to be like it was in your grandfather’s or father’s day. Back then televisions sat on the floor and you were lucky to have 5 channels to watch.

With the upgrades technology has made one of the top 10 best tv wall mounts in 2022 changes all of that. All the features and functions make sure your television viewing is second to none.

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