10 Best Portable Cleaning Water Coolers & Water Dispensers Reviews

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What kind of water do you find yourself drinking? That is one hard question there. Everyone has a taste of water that he/she might want to take at a specific time. It is going to be very difficult for us to get hot water when you have cold water, and vice versa. But things have changed drastically now. You can get any kind of water in just a matter of seconds and enjoy it from water coolers. Thanks to the best kind of water coolers that have come into the market. Please find the top 10 best water coolers as following:

Table of the Best Water Coolers Reviews

10- Avalon A3BLK Self Cleaning Bottom Load Water Cooler Dispenser

Avalon A3BLK Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser

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This water cooler has made with an innovative kind of stainless steel body making it serve any use for longer periods of time. It designed with 3 water temperature choices. The push-button is easy to use thus making the spouts ready to give out water when commanded to do so. What you need to do is press the temperature button and let water flow out from the given spout, with the temperature level that you really wanted.


  • The night light also ensures that you have an easy time filling your cup at night
  • The empty bottle indicator will also light up when the bottle needs to be replaced
  • It is a bottom loading cooler that can take up to between a 3-5-gallon bottle.

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9- Avalon A13BLK Self-Cleaning Electric Bottleless Cooler Water Dispenser

Electric Bottleless Cooler Water Dispenser

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Unlike other kinds of water coolers, this one made with an innovative design. It also gives users a choice of 3 water temperatures that you can choose from. The electronic buttons are also easy to use, making them be more much convenient than many others. What you need to do is simply press the button of choice and thus allow water to flow out from the spout. The machine made of a high type of compressor that will make water crisp or even ice-cold at 47 degrees F.


  • Has been designed with dual filters that will ensure that the kind of water that you are going to drink is crisp clean
  • You don’t need to have or even worry about bottles anymore. That way, the cost of buying bottles from time to time will have been reduced greatly.
  • Made with a self-cleaning feature that will allow UV light and the ozone feature to purify water that is in the tank.

8-hOmeLabs Home Office Water Dispenser with Child Safety Lock

Water Dispenser for 3 or 5 Gallon Bottle - with Hot Cold and Room Temperature Settings

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Made to have a convenient bottom water loading design to make it one of the easiest items that you can use. what you need to is to just open the stainless steel, take your 3 – 5 water gallon bottle and put it in. that is it. You will be sure of enjoying cold water of glass each time that you want it, and where you also want it. You don’t have to worry about spills anymore, in fact, consider them a thing of the past.


  • It has been rated with the best stars, 5 of them. that means that it is able to save energy for you at home.
  • Fitted with a removable drip tray so that you are able to clean it. Use gentle soap and also warm water.
  • Designed with a child-safe lock feature that ensures your child is always kept out of the hot water button. Remember kids are always playful.

7-Water Cooler Dispenser Farberware Freestanding

Farberware FW29919 Freestanding Hot and Cold Water Cooler Dispenser

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You will just have to decide what kind of water you want to take, either a cold one or even a hot cup. The best part that it has and can handle is that there is no waiting time, you just get what you need instantly. It designed with an energy-saving motor that ensues there is a quiet operation and also a high cooling ability.  You can use the hot water provided to make your tea, soup, coffee, cold drinks among others.


  • It is a free-standing water cooler, quick heating, and cooling but with low levels of noise.
  • The low power consumption.
  • It equipped with a bottom storage cabinet that will accept at most 5-gallon water jugs.

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6-Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser

Brio Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser

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Sometimes you might wonder at what point are you going to install this kind of dispenser. The good news that it can install virtually anywhere and also everywhere. This is because it has made with a stainless steel accent that makes it just look fantastic. In fact, the elegance that it has will ensure that there is a much-added style to your kitchen. The 3 different water spouts mean that it is able to dispense water temperatures at 3 different levels.


  • The hot water that is provided by the unit is steaming hot, hence perfect for use in handling or making tea coffee and also soup.
  • The hot water faucet has been installed with a child safety lock to prevent any accidents emanating from child play.
  • The last drip of water might be a nuisance to either some dispensers or even the floor. This one has been designed with drip ray to take control of all that.

5-Child-Resistant Safety Feature Primo Bottom Loading Water Cooler

Primo Bottom Loading Water Cooler

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It is a dispenser that has the ability to provide you with water in three forms. There is one that will be cool for drinking, you will get another that is ice cold and another that is just hot. All this will be provided in just an instant when you push a button. Using it is also one very simple thing to do. You are needed to place or load a 3-5-gallon water bottle into the bottom cabinet and start hydrating in just no minute.


  • The bottom-loading design has been made in one unique manner. That eliminates lifting and flipping
  • The water bottle that is loaded is concealed inside the product so that you have a good looking type of image with this cooler.
  • Any kind of water that you will drink from this item will be perfectly clean, thanks to our reverse osmosis process.

4-Brio Bottleless Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

Brio Commercial Grade Bottleless Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter

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What you are seeing here is a multifaceted water cooler system that is able to meet all our consumer quality needs. The uniqueness that it has is that it is able to eliminate the ever-rising monthly bills of water delivery, storage, and also changing of bottles. You will never run out of water when you just need it the most. The system features a four-stage reverse osmosis system that works perfectly to deliver clean water.


  • Fitted with a trip-temp push button that makes it easy for you to get cold, warm, or hot water.
  • It equipped with a self-cleaning dispenser that can activate with just a button.
  • The cooler is one of the most convenient when you want to save time. it has a large capacity filter that will last twice as much as other filters.

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3-Honeywell Commercial Grade Freestanding Water Cooler Dispenser

Commercial Grade Freestanding Water Dispenser

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The energy start certification means that you will never get problems with high bills when using this dispenser. It features a heating ability of 4 gallons per hour and also over 181 degrees F. The cooling capacity per hour is also rated at 2 L. You will be able to enjoy different possibilities of using it materials that used in making it just meet the safety standards.


  • Using it is easy and also safe for you and your family. Designed with mechanical push-in faucets for water passage and locking.
  • Energy star certification means that the product has tested and is ready to use in the market by consumers from all corners
  • Its construction is one that is quality. You will start off with stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, and also copper materials.

2-OASIS White Floor Standing Water Cooler

OASIS White Floor Standing Water Cooler

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It designed with a water guard that is able to prevent spills from happening when there is bottled water change and also dirt from entering. With this item, you will either get cold water or hot water, the choice will just be yours. The child is also protected by child safety faucet. There is a two-stage safety button which ensures that there is no accidental dispensing of hot water.


  • Even when a child tries to open the faucets, you will be sure that hot water will not cause any accident
  • Both the hot and cold water tanks have been made of durable stainless steel so that they stay well and safe so that they won crack or even rust
  • Made with the latest modern technology to prevent any kind of spills from damaging your floor or the appliance itself.

1-Costway Bottom Loading Water Coolers Dispenser

Costway Bottom Loading Cooler Dispenser with 2 Temperature Settings

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When you look at it, you will realize that it has an elegant design and that is what is going to make it one perfect item for use in either home or office places. It is a new brand that has been brought into the market that will let you be able to enjoy a cool drink as you relax on a hot day. it will also ensure that you get the best kind of coffee or tea form its hot water production. Don’t lag behind in getting one that suits you.


  • It’s is an under-cabinet dispenser. So, there is no worry about carrying water up to put it form above.
  • Fitted with stop heating and cooling switches that will work to ensure that you develop good and healthy drinking habits.
  • The security lock protection ensures that children don’t mess around with the water and bring problems around. The security lock is also user-friendly.

What are you waiting for if you want to get the best kind of water to drink? The water coolers will even allow you to make your tea, coffee, and even soup faster than you expected. Don’t take the risk of buying what is not of value, but what has been proven to be of value.

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